Yep… Another new story. The idea just popped into my head after I was literally unable to find a good fiction with Harry/Stefan pairing. Now, some people will want to take my head off because I still have stories that haven't been updated in a long time, but just to let you know, I tried to write something, anything but I came up with nothing even after staring at my screen for hours. So, until my muse decides to come back from vacation, I thought why not post this?

Summary: Ever since she remembers, Valeria has been having dreams about people she has never met before. Hazy faces she couldn't put names to – siblings, friends, enemies and the man she loved. She has no idea who these people are, but the only place that could find the answers was Mystic Falls. Female Harry. Drabble.

This is going to be a drabble fic. And will start somewhere between Season 2.

Freya was never born. The deal Esther made with Dahlia will be revealed later. Valeria is Esther's first daughter. I will not reply to the comments telling me that I've got it wrong.

Dreams and past memories would be written in Italics.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and The Vampire Diaries. They belong to J.K. Rowling and L.J. Smith. I am writing this just for fun and no money is being made.

AN: I would like to apologize in case of any mistakes. I do not have a beta. Without further ado, let's get started.


Her hands went to her throat as she gasped for breath, but no matter how much she tried, it was futile. She felt something crawling inside her stomach and as if on cue, she puked and blood dribbled down her chin and down to the front of her dress. She shot a panicked looked to her mother, begging for help, who was staring back at her with eyes that were filled with horror.

Her mother begged her sister, who laughed but did nothing to help her.

At that moment, she knew that it would be the last time she saw her family and even though she fell on her knees, she turned her head to look at her siblings one last time. She could see them screaming and crying, but they were stuck, just like their mother.

The witch was too powerful for anyone to fight.

Valeria tried to smile one last time, tell her twin that it would be alright, for he was the one who would suffer the most without her; despite the fact that she was close to all of them, but she couldn't. Dark spots danced in front of her eyes and the people standing in front of her became hazy.

She didn't remember her head hitting the ground or when the darkness swallowed her.

Nor was she aware of the chaos she left behind.

AN: I have two plots in mind for this one, so please do let me know whether you would like to see Stefan/Female Harry or Damon/Female Harry? I personally want to write Stefan/Harry fic, but it could go either way.