In a large theater, a crowd was being seated in front of a large stage. The spotlights shined on the stage, and the crowd was greeted with a handsome Tiger Demon who hosts all the opening ceremonies for the beginning of a season. However, he was wearing the fancy outfit he wore during the season 2 opening ceremony and he had that fancy cane with the ruby tiger's head as the decorative piece instead of his usual demon sword.

TigerClaws- Hello and welcome to another opening ceremony my friends! It's good to see many old faces and a few new ones since the fourth season. FireFlamerx9z, JKC15, and FierySpyro to name a few honorable mentions. As you can see, I'm wearing the same fancy outfit the author had me wear during the season 2 opening. Well, that's because the author has something very special planned for season 5. It's also the reason why he closed all requests until the end of season 5. Don't get him wrong, because he has nothing wrong with requests to this fanfiction series. "Sonic: Return to the Lost World" was a request and it turned out to be one of the author's most popular stories yet. I'm afraid I still can't tell you why, but here's what I can tell you. All the stories in season 5 will be following a specific theme. And this theme is 100% nessisary to help the readers build excitement for and understand a few things in the season 5 finale. And what the author has planned for the season 5 finale is potentially the most important story in his fanfiction series yet. And it is a story that many of those who've been following this fanfiction series for a while now had probably at least suspected the author would one day write. And don't worry about figuring out the theme, because it will be easy to figure out in the season 5 stories. And who knows…maybe by the end of this season…you might just learn…The Origin of Heroes!

TigerClaws points at the audience and gives them a quick wink before the spotlights turn off and he vanishes from the stage as the audience applauds.