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Valeria heaved an enormous sigh and asked, "How dumb can you be?"

Feeling thoroughly insulted, Damon snarked, "In case you forgot, I was trying to save your ass!"

"I told you I can take care of myself!" she cried out.

"I got that the moment you burned my ass with the blinding light." Damon snapped back sarcastically. "Thanks for that, by the way."

"Enough!" Katherine interrupted before looking at Valeria and ordered, "Now, why don't you make yourself useful and find a way to get us out of here."

Bemused, Valeria asked, "Excuse me?"

"You obviously won't leave one of your beloved Salvatore's here. Once you get him out, I get a free pass." Katherine stated with a self-satisfied smirk.

Valeria looked amused as she arched a brow and asked, "Are you really dumb enough to think that I'll let you walk out… just like that?"

Katherine's face fell before she composed herself and said mockingly, "I'd like to see you try. We both know how things usually end."

Valeria smiled. A smile that made Katherine shiver involuntarily. Valeria pointed the wand at her and fired the body binding curse once again, putting much more power behind the spell than she had before.

Ignoring Damon, Valeria moved to kneel beside her victim on the floor, pointed her wand at Katherine and muttered, "Legilimens."

Instantly she was thrown back in the memories and saw herself. Her hair was tied in an intricate braid and she was wearing a gown that reminded her of the medieval era. Next, she saw Elijah. He had shoulder-length hair, but it was him. But what she saw next made her freeze. Another man with dirty blonde hair and bluish green eyes, just like hers. He seemed familiar in a way no one else ever had and Valeria resisted the urge to run and hug the man, so he could never leave her sight again. The man kissed the top of her head before leaving the room.

It took Valeria a moment to realise that the man, Niklaus, had been her twin.

She saw Katherine seducing Trevor and manipulating him to kill Niklaus's sister to stop the ritual. She saw the Petrova becoming a vampire and running; how the vampire slaughtered her family for revenge; how Katherine found Stefan and instantly became obsessed; killing her because she wanted the younger Salvatore and also to stop both the Mikaelson's from discovering about the reincarnation of their sister. Manipulating both the Salvatore's and merely keeping Damon for her entertainment, stringing him along when all she wanted was Stefan.

Unbidden, Katherine's thoughts flew into her mind – 'Pathetic that Damon spent 145 years searching for her. Nothing but a nuisance.'

Valeria stood up and stumbled back on shaky legs. Once again, hands steadied her and a voice asked, "Are you alright?"

She found Damon staring at her worriedly and her anger increased tenfold. Not only Katherine destroyed her life by killing her twice, but she also made Damon fall in love with her only because of how good he looked. Turning him for her gain, even though she never loved him. Using Damon only to get closer to Stefan and to find a safe place in town.

Turning back to look at the vampire trollop, who was no doubt twitching as the spell wore off slowly, Valeria shrugged Damon off and didn't even think twice before tightening her grip on her wand and mumbled, "Crucio."

Both Damon and Bonnie stared horrified as Katherine started screaming more loudly than they had ever heard anyone screaming in their lives before. Her body twitched as if she was trying to escape the pain, but all there was the screams that surrounded the tomb.

Disregarding everyone around her, Valeria focussed only on the woman lying in front of her who had destroyed more lives than anyone had the right to. She didn't release the spell, not until she heard her name being called and her wrist was grabbed softly by someone.

Damon looked into her eyes and ordered, "Stop!"

Valeria's eyes narrowed as she readied herself to curse him as well when his next words stopped her. In her anger, the only words that seeped through were 'look' and 'passed out.'

Blinking the haze away, for the first time she noticed that Katherine had indeed passed out because of the pain. Shaking herself, she looked at Damon and was surprised to see the concern in his eyes. Bonnie was kneeling on the ground holding Jeremy, but her eyes were filled with horror. But for once, Valeria didn't regret her actions. The vampire deserved more and she was going to make her beg before finally deciding to kill her.

Later That Day

Valeria braced herself before knocking on the door. She wasn't even sure why she was bothered – maybe it was for the reason that Damon was stuck in the tomb with a bitch who had played with him because he tried to save her or maybe because now that she knew that they had been friends in another life, she felt responsible.

Bonnie's eyes widened as soon as they fell on her, but before she could ask anything, Valeria spoke, "Damon is stuck in the tomb and I need your help to get him out."

The Bennett Witch stayed by the door, looking uncomfortable before replying, "I don't know how to help him."

Valeria couldn't help but frown. There was something in the tone that suggested that there was more, so she asked clearly, "You don't or you won't?"

"I don't," Bonnie said before adding softly, "…and I think it's for the best."

"For the...?" Valeria gaped, feeling utterly perplexed. She couldn't help herself and snapped, "In case you've forgotten, he was there in the first place so he could help your friend."

For the first time, Bonnie squared her shoulders and stated angrily, "He deserves it. He shouldn't even exist in the first place. None of them should. They should've died a long time ago."

Val wasn't new to the prejudice witches held against creatures, especially werewolves and vampires, but Bonnie's anger surprised her, especially because Damon had been there to save someone that didn't concern him in the first place. Feeling lost for words, she said softly, "Bonnie… we're witches. There is no place for people like us in the normal world. None of us should exist in the first place, but this world is filled with supernatural creatures… and every one of them deserves an equal chance to live."

"You don't know how selfish and dangerous he is! Damon doesn't care about anyone but himself!" Bonnie spat out angrily.

Valeria could sense that the other witch was telling the truth. Or at least there was some truth to what she had said, but there was also no denying that there was another side to Damon which got buried behind his bad vampire persona. Why else would he contact her to save a 16-year-old human?

Shaking her head, she looked at Bonnie and said, "I don't doubt it, but the fact remains that he was there in the first place to save your friend's brother."

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