We're the Same: Triple Threats & Epithets!


We'll Always Meet Again

Discord finished waving to Fluttershy and the girls then closed that portal to open another one. Celestia came through with a saddlebag. Seeing Twilight's magic mane in person always made Discord reflect on Celestia's—how it still fluttered in an unreal breeze though the pink layer had become more of a dusty rose color. And how the faint purple miasma around Luna's had take on tones of silver. But still they were the pony sisters, and he was Discord. And they would all stop by the Ogres & Oubliettes convention later, but first it was time for a game of their own—a tradition that had developed before OOLLA meetings, one of which was scheduled for later today. When the portal vanished behind her, Celestia set down her saddle bag and kissed Discord on the mouth before pulling back with a smile. "Are you sure you didn't want to visit the girls today for their monthly meeting? We could have rescheduled OOLLA and the game."

"No." He smiled but shook his head. "I love visiting them, but I think it's good for them to have this time together whenever possible. And besides, Fluttershy got done with our Tuesday tea party just now, so I feel delightfully caught up with her. Thank you again for running out for game time snacks while she and I were catching up." He snapped to set up the game board. "So we've got our game, an OOLLA meeting, a quick trip to the O&O convention, and then we'll be able to transition seamlessly into an OOREV meeting this evening. For creatures who are retired, talk about a full day."

"Did I hear someone say OOREV?" Luna appeared through a portal, smiling and with a saddlebag of her own. "Are we starting with that instead of OOLLA today? Or did you want to visit the O&O convention first?"

"Luna," Celestia came forward and hugged her, "how is the hive? And are you ready to admit you're practically living there yet?"

Luna blushed but smiled. "Pharynx needs a lot of help ever since he started caring for the grubs. Once he admitted to Thorax he liked helping them,Thorax basically made him their mentor. We have a lot of little ones to tend to, and hopefully some to prepare for the school of friendship. But the hive is lovely as usual. And how is the chaos dimension, and are you ready to admit that you practically live here?"

"She can move in permanently any time she wants." Discord snapped up a flower and moved in close to Celestia with a wink.

Celestia giggled. "This place is fun and different as always. And we realized staying at Silver Shoals wasn't for us quickly anyway. But if we're going to keep up the Everfree castle as a mutual pace, we really should spend at least a day or two a month there—it's probably gotten so dusty." Celestia brought a few costumes out of her saddle bag—a cape for her and for Luna and two paper crowns.

They all took their seats. Discord glanced at the fourth chair. "Is Starswirl feeling up to joining today?"

Celestia's gaze softened. "He's tired—and so is Mistmane. He'll create a portal later to observe the OOLLA meeting from their room at Silver Shoals and to observe the ceremony at the end of our mentorship program after the OOREV meeting."

Luna touched Celestia's shoulder, and the sisters shared an encouraging smile. Celestia cleared her throat. "For the game though, he'd like to be the Dungeon Master by scroll if we're all okay with that again."

"Always." Discord set up the game pieces and the board. "I'm glad he's up for playing and watching later too. After all it's not every day we have graduates from our mentoring program."

"Well, probationary graduates," Luna added, tying on her cape. "We're relatively certain Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy are so sick to death of either being a statue or talking out their feelings that they might at least like to try entering society."

"Yes, we're letting them crash in Twilight's old castle surrounded by spells to keep them under house arrest, and they're talking adult education friendship classes at night from Starlight, Trixie, and Sunburst. Not a horrible transitional plan." Discord rubbed his temple and tried not to smile. "Though I'm sure Twilight is going to have some thoughts about this."

"Yes," Celestia grinned, "but I think she's excited about the results too." Celestia rolled her eyes to the side. "But do I really have to be the ceremony speaker at the OOREV meeting?"

"You're the last member we added!" Discord grinned. "It'll be encouraging for the new members to hear all about how you came to be part of our little reformed villain club."

Luna snorted. "Sleepwalking as Daybreaker one summer in a fit of suppressed jealousy and frustration because you were convinced the fillies and colts of Equestria only thought of you as a legend and not real since they'd only experienced Twilight as a leader."

"I didn't know I was doing it!" Celestia blushed. "I only realized because Discord finally noticed singe marks hiding in my mane and followed me out of bed one night to see where I was going and what was happening."

Discord shrugged. "I mean, to be fair, the 'villainous acts' you participated in were mostly saying 'boo!' In to the windows of children and setting fire to posters of Twilight raising the sun for the festival of the two sisters that year. But still, you needed a full support system after that escapade, everyone at OOREV wanted to be there for you."

"Plus, all the club members had wanted you to stop by for ages anyway," Luna added. "They'd been dying to see you and Discord together."

Celestia sighed but smiled. "All right, I'll speak at the ceremony." She considered. "Can I transform to look like Day Breaker while doing it?"

"Please do!" Discord laughed and so did Luna, and Celestia joined in.

Discord snapped up a vertical game board in front of the empty chair then snapped up a scroll which Discord. "All right, I told Starswirl to do his worst." He snapped up his Captain Wuz outfit. "Ladies, welcome to Ogres and Oubliettes. Game on!"

"All hail dungeon master Starswirl and Assistant Dungeon Master Discord—ooga chaka!" The sisters yelled, trying to keep straight faces.

"Ooga chaka!" Discord replied, thrusting a fist in the air as Starswirl's first instructions arrived.

The game commenced, just as rousing as ever in this most unexpected but welcome era. It would be a full day of memories to never forget.


And so, the 'We're the Same' saga concludes! Thank you guys for joining me on this very random ride lol. Also, whatever anyone's opinions on the details of the finale, the only thing I rejected flat out was the idea of Luna and Celestia retiring to the Silver Shoals retirement home: it just doesn't seem their speed at all right now in their lives. So adventures and dates across Equestria instead! :heart: Plus Starswirl and Discord go out drinking a lot! Plus that one time when Celestia went on a mini Daybreaker spree that was more adorable than threatening! No more televised canon means I get to have some fun :)

I appreciate all of you reading! Take care, everyone!