Well. It's been ...almost a year. ... whoops.

Your name is Maite Hirsch and you have been a prisoner at the TVA for… you're not actually sure. Something about this place deactivated near the entirety of your powers - except for the purely physical ones.
Not knowing the time and your location is… disconcerting, after being able to tell perfectly for so long. Nevermind that the loss of your magic is a damn near physical ache and you have no idea where the Amulet is, why they took it or where.
You don't like this place.
Either way, you have been stuck here for entirely too long, you've got no idea where Loki is either and honestly, this entire affair is getting very upsetting.
That's when a man in a TVA suit storms up to your cell, practically dripping with upset betrayal.
"... Can I help you, sir?"
"... You're friends with Loki, aren't you?"
You blink, now honestly confused. "I'm more his therapist, but yes, that too… why?"
(It's a good thing you never got so far as to earn your license, because it would probably be immediately revoked.)
"You know him well, then?"
"I'd… like to think so? Sorry, who are you?"
"Agent Mobius - that's not important. He… look, if I told you the situation, do you think you could find him?"
"Depends highly on the situation, but… I can try. Having my amulet again would help, though."
Your name is Maite Hirsch and from the look on Mobius' face, you're about to get yourself into a veritable mess of a situation.