Chapter 1: An Invite to The Castle

(Kanto 1,000 years ago)

A once prosperous and beautiful land was having its life force being drained by a strange energy that was admitting from the ground below. The people and Poke'mon of this once peaceful kingdom were fleeing for their lives before this strange energy source drains them of life too. A man and a woman who looked similar to Jessie and James tripped and fell to the ground while fleeing. The strange energy source sensed this and rushed to approach the two while they were down.

Mysterious voice- Pikachu, use thunderbolt!

A Pikachu's voice- Pika…CHUUUUUUU!

Then a bolt of lightning stopped a piece of that energy from grabbing the man and the woman. When they looked up, they saw a prince who looked like Ash riding a legendary Poke'mon while a Pikachu sat on the prince's shoulder and a Mega Charizard X flew close behind the legendary Poke'mon.

Woman who looked like Jessie- The prince…?

Prince who looked like Ash- I'd suggest you continue running now! I can't guarantee I'll be able to save you again!

Man who looked like James- Don't need to tell us twice!

Woman who looked like Jessie- Thank you, my prince!

After the man and the woman ran away, more of that energy appeared and tried to go after the prince who looked like Ash.

Prince who looked like Ash- Pikachu, discharge! Charizard, fire spin! Ho-Oh, hurricane!

Prince's Pikachu- CHUUUUUU!

Prince's Mega Charizard X- (ROAR)

Prince's legendary Poke'mon- As you command, Master Calmly!

The three Poke'mon attacks knocked away the pieces of that energy away as the prince's legendary Poke'mon and Mega Charizard X flew higher up and out of the energy's grasp.

Prince's legendary Poke'mon- I really can't believe your father built a device to unleash the Dragon Force and thought he could control it!

Prince who looked like Ash- I know that already, Ho-Oh. Kyrin already chastised me about that after my brother activated the machine. But my father must've learned his lesson since he locked it in the castle and told everyone to never open that door. Actually, I'm more astounded that my brother would be driven to jealousy so badly, he'd cause all of this. But right now, we must keep the Dragon Force from harming anyone as best we can until Marco, Loewy, and Kyrin send the Dragon Force back where it came from.

The prince's Pikachu looked at his master with a look of concern.

Prince's Pikachu- …Pika Pi…

Mysterious voice- Lugia, aeroblast!

The prince who looked like Ash saw a Poke'mon attack coming right at them.

Prince who looked like Ash- Ho-Oh, incoming!

The legendary Poke'mon the prince and his Pikachu were riding on managed to avoid the aeroblast and so did the Mega Charizard X who was flying close behind.

Prince who looked like Ash- Shit! That was close!

Mysterious voice- Well, if it isn't my dear brother, Calmly Ketchum.

The prince who looked like Ash turned his head to the left and saw another prince riding on the back of another legendary Poke'mon.

The other prince- I figured the Dragon Force would've devoured you and those two fools from the Mushroom Kingdom by now. But I was not expecting those two brothers to be friends with an actual god.

Prince who looked like Ash- You! How dare you do this to our home! Our kingdom!

The other prince- YOUR kingdom. Father chose you for the throne, Calmly!

Prince who looked like Ash- That's what all this madness is about?! The throne?!

The other prince- I deserve it more than you! I've spent my entire life trying to please father with all my studies and hard work! All you did was spend your childhood traveling Kanto, battling other Poke'mon Trainers, and perusing the life of a Poke'mon Trainer instead of a prince! Yet father still picked you!

Prince who looked like Ash- And you think controlling Lugia or using the Dragon Force to destroy the land will get you the throne?

The other prince- If I can't inherit the throne, I'll take it by conquest!

Prince who looked like Ash- You poor fool. The Dragon Force will destroy everything, you'll have nothing to rule over. I'll admit…I never wanted the throne. All I wanted was to travel through all the Poke'mon regions, battle against strong opponents, and be a Poke'mon Trainer…but I also have a dream…a dream with dying for! A world where trainers and Poke'mon can live together in perfect harmony! And your actions getting in the way of that dream! So, I swear by our father's name, I will stop you and put an end to this madness!

The prince who looked like Ash unsheathed a sword called a rapier from the side of his hip and pointed it at the other prince.

The other prince- You really think a world like that could ever exist? As long as powerful Poke'mon exist in this world, there will always be those who want to use them for their power. Need I remind you how you caught Ho-Oh in the first place? A group of humans charged into Ho-Oh's shrine, the bell tower, one night and attacked Ho-Oh. And after Ho-Oh burned the tower to the ground and escaped, you and your Charizard approached him while he was still injured.

Prince's legendary Poke'mon- Master Calmly wasn't trying to catch me like a wild Poke'mon! Him and his Charizard caught me as I was falling out of the sky, because they knew I was injured and wanted to treat my wounds. He didn't even want to catch me, but I jumped into the empty poke'ball he dropped because I knew Calmly was a good person. And I too will fight to see his dream come true!

Prince who looked like Ash- Thank you, Ho-Oh! Now let's settle this once and for all!

The other prince- If you insist. Lugia, aeroblast!

Prince who looked like Ash- Ho-Oh, sacred fire!

The two Poke'mon attacks from the two legendary Poke'mon collided.

(Professor Kukui's house 1,000 years later)

Ash had woken up and was screaming his head off.

Rotom'dex- Ash…are you ok?

Ash looked around and saw Pikachu, Rotom'dex, Rowlet, Torracat, Lycanroc, Meltan, and Charizard were looking at Ash with concern.

Pikachu- Pika pi…

Ash- Sorry to worry you…I'm fine, but…I had a strange dream…

Rotom'dex- What kind of dream?

Ash- I was…some kind of prince…and I think I was riding on the back of a very unique Poke'mon, but I can't remember what that Poke'mon was. I think…I was fighting someone else too…but I can't remember all the details…

Professor Kukui's voice- Hey Ash, you up yet? I've got breakfast all ready for you.

Ash- Maybe a day of Poke'mon school will help me to clear my head.

Ash got out of bed, got dressed, and went downstairs to eat breakfast.

(Somewhere in the Kanto region close to Pallet Town)

Professor Oak exploring a very beautiful forest with Brock and Misty following close behind.

Brock- So you're telling me this forest has been this close to Pallet Town and yet never been noticed by anyone for the last 1,000 years?

Professor Oak- Apparently so.

Misty- Until now that is. We're exploring it right now.

Professor Oak- And because no one has been in this area for that long is why I asked you two to come in case I come across anything hostile. But where is Clemont? I invited him along as well in case I need one of his inventions examine something without damaging it.

Clemont- Right here, Professor Oak!

Clemont eventually caught up to them and stopped to catch his breath.

Clemont- Sorry, but our little stowaway on our adventure was making me slow down a bit to make sure she didn't get into trouble.

Serena- Hey, you invited me!

Clemont- I was referring to Bonnie. She's the one who snuck on this journey even though I told her to stay at the Lumiose Gym!

Bonnie- Someone has to make sure you stay out of trouble, Clemont. Plus, you still need someone to take care of you like that waitress at that café' back in Pallet Town.

Clemont- Bonnie, I told you to stop this a million times!

Professor Oak- Anyway, we all still need to be on our guard. Since this area hasn't been explored in a 1,000 years, we don't know what Poke'mon live here or what obstacles we'll encounter. We also should stay together and not get separated.

Clemont- Understood professor!

Serena- Too bad Ash is still in the Alola region. I'll bet he'd love to explore this place too.

Brock- I'm surprised Kyrin didn't tell Ash like how he told Professor Oak about this place. Ash is part of the Super Mario Brothers' Team after all.

Bonnie- Maybe Kyrin thought Ash still needs some rest after the season 4 finale. Also, he's really polit compared to his meanie jerk brother, Tabuu. He even gave me that giant lollipop.

Clemont (whispers to Brock)- Kyrin gave her that lollipop in exchange she leaves him alone after asking Kyrin so many questions.

Professor Oak- Kyrin just told me that this forest was hidden near Pallet Town and something very important had been hiding her for the last 1,000 years. And as a Poke'mon researcher, I can't say no to exploring unexplored territory.

Eventually, Professor Oak, Brock, Misty, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie came across a beautiful lake. The water gave off a crystal blue sparkle and there were dozens on water type Poke'mon swimming around. Misty rushed to the lake in excitement to see all the water Poke'mon.

Misty- Oh my! Look at all the water Poke'mon! Maybe I should catch one and add to my collection of water Poke'mon!

Brock- Uh…Misty…I think I see something else you should be looking at…

Misty- What could be more impressive than…

Before Misty could finish, she saw Bonnie point her finger at something. Misty looked at what Bonnie was pointing at and saw there was a large castle that looked just as amazing as the lake it was lying next to.

(Back in the Alola region)

Ash, Pikachu, and Rotom'dex were at the Poke'mon school attending Professor Kukui's class. However, Professor Kukui's lesson would soon be interrupted when Principle Oak rushed into the classroom.

Professor Kukui- Principle Oak…is everything ok?

Principle Oak- I'm fine, but right now, is Ash here?

Ash- I'm here.

Principle Oak- I just received a call from my cousin, Samuel, back in the Kanto region. Samuel was told something big being hidden in a forest close to Pallet Town by your friend Kyrin.

Ash- What?! Kyrin told Professor Oak…

Principle Oak- I wasn't finished, Ash. Anyway, Samuel said he found something that you must see with your own eyes.

Ash- What?

Principle Oak- He wouldn't say for some reason. He just said you need to come there as soon as possible.

Mallow- Are you going to go, Ash?

Sophocles- You don't think this could be Tabuu related? I mean, Kyrin was the one who told Professor Oak about that forest.

Lillie- Sophocles has a point. Maybe you shouldn't go there alone.

Lana- I don't think Professor Kukui will let us cut class to come with Ash like that.

Professor Kukui- Actually, maybe we can make a class fieldtrip out of this and we can all come with Ash on this adventure.

Kiawe- But how are we going to get to Kanto? Another airplane?

Ash- Actually, with Ty's wrist portal, we can all take a portal to Kanto. I just need to know where this forest is. Principle Oak, did Professor Oak say which direction from Pallet Town this forest was?

(Outside the Poke'mon school)

From a fake food truck parked outside the school, Jessie, James, and Meowth were listening in using their spying equipment.

James- How interesting. The twerp is going back to the Kanto region.

Jessie- But what could possibly be so special about that forest he's heading to?

Meowth- Don't know, but it must be valuable. Think about it. Tabuu's brother gave Professor Oak the tip about whatever is hidden there. So, there must be something big there. We can snag it before the twerps do and catch Pikachu while we're at it.

James- I guess it's a good thing Boss Cass created wrist portal for us and the rest of Bowser's Team to us.

Jessie- And we can use them to get to Kanto in a blink of an eye like the twerp can. But we should open a portal to Pallet Town so the twerps don't realize we're after whatever is there as well.

James- Good point, Jessie. Then we'll use the hot air balloon to find them in that forest.

Then Jessie's Wobbuffet let itself out of its poke'ball and gave off a solute.

Wobbuffet- Wobbuffet!