Chapter 7: Ho-Oh's New Master

(In the forest outside the castle)

The Dragon Force was moving through the forest, searching for whatever it can find as it began draining life out of the forest. The wild Poke'mon were fleeing and surprisingly among them…were Jessie, James, and Meowth.

Meowth- Just our ****ing luck! As soon as we find our way back to the castle after the twerp sent us blasting off…we get this shit draining life out of everything!

James- Couldn't the author have just had us land back in the Alola Region instead of using us for a comic relief to entertain the readers at our expense?

Jessie- Less talk, more running!

Suddenly, Meowth tripped and got his leg stuck on a branch.

Meowth- Hey, don't leave me here! Help me out!

Jessie and James ran back to try and help Meowth get his foot unstuck, but the Dragon Force had caught up to them and was about to engulf them.

Ash- Ho-Oh, safe guard!

Then a bright barrier appeared around Team Rocket, repelling the Dragon Force. When Jessie, James, and Meowth looked up, they saw Ash and Pikachu riding on Ho-Oh's back just above them.

Jessie- It's the twerp?

James- But that Poke'mon…th-th-that's Ho-Oh!

Meowth- The twerp actually found Ho-Oh in that castle?!

Ash- You're lucky I had Ho-Oh save you, but you three should be getting out of here!

Ho-Oh quickly swiped its claw at the branch around Meowth's leg and sliced it to pieces.

Meowth- Don't need to tell us twice!

Then Jessie, James, and Meowth ran away, almost Looney Tunes style. Richie and Gooey were flying close by on Zippo's back. But strangely enough, Gooey was holding a sign with his long tongue that read "That's All Folks" before winking to the readers.

Richie- What are you doing, Gooey?

Before Richie could turn his head to look at Gooey, Gooey pulled his tongue and the sign into his mouth and acted like nothing had happened. Meanwhile, on the ground level, Misty's Psyduck, Politoed, and Starmie were using water gun to try and keep the Dragon Force from reaching any of the wild Poke'mon that were fleeing. Serena was doing the same thing with her Sylveon's fairy wind.

Misty- If only Black Doom hadn't knocked out Gyarados…

Serena- Remember, we're not trying to beat the Dragon Force. We're trying to keep it from harming anyone until Snide can have that machine put the Dragon Force back in the ground.

Gooey used his tongue to lasso some of the wild Poke'mon that were close to the Dragon Force and pulled them out of harm's way while still riding on the back of Zippo with Richie and Sparky. A piece of the Dragon Force lunged at Misty and Psyduck, but they managed to move out of the way.

Misty- That was a little too close for comfort!

Psyduck- Psy Psy Psy…

Ash- Need a hand there, Misty?

Misty looked up and saw Ash, Pikachu, Charizard, Rotom'dex and Ho-Oh flying just above where her and Serena were standing. Ash and Pikachu were riding Ho-Oh, but Charizard and Rotom'dex were flying close behind Ho-Oh.

Rotom'dex- That's strange. Censors are detecting a thought impulse. Is the Dragon Force…sentient…?

Ash- Either way, we can't let it hurt anyone! Pikachu, thunderbolt! Charizard, flamethrower! Ho-Oh- hyper beam!

Pikachu- Pika…CHUUUUU!

Charizard- (Roar)

Ho-Oh- Very well! Hyper beam!

The three Poke'mon attacks hit the Dragon Force and it actually recoiled. But it also made some kind of screeching sound. Gooey noticed this and opened that eyeball in his mouth again. Gooey had that eye look at the Dragon Force, but what he saw instantly made Gooey quiver in fear.

Richie- Gooey, is something wrong?

Gooey pointed at the Dragon Force with his tongue and Richie noticed it was acting strange.

Richie- Ash, I think the Dragon Force is about to do something!

Before Ash could take in Richie's words, the Dragon Force emerged back into the ground.

Serena- Did we beat it?

Ho-Oh- It couldn't be that easy. Not even Kyrin resealed the Dragon Force that quickly.

Then Ash saw a bright glow coming from the hole in the ground the Dragon Force sunk into.

Ash- Guys…I think we need to get some distance! NOW!

Misty and Serena returned their Poke'mon back to their poke'balls before getting back on Ash's Charizard's back. Then Ho-Oh, Charizard, and Zippo got as much distance as they could. Not long, the ground shook like crazy as a rainbow-colored aurora emerged from the ground as it formed into a huge blob of energy. It looked like it was made out of the Dragon Force, but it looked like a solid lifeform. It had a face and almost looked humanoid, even though it did look like a blob of rainbow gelatinases substance.

Misty- What the hell is that thing!?

Richie- I don't know!

Ash- Ho-Oh…is that the Dragon Force?!

Ho-Oh- I don't know! The Dragon Force did NOT do this the last time it got out!

Dragon Force Blob- (ROAR)

The Dragon Force Blob fired parts of its body at the forest and instantly dissolved all the trees and rocks that got snagged by it. Luckily, it didn't hit any Poke'mon or human that time.

Richie- Oh my! Gooey, hand me the phone! I need to contact Kyrin about this!

Gooey opened his mouth and a cell phone wrapped in Gooey's tongue came out of his mouth. Richie took the phone and quickly tried to dial a number. However, the Dragon Force Blob shot parts of his body again and Zippo was barely able to dodge. Unfortunately, the cell phone as snagged and dissolved by the Dragon Force Blob.

Richie- Shit! That was our only means of contacting Kyrin! How can we stop this thing without Kyrin telling us what to do?!

Ash- Who said I needed Kyrin to tell me how to stop this monster…

Richie- Ash…?

Ash- As a hero and member of the Super Mario Brothers' Team, I'll fight to protect everything I care about! Charizard, take Serena and Misty and get out of here! Richie, you and Gooey use Zippo to get as far as you can as well!

Misty- And leave you to fight that monstrosity by yourself?!

Serena- We're not leaving you to do something that might get you killed!

Richie- And I can't abandon my best friend to save my skin. Besides, Kyrin would be furious at me and Gooey for ditching you like that.

Ho-Oh- It seems you know how to make the right friends, Ash.

Ash- Actually, I would say the right friends know how to make me who I am. I doubt I would be the trainer I am today without any of them to help me along my journey. Alright, Charizard!

Charizard- (Roar)

Ash- Keystone, respond to my heart! Beyond evolution! Mega Evolve!

Then Ash activated his Keystone to Mega Evolve Charizard and while Misty and Serena were still on Charizard's back.

Mega Charizard- (ROAR)

Ho-Oh- Funny. That Charizardite X you used looks exactly like the same Charizardite X Master Calmly used for his Charizard. In fact, both your Pikachu and Charizard share similar traits to the Pikachu and Charizard Master Calmly had. (Mutters) I wonder if that's a coincidence…

Richie- Zippo, you too! Mega Evolve!

Then Richie activated his Keystone to Mega Evolve Zippo into Mega Charizard Y.

Mega Zippo- (ROAR)

Rotom'dex- Sorry, but I don't have the energy to recharge both yours and Richie's Z-Rings. I've only got on recharge in my systems right now.

Ash- That's ok, Rotom. Just keep your distance from that monster.

(Back inside the castle)

Snide, Brock, and Kiawe were still operating each control panel.

Snide- Ok…I've just connected those two wave frequencies…Brock, your screen should show a cross between two vibration waves. The green button on your left should light up shortly. Press it the second it does!

Then Brock saw the green button light up and he pressed his finger on it as soon as it did.

Snide- Good. We seem to be 85% through the security protocols for this machine. Shouldn't be long now before…what the…?!

Kiawe- Snide, is something wrong?

Snide- I'm not sure. It looks like the Dragon Force has been building its own power during all this time or something. I can't tell really, but it appears things are becoming more dangerous than we originally expected!

Brock- What should we do then?!

Snide- We should be focusing on continuing to shut this machine down! That's our highest priority! Without this machine on, the Dragon Force will go back to being sealed underground.

Kiawe- I'm starting to think it would be easier to just destroy it, since Black Doom and Poke'mon Hunter J took great care to not damage the thing.

Snide- (Sigh) Richie suggested the same thing when Kyrin gave us the briefing. If this machine is destroyed…something even worse would happen. Because this machine is linked to the Dragon Force's energy core, it would create an explosion that will take Kanto and at least three other countries with it. Why do you think Kyrin or Ho-Oh didn't destroy it after what happened 1,000 years ago? But back to the task at hand!

(Back outside the castle)

Ash and the others were still trying to keep the Dragon Force Blob from hurting anyone in the forest close to the castle. Most of the wild Poke'mon had already gotten at a safe distance, so all that was left was to battle the Dragon Force Blob.

Ash- Pikachu, electro ball! Charizard, fire blast! Ho-Oh, hurricane!

Pikachu- Pikachu Pi!

Mega Charizard- (ROAR)

Ho-Oh- Choke on this, you freak of nature!

The three Poke'mon attacks hit the Dragon Force Blob in the face and made it recoil a bit. It tried to reach out for Ho-Oh, but Richie and Gooey appeared behind it while riding Mega Zippo.

Richie- Sparky, electro web! Zippo, heatwave!

Sparky- Chu!

Mega Zippo- (ROAR)

At the same time, Gooey opened the eye in his mouth again and fired a bolt of black lightning. The attacks hit the Dragon Force Blob from behind and that made it turn around.

Dragon Force Blob- (ROAR)

Before it could try and attack Mega Zippo, Mega Charizard was flying directly above it.

Misty- Psyduck, water pulse!

Serena- Sylveon, fairy wind!

Psyduck- Psy..DUCK!

Sylveon- Sylveon!

The Poke'mon attacks knocked the Dragon Force Block back a few steps, but when it tried to attack Mega Charizard since Misty and Serena were still riding Mega Charizard, something attacked it from below.

Jessie- Mimikyu, shadow ball!

James- Mareanie, sludge bomb!

Mimikyu- (Hiss)

Mareanie- Mareanie!

The two Poke'mon attacks hit the Dragon Force Block and the monster was looking around wondering where that attack came from. Ash and Ho-Oh looked down and saw Jessie, James, and Meowth hiding in a batch of trees that were still left standing in the forest.

Ash- Team Rocket…again…

Ho-Oh- Not every day that a hero actually gets help from their so-called foes.

Jessie- Get this straight, twerp! We want this thing gone as much as you do!

James- And once this monster has been dealt with, we're going back to being enemies!

Meowth- And we will be claiming that Pikachu and that Ho-Oh from you one of these days!

Ho-Oh- Are they always like this?

Ash- More or less, Ho-Oh.

Rotom'dex- Hey, I think the Dragon Force monster is disoriented. With all these attacks from multiple angles, it completely confused!

Ash- And this might be our time to strike! Richie, let's try a double Z-Move!

Richie- Sure thing!

Ash- Pikachu!

Richie- Sparky!

Pikachu and Sparky at the same time- Pika!

Ash and Richie at the same time- Electric type Z-Move! 10,000,000-Volt Thunderbolt!

Pikachu and Sparky at the same time- Pika…CHUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

The two Z-Moves merged into one as they were launched at the Dragon Force Blob. When the Dragon Force Blob saw the two Z-Moves fused into one, it had already hit its body. It tried to push it back, but the Z-Moves from both Pikachu and Sparky had proven to be stronger than the monster expected. Eventually, the two Z-Moves created a mushroom cloud explosion and knocked the Dragon Force Blob to the ground. It was kneeling and struggling to get itself back up.

Serena- Did we do it this time?

Misty- I think so this time, Serena!

Psyduck- Psy Psy Psy!

But just as everyone thought they had won, Ash noticed a small spark of energy building up from the Dragon Force Blob's body, like it was building up power the way Tabuu charges his strongest attack.

Ash- Everyone! It's about to attack again!

Unfortunately, Ash didn't warn everyone fast enough. A huge burst of energy was blasted all around from the Dragon Force Blob's body and it knocked everyone to the ground. Including knocking Ho-Oh, Mega Charizard, Mega Zippo, and Rotom'dex out of the sky. It was also bad, because Ash and Pikachu were still riding Ho-Oh, Misty and Serena were still riding Mega Charizard, and Richie and Gooey were still riding Mega Zippo. They all survived the landing, but it definitely wasn't a pleasant landing. Because Ho-Oh was literally the largest thing that fell to the ground, the Dragon Force Blob focused its attention on him first. It pointed its finger at Ho-Oh before it extended and launched for Ho-Oh like a missile. Ash managed to get up and saw Ho-Oh was about to be attacked.

Ash- Oh no! Ho-Oh!

Without hesitation, Ash rushed to Ho-Oh. Pikachu and Mega Charizard, who landed close to where Ash landed, got their heads up and saw Ash rushing towards Ho-Oh.

Pikachu- Pika pi!

Mega Charizard- (ROAR)

Ho-Oh was coming to when he looked up and saw the Dragon Force Blob shooting its finger at him. But then, Ash literally jumped in the way.

Ho-Oh- Ash, what are you doing?!


Then the Dragon Force Blob's finger struck Ash in the chest and was beginning to drain Ash's life energy.


Suddenly, seeing Ash's action brought back a painful memory for Ho-Oh.

(Ho-Oh's flashback 1,000 years ago)

A prince who looked like Ash was riding Ho-Oh and they appear to be battling Tabuu at Shooting Star Summit.

Prince who looked like Ash- Quickly, before he tries to go after Marco while he's down again! Pikachu, thunderbolt! Ho-Oh, hyper beam!

Prince's Pikachu- Pika…CHUUUU!

Ho-Oh- As you command, Master Calmly!

The two Poke'mon attacks hit Tabuu from the right when they thought he wasn't looking. However, Tabuu was nowhere to be seen when the smoke cleared.

Prince who looked like Ash- Where'd Tabuu go?!

Then Tabuu instantly appeared directly in front of the Prince who looked like Ash.

Tabuu- You'll have to do better than that to strike at my blindside, your majesty!

Tabuu slapped Ho-Oh in the face and knocked him to the ground, also knocking the Prince who looked like Ash and his Pikachu off of Ho-Oh's back and to the ground.

Tabuu- But I'm also not fond of sneak attacks like that! So let me teach you what I do to those that try and get the jump on me when they think I'm not looking!

Then these rainbow-colored wings appeared on Tabuu's body.

Tabuu- So long, Prince Calmly! Don't worry, I'll send Marco and the rest of those ****ing fools to join you shortly after!

Then a huge burst of energy was launched from Tabuu's body, but Ho-Oh immediately got back up and used his body to shield the prince who looked like Ash and his Pikachu.

Prince who looked like Ash- Ho-Oh, what the hell are you doing?!


(End of Ho-Oh's flashback and back to the fight against the Dragon Force Blob)

Ho-Oh- NO! It will not happen again!

Then Ho-Oh fired hyper beam at the finger and got the Dragon Force Blob off of Ash. But Ash was feeling really weak and most of his life energy was drained.

Pikachu- Pika pi!

Mega Charizard- (ROAR)

Ash was about to drop to the ground, but Ho-Oh caught him in his wing and gently laid him on the ground.

Ho-Oh- Ash…why…?!

Ash weakly smiled at Ho-Oh while he struggled to get the words he wanted to say out.

Ash- Y…you're…my…y frie…iend…Ho…Oh…Do I…need…an..other…reason…

Then Ash lost consciousness and slipped into a coma. Pikachu and Mega Charizard rushed to Ash as fast as they could. Richie, Gooey, Serena, Misty, Jessie, James, and Meowth also rushed to see if Ash was alright.

Ho-Oh- …Ash…

Ho-Oh looked at Pikachu and Mega Charizard.

Ho-Oh- Pikachu, Charizard, we still have a chance to stop this monster, but I need you to lend me your power! Pikachu, strike me with you 10,000,000-Volt Thunderbolt! And Charizard, your blast burn!

Pikachu- Pika?!

Mega Charizard- (ROAR)

Ho-Oh- Don't worry, you won't hurt me! Trust me, I have a plan! Just hit me with those two attacks!

Pikachu and Mega Charizard were confused at first, but they did as Ho-Oh instructed. Rotom'dex recharged Ash's Z-Ring, however, it was Richie who performed the stance for a Z-Move.

Richie- Ok, filling in for Ash! Pikachu, 10,000,000-Volt Thunderbolt!

Pikachu- Pika…CHUUUUU!

Mega Charizard- (ROAR)

Pikachu's Z-Move and Mega Charizard's blast burn engulfed Ho-Oh and he was surrounded in both flames and electricity.

Ho-Oh- Thank you both…now for the final touch! Sacred fire!

Then Ho-Oh's body was surrounded by the flames of his own attack. But what was really a surprise was Ho-Oh's sacred fire absorbed the energy from Mega Charizard's blast burn and Pikachu's 10,000,000-Volt Thunderbolt.

Meowth- Hey, what's going on?!

Richie- So that's what Ho-Oh was planning! He's using the power of Pikachu and Charizard's attacks to booster his sacred fire! Clever move.

Without hesitation, Ho-Oh flew into the air and charged for the Dragon Force Blob with sacred fire.

Ho-Oh- This is for Ash, you ****ing abomination! This is from me and his Poke'mon!

The Dragon Force Blob fired its own energy at Ho-Oh, but it didn't stop Ho-Oh or slow him down in the slightest. Ho-Oh flew right into the Dragon Force Blob and unleashed all that energy he had build after absorbing Pikachu and Mega Charizard's attacks. Then a bright light was shinning from inside the Dragon Force Blob as it engulfed the monster and covered the entire forest. When the light faded, all the life force that the Dragon Force drained was returning to the forest as the trees began to regrow. Ho-Oh was barely standing after that and was struggling not to collapse to the ground. However, a smaller version of the Dragon Force Blob weakly slithered out of the ground.

Ho-Oh- Back for more…? I'll defeat you as many times as it takes…in order to protect him…

But before the Dragon Force Blob could attack, it began to lose its glow as it began sinking back into the ground.

Jessie- Where did it go?

Richie- Snide, Brock, and Kiawe! They must've deactivated the machine!

James- What machine?

Richie- Sorry, but I'd rather not talk about it and give you ideas to be tampering with things you shouldn't be in the first place.

Ash- (Cough) … (GAPS)

Serena- Is Ash gonna be ok?

Misty- He took a heavy blow defending Ho-Oh there.

Then Ho-Oh approached Ash again.

Pikachu- Pikachu…?

Ho-Oh- I might be exhausted from destroying that monster…but I can help. This helped restore Ash and Pikachu on the day they left Pallet Town. I'm sure giving Ash a sample of my energy will restore him again.

Ho-Oh gently tapped one of his claws to Ash's forehead and Ash's body began to glow for a split second.

(Ash's dream)

Ash had woken up, but he didn't know where he was. Everywhere he looked, all he could see was what looked like the vastness of outer space. What looked like stars in the night sky were everywhere. Ash rubbed his head and stood to his feet. But as soon as Ash stood up, he saw someone standing before him. This person had a face that looked very much like Ash's face, except he was dressed like a prince. Also, he had a yellow glowing aura surrounding his body.

Ash- What the…who are…

Prince who looked like Ash- Please…take care of Ho-Oh…

Not only was Ash surprised by his words, but surprised that this stranger both looked like him and had the exact same voice as him. But before Ash could say anything else, the prince who looked like Ash burst into streams of light before fading.

(Back in the forest)

Ash was slowly regaining consciousness as he saw Misty, Brock, Serena, Kiawe, Richie, Gooey, Snide, Jessie, James, Meowth, Rotom'dex, Pikachu, Charizard, and Ho-Oh standing around him.

Pikachu- PIKA PI!

Pikachu jumped onto Ash and hugged his face while crying at the same time.

Misty- Ash, please don't do that again! We almost thought we lost you!

Ash- Sorry…(groan)…guess I'm still not feeling better after all that…I feel so light headed…

Ho-Oh- Good that you will recover from this little adventure…

Ho-Oh turned around and began walking away. It took most of Ash's strength, but he managed to sit up and call out to Ho-Oh.

Ash- Ho-Oh…wait…you're leaving…

Ho-Oh- I wouldn't say…leaving…Ash Ketchum…You and Master Calmly are very much alike…in more ways than you actually realize…

Ash- What do you mean, Ho-Oh?

Ho-Oh- There will come a time when you will need my strength again. When that time comes…I shale return to fight by your side. No matter when or where, I will come to your aid to help you and the Mario's fight back against Tabuu, just like I did all those years ago. Until then…take care…Master Ash!

Ash- What…?!

Pikachu- Pika pi…?!

Charizard- (Roar)

Ash- Me…your…

Before Ash could finish, Ho-Oh smiled at Ash one last time before taking off into the air and flying away.

Meowth- Well that's just ****ing great! Now the twerp has Ho-Oh at his command!

James- How are we supposed to do any evil schemes does with a powerhouse Poke'mon like that used against us?!

Ash- Don't worry, Team Rocket…Ho-Oh said he'd return only when I needed him…and I don't think I need Ho-Oh when I'm up against you…

Jessie- Are you mocking us, twerp?!

Ash- Right now…I'm really tired…and want to rest…

(Later that day back at the castle)

Ash was walking out of the castle with a crutch under one arm. Ash was having trouble walking or moving at all after what had happened. Misty, Brock, Serena, Clemont, Bonnie, Kiawe, Mallow, Lana, Sophocles, Lillie, Professor Oak, and Professor Kukui were standing outside the castle entrance ready to leave. However, Professor Oak and Professor Kukui were have in conversation with Kyrin who was also there first.

Professor Oak- And to think, they could've been hurt because of this whole thing you've set up!

Kyrin- I know! My bad! But that's why I came. After Richie, Snide, and Gooey told me what happened, I figured the only suitable course of action was to come and apologize face to face. I was expecting Ho-Oh to judge Ash if he was worthy. I wasn't expecting two of my brother's followers to show up and reawaken the Dragon Force. I a sure as hell didn't know the Dragon Force could do something like that. I just hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me and know that I would never put Ash or anyone in that much danger on purpose.

Kyrin politely bowed to Professor Oak and Professor Kukui. The rest of Ash's friend were looking at Kyrin while he was still talking to Professor Oak and Professor Kukui.

Lillie- I have to say, Kyrin's not at all what I expected for a god. He's a real gentleman and he treats and talks to us mortals as if we were equals. I'm honestly surprised someone like him could be related to someone like Tabuu.

Lana- Oh yeah? I can't believe I'm related to someone like Sarah and Harper…

Bonnie quickly ran up to Ash and almost knocked Ash off of his crutch he was using to balance on.

Bonnie- Ash, is it true you met Ho-Oh?! Is it true you're Ho-Oh's new master?!

Clemont- Bonnie, let's give Ash some space. He's barely able to move at all after what he's been through.

Sophocles- To be honest, if you were really Ho-Oh's master, you would have Ho-Oh in a poke'ball like the rest of your Poke'mon.

Misty- Maybe it's for the best this way. I mean, if Ash had Ho-Oh in a poke'ball and could use him whenever, Ash would basically never lose another Poke'mon battle. How many trainers' Poke'mon can take on a Poke'mon like Ho-Oh? Little lone survive one hit from Ho-Oh?

Ash- I guess you have a point, Misty. But to think…me…the master of a legendary Poke'mon like Ho-Oh…that is a lot to take in.

Mallow- And his previous master was part of the original Super Mario Brothers' Team. That can't be a coincidence, Ash. Prince Calmly has got to be your ancestor. Like how Mario's ancestor was the leader of that team.

Ash- You still think I'm related to Calmly, Ho-Oh's previous master?

Kiawe- I'll admit, we don't have any official evidence to confirm that, but based off of what we've learned during our trip to this castle, it's very likely. There has to be some reason Ho-Oh would be interested in you out of all the Trainers in Kanto or why he came to you on the first day of your Poke'mon journey.

Ash- I think if I was related to Prince Calmly, Tabuu would've mentioned something during all the times we've fought against him…but then again…the Tabuu rarely talks about any member from the original team other than Mario's ancestor.

Brock- Perhaps you should ask Kyrin. I'm sure he knows.

Ash- Good idea. I think I will.

Ash managed to limp up to Kyrin, Professor Oak, and Professor Kukui. When Kyrin noticed Ash, he gave him a nervous smile.

Kyrin- Oh…uh…hi, Ash! Uh…how are you feeling?

Ash- I'm fine, Kyrin. You don't need to blame yourself for what happened. I just need to rest for a bit and I'll be fight Tabuu's forces again in no time. How's your arm?

Kyrin- Actually, Ty made it better than how Dyntos originally designed it. And believe it or not, when Dyntos heard about how much better Ty made one of his original creations, he tried to offer Ty a job. But as to be expected, Ty prefers to keep his job of keeping the peace in Australia.

Ash- Good for Ty. Kyrin…am I related to Prince Calmly?

Kyrin- You mean other Poke'mon Trainer that helped the original Super Mario Brothers defeat my brother? I remember him. And I will say, you two do have a lot in common. You're both Poke'mon Trainers that are part of the Super Mario Brothers' Team, deemed worthy to be Ho-Oh's master, and you're both willing to do crazy life risking stunts to protect Poke'mon. Prince Calmly almost got decapitated trying to protect his Lucario once.

Ash- Yes…but is Prince Calmly my…

Before Ash could finish, Kyrin's smartphone began ringing an alarm.

Kyrin- Oh ****!

Ash- What's wrong?

Kyrin- It's my father. Ever since he found out I was still alive, he's hardly giving me any breathing room. The Lord of the Universe is worried that something might happen to me…again. And because of that, he's been saying I have to return home before a specific time every day. Seriously, I'm starting to miss all those times I was hiding in the shadows without anyone spotting me.

Ash- And yet you're still wearing that black cloak.

Kyrin handed Ash a card of some sort.

Kyrin- Anyway, I gotta get going. Here's my number if want to talk to me again. Sorry about what happened with the Dragon Force, but congratulations on passing Ho-Oh's test.

The End


(Tabuu's palace in Subspace)

Poke'mon Hunter J and Black Doom were on their knees in front of Tabuu, who seemed surprisingly in a better mood than they were expecting.

Black Doom- Our apologies, Master Tabuu! We managed to turn on the machine in the castle just as you instructed…

Poke'mon Hunter J- But Ash was also at Prince Calmly's castle. And to make things worse, he not only resealed the Dragon Force, but…

Tabuu- Has acquired Ho-Oh's approval to be his master. I already knew that. I've been watching you both since you left Subspace.

Poke'mon Hunter J- And you're not angry about how bad we failed?

Tabuu- On the contrary…I'd say your success more than makes up for it!

Then Tabuu pulls his right arm from behind his back and what Poke'mon Hunter J and Black Doom saw was what looked like the right arm of a Caucasian man.

Black Doom- What the…?!

Poke'mon Hunter J- Tabuu…what happened to your arm?

Tabuu- You mean this? Say hello to 83% of my full power. That's right, I'm above 80% now. You see, your real objective was not to activate the Dragon Force, but to free a small piece of myself that was trapped inside that machine. Turning it on freed it and allowed it to return to me. And because that you managed to do that, I'll let the rest of your failures from this mission slide…this time.

Black Doom- Uh…ok…

Tabuu- Now go. You've both earned the rest of the day to yourselves.

Black Doom (whispers to Poke'mon Hunter J)- Strange seeing Tabuu acting nice for a change.

Poke'mon Hunter J (whispers to Black Doom)- I know. It's like he's a different person.

After Poke'mon Hunter J and Black Doom leave the room, Tabuu pulls out a book and hold it in front of his face.

Tabuu- Ok…where to go next?

Tabuu casts a seeker spell and the book began flipping through its pages. It stopped on a picture of a white hedgehog who looked like Sonic. This white hedgehog was also wearing a cyan blue scarf around his neck and it appeared the seven Chaos Emeralds were surrounding this white hedgehog's body.

Tabuu- So the former god, Chaos the Hedgehog is next? Very well. Infinite!

Then Infinite teleported into the room and in front of Tabuu.

Infinite- You called for me, Master Tabuu?

Tabuu- I have a little task for you. There is an A Ranked god who is imprisoned in an underground tomb for the last 1,000 years for attempting to murder my father and for framing another god for his crimes after his assassination attempt failed. His tomb is in Mobius. I want you to lure Doctor Eggman to where this underground tomb is located.