Test Ride

Astrid took a deep, calming breath. She could do this. She wanted to do this. This was so far out of their normal routine... but that was made it exciting.

Wasn't it?

Astrid shook her head. She was in charge tonight. She needed to stop second-guessing herself. Another deep breath, and she pushed in the door. Hiccup looked up from where he sat on the bed, a small, but warm smile tugging at his lips, as he took the sight in. Astrid stood tall, back straight; her hair was done in an elaborate braid, which was draped over the smooth, lightly freckled flesh of her shoulder.

Her legs were clad in soft, black silk stockings. She wore a new scarlet corset, and though it covered her breasts, it thrust them out in such away it left very little to Hiccup's imagination. As he took in this wonderful, beautiful image, he noticed three things, all of which caused a tightening in his pants.

In Astrid's right hand was her collar - a heavy leather collar, with a silver buckle and ring he had made himself. In her left hand, she carried their favourite cuffs. As a coup de gras, she went without underwear, and even in the dim gloom of the scented candles, Hiccup could see her arousal and excitement.

"Well...you can certainly dress the part, mi'lady," Hiccup grinned.

Astrid paused. Frowning slightly. This was different from her usual. Heather rarely said anything beyond a 'yes ma'am' or 'yes Mistress.'

"Stand up, Hic-" Astrid caught herself, "slave. Come, and present yourself to your Mistress."

Hiccup raised an eyebrow at the phrase, but complied with her order. She was tense enough, she didn't need to be questioning herself right now. The cuffs jingled lightly in her hand, as she toyed nervously with the chain.

Astrid bit her lip as Hiccup approached her, wishing that she wore her boots, so that she could at least meet him eye to eye… but that would have defeated the purpose of the night. Her boots were tall, the heels extreme, they made it difficult to balance in, let alone move.

No it was better to go barefoot, and look up, than to make a fool of herself struggling to move.

"Knees, slave," Astrid ordered sharply, pointing to the floor in front of her.

Hiccup fought the urge to roll his eyes. She was nervous. Extremely so, and was trying to compensate with a thin veil of manufactured self-confidence. It didn't feel natural… none of this did.

Still, despite his reservations, he got to his knees, staring up at his Lady. He was willing to try. And teach if she was willing to learn. And knowing Astrid, and her competitiveness, she most certainly would be.

Astrid could almost feel the hesitation rolling off of him, could almost make out Hiccup's eye roll, as he got down onto his knees. This was so much different than the games she played with Heather. Heather never talked back, she never hesitated when given a command.

Was she not being strict enough? Was she being too hesitant?

She scowled, glaring down at her slave for the night. "Eyes down, slave!" Astrid snapped, pointing to the floor. "Did I give you permission to look at me?"

"Laying it on a little thick, Mi'lady?" Hiccup couldn't resist. He had complied with the order, but this was getting just a little too ridiculous.

"What?" Astrid was taken aback. She had expected a lot of things going into this. She had expected resistance. She had expected Hiccup to laugh, or to quit. She hadn't expected the snarkiness to continue even as he followed her commands.

Hiccup kept his eyes downward, his neck exposed. "With the slave/Mistress stuff. Seems to be a little much."

Astrid frowned. Toying with the handcuffs again. "But this is how Heather and I always play… She never complains."

"I know it's easy to get the two of us confused." Hiccup joked, still looking at the floor, "but I always thought the lack of a leg would be an easy tell."

Astrid sighed. She had been wrong. This was how Heather liked it. She liked to be degraded, to be thought of as less. To be a willing focus point of verbal abuse.

Hiccup wasn't Heather. There were limits. Hiccup, despite coming so far, still had issues with confidence and self worth.

This was him gently reminding her, he did have limits. They were different rules. For the both of them.

Astrid kneeled down, placing the collar on the ground, and tilting Hiccup's head so that he could meet her eyes. Gently she kissed him.

"I'm sorry, Hiccup," She said, pulling away.

Hiccup shrugged with a grin. "No need, just… we are different people, mi'lady."

Astrid nodded, picking the collar back up, and buckling it around his neck. She kissed him again, nibbling on his bottom lip.

"You are mine tonight, Hiccup," Astrid smiled, slipping back into character, grabbing the leash ring, and gently pulling him up.

"Now strip for me," she commanded, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"As mi'lady wishes," Hiccup grinned, slowly pulling off his top shirt. Inch by inch, he revealed the flat of his stomach, and the small trail of hair. The shirt dropped to the ground, as the trousers came next. Hooking his belt over his waist bone, down the tight curves of his rear, he made sure to twist around so Astrid could get a full view of his tight arse.

Finally he turned again, the pants came off quickly, freeing his member, and presenting it for his Lady's inspection.

"Very nice. Very nice," Astrid nodded in approval.

"I aim to please," Hiccup grinned.

Astrid reached out, stroking the length lightly as her face turned thoughtful. Hiccup's eyes closed involuntarily, and he struggled not to thrust into her ministrations.

"But…" Astrid grinned, removing her hand as Hiccup groaned disappointedly. "I still think we are missing something. Don't you babe?"

"Wh.. Wha… What would that be?" Hiccup stuttered as she reached out again, gripping his length, and pulling him closer to her.

Astrid stood, giving him another kiss.

"Turn around," she whispered, taking his earlobe in her teeth. "Hands behind your back."

There was a rapid clicks of handcuffs locking his arms behind his back.

Astrid smiled at the sight of Hiccup on his knees, hands behind his back, and his member erect with anticipation. Then she frowned.

"Nope," she sighed, shaking her head. "Still needs something."

Hiccup watched as she stood up, and went to the nightstand beside their bed. Teasingly she bent at the waist, giving her firm rear a teasing wiggle, as she dug through some of her more favourite toys, laying them on the bed in full view.

Her leash, a bottle of lube, and the gag with the long protruding phallus, most often seen strapped to Heather's face, were placed on the nightstand in full view.

Hiccup grinned at the gag. The dildo was actually a replica of his own, cast to order, although it had taken Astrid several attempts to get the mold to sit properly.

"Looks like you have planned an interesting night for us, Mi'lady," Hiccup grinned, tilting his head up, to allow her to click the leash onto the collar.

"Interesting?" Astrid scoffed, sitting back on the edge of the bed, the leash wrapped tightly in her hands. "I have had this planned for a while. Ever since you first put that collar on me."

She pulled him closer, widening her silk clad legs.

"Tonight is going to be interesting for me, and an exercise in self control for you," Astrid tugged on the leash once more, pulling his head into her lap, and to the folds of her sex. "Now lick, babe. Don't tease."

Hiccup might have said something, might have made some snarky comment, or complemented her on the shaven mound of her glistening sex. But all she heard was muffled, as he set to work, his tongue eagerly getting to work, lapping up the juices that now flowed.

Astrid sighed in ecstasy, as Hiccup's skilled, and dexterous tongue probed her folds, teasing her clit, and diving back in; lapping, sucking, and nibbling with immense enthusiasm.

Astrid's hand gripped Hiccup's hair, forcing his head deeper into her sex, her silk clad feet wrapped around him, trapping him. She panted, she moaned, she whispered his name as her hips began to buck against his tongue.

All too soon the pressure began to build. She was close. So close.

Hiccup could feel it to. The way her hand tightened in his hair, the way her legs pressed against his skull. The trembles in her body… Normally he would have backed off, let her come down, tease her, then bring her back to that very edge of bliss, only to deny her that pleasure.

But tonight was not normal. The collar reminded him of that, the leash reminded him of that, his arms in the cuffs reminded him of that. Tonight was about Astrid. It was about her wants, her needs. She was in control. If she wanted him to stop, she would let him know.

So he continued, he circled the little button of nerves, before diving back into the folds, lapping at the juices that flowed from her like a dying man drinking the waters of life.

Finally, the dam broke. Astrid gasped, and cried with delight as the wave of orgasm flowed over her. She shivered and shook, her muscles clenching involuntarily as she rode it to completion, only semi-aware of Hiccup's continued attendance to her sex. Finally the last shivers of her orgasm died, and Astrid gently moved her legs from around Hiccup's back, and tilted his head up to meet her eyes. Green eyes filled with smug satisfaction, and a chin dripping with her fluid, gazed back up at her. The two stared at each other for a moment, before Astrid smirked.

"You did well Hiccup," she said, before kissing him, enjoying the taste of herself, on his lips. "Almost satisfactory."

Hiccup looked pointedly at her still drooling folds.

"Almost?" He chortled, "your body is saying otherwise." He put his head down into her thigh, rubbing against the dusky silk, like some overgrown cat. "I still had you whispering my name. Still calling for me... mi'lady," he smiled as he looked up at her. Inwardly he cursed himself. This was her night, and here he was almost slipping back in control, even though he was the one bound, leashed, and collared.

Astrid frowned. "Quite the tongue you have there, babe."

She emphasized the 'babe' with a dangerous hard edge. Hiccup nearly sighed with relief. He thought he might have ruined the night. Once again he looked pointedly at her nether lips.

"I'm a skilled orator," Hiccup quipped, still staring at her sex. "It is one of the few things I'm good at."

Astrid nearly snorted, but found herself still rolling her eyes as she picked up the gag. "Well then, maybe this will help remind you of your place," she held the gag to his mouth. "Open."

Hiccup complied, opening his mouth as she pressed the gag into his mouth, before buckling the clasp around his head. She nearly laughed at how ridiculous the gag, with the large, protruding silicon cock made him look.

Nearly being the operative word.

"There we go, babe." Astrid cooed sweetly, running the back of her hand down his cheek, enjoying the feel of his stubble. "Now lie on the bed. Face up..."

She kissed his cheek, and took his earlobe in her teeth again. " And whatever you do, don't cum until I say so." It was a common rule between the three of them, but this was the first time Hiccup had been the target of it.

Hiccup nodded, unable to give a real answer, and did as she instructed. As she followed him, she stopped, giving Hiccup's semi-hardness a quick kiss, a lick, and stroke. A promise of things to come if Hiccup did his duty.

Climbing over Hiccup's face, Astrid slowly lowered herself down, until she could just feel the phallus probing her, teasing herself as she slowly prodded her sex, gripping the headboard. Finally biting her lower lip she plunged.

She gasped as the silicon filled her, spreading her lips wide. She moaned in pleasure, before raising herself, and dropping down again. She moaned, twisting her hips, her juices coating the dildo, and dripping onto Hiccup's face.

Looking over her shoulder, Astrid was rewarded with the sight of Hiccup's once semi-flaccid penis, standing straight, proud, and tall.

"Well…" Astrid panted, grinning as she rode the dildo, "looks...looks like someone is enjoy… oh!... enjoying this… almost as much... Oh gods… fun as I am."

Hiccup grinned behind the gag. Though there was some… humiliation in the fact he was at the moment, nothing but a sextoy, there was something enjoyable in watching his girlfriend bouncing on his face. The way her flesh jiggled, the sight of her sex opened, and was penetrated, the way her fluids dripped onto him, and the lovely noises that she was making. With every thrust she made he could feel himself growing harder.

Above him Astrid plunged once more, before twitching, and spasming as another orgasm took her. Juices flowed in a river of pleasure as Astrid held herself there. Riding out the waves of the orgasm.

Finally, after a minute or so, Astrid climbed off, unbuckling the gag from Hiccup's face. Grinning she took the dildo in her mouth, keeping her eyes locked on his, as she took it in all the way down to the hilt. She offered it to him next, giggling when he did, but stopping shortly, hearing him gag.

"Now then," Astrid grinned, setting the gag aside, and picking up the tube of lube. " I promised you a reward." She tugged on the leash, leading him to the edge of the bed. "Lay down, babe, I'll be gentle," she cooed softly, before squeezing some of the lube onto her finger. "I promise… Let me know if it is too much?"

Hiccup nodded as he laid back. He only had a few seconds to relax, when he felt the cheeks of his arse spread, and a probing finger, and cold lube slowly pushed inside.

"Shhh… Shhh, babe," Astrid whispered, gripping his member with her other hand and leaning in close. "Just relax. Take a deep breath. You will enjoy this."

She bent over him, taking the head in, swirling her tongue around the tip, even as she pushed her finger deeper into Hiccup's anus. She laughed inwardly as he groaned, moaned, chanted her name… begged her to finish, to stop teasing.

Astrid grinned. She could imagine Heather in her cage in the next room, listening to them, to the small grunts of pleasure Hiccup made as her finger slowly wormed deeper into his arse. She bit her lip at the fact that she could tease both her lovers in a single night...

Slowly she pushed a second finger into the pulsing hole of Hiccup's arse, watching as he twisted, and groaned, struggling to relax.

It was amazing how tight it was. How hot. How much it seemed to affect him. She took him deeper into her mouth, fondling his balls with her free hand, feeling how it pulsated with his life blood.

Finally she could feel it, feel him squirming, tightening. Hiccup gasped, trying to warn her. Astrid ignored it, sucking hard, taking him deeper into her mouth. Driving her fingers deeper into his rear.

"As… Astrid… I… I can't hold it!" Hiccup gasped, twisting and turning, his fingers grasping at the bedsheets. "Ple...Please!"

Hiccup's words turned into an incoherent babble, as he struggled not to cum. Not until she gave him permission.

Astrid ignored him.

Not yet.

He could take it.

Finally Astrid pulled her fingers out, and released his member, from her mouth with a wet 'plop.' Climbing onto the bed, she held herself over his waist. Hiccup glanced up, and knew what he had to do.

He had to hold.

Astrid grinned as she lowered herself on to him. Sheathing him, in her warm, tightness, and began to bounce.

Hiccup wouldn't have to hold long, but he was desperate, and could already feel his orgasm building, even as he thrusted up to meet her demands. Her needs.

Soon the room was filled with animalistic grunts, and the smell of arousal, of need, and wants. Hiccup chanted her name as he thrusted up to meet her, while Astrid merely grunted in acknowledgment of each chanting praise.

Finally. He was done. He couldn't hold it. He needed release.

"Astrid… Please… Please…" Hiccup begged, biting his lips to keep from giving in too soon.

As she heard the chant, Astrid smiled, reaching down, grasping his head, and kissing him as hard as she could. All the while still thrusting, taking all of him that she could into the warm heat of her core.

"Yeeeeesssssss…" She hissed, as her own barely controlled orgasm took her.

Barely had the words, left her lips, than Hiccup let go. He could feel his seed burst from him and into her, filling her. She gasped as the warmth spread throughout her body, as Hiccup trembled again, releasing another spurt. His body took over, and she let out a happy moan.

Finally the two collapsed, panting heavily, desperate to catch their breath. Astrid recovered first, slowly removing the collar, and unlocking the handcuffs.

"Not… not how I expected the night to go," Astrid whispered, drawing him into a kiss. "But thank you babe. I really… I had a lot of fun."

Hiccup grinned, as he held the collar up.

"I certainly hope so," Hiccup said, turning the collar around, before placing it back on the nightstand. "I don't just let any girl near my butt to… do that."

He turned on his side, brushing a lock of hair from her eyes, before placing a gentle kiss on her forehead.

"Do you want this to be a regular thing?" Hiccup asked, eying her curiously. Not that he was entirely comfortable, but he had genuinely enjoyed himself, despite his reservations.

Astrid yawned, shaking her head.

"No… not that I want this to be a one night thing between us," Astrid replied gesturing lazily between them. "But… I never realized how much control you give up for me and Heather when we play."

She kissed him again, before turning away, picking the collar up from where Hiccup had left it.

"I want that control."

Hiccup nodded, gathering her up in his arms.

"Hiccup?" Astrid, asked quietly, her voice heavy with sleep.


"Thank you, babe."

He made to answer, but the soft breathing told him she had already fallen into sleep. He grinned as he held her close, and quickly joined her in slumber.