I always thought that what happens in the anime Dr. Stone, could've been a cause of a quirk from My Hero Academia... tho I also think that Dr. Stone is a modded Minecraft server lol... anyways, here it is!

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'How many days has it been... months... years...?'

Those were the thoughts of one Bakugou Katsuki, once a pro hero-hopeful, now a stone body.

'It feels like it's been years now damnit...'

Katsuki mentally growled at his weakness.

Flashback, UA, Katsuki's POV

Deku and myself were facing against a ballsy villain who attacked UA the day we all came back from our internships. I of course didn't want the damn Quirkless nerd to help me but due to how the villain was able to turn anyone to stone by fucking GLOWING, I'd use Deku as a meat shield so I can explode this fuckers ass... how I wish it were that simple...

"Kacchan! What's he doing!?"

"How the fuck should I know dumbass!"

The villain smirks at us as he became a giant fucking glowstick that looked ready to explode, "Heh I wonder if heroes can prevent my final act! STONE AGE!"

Before I knew it, the fucker blown himself up and his quirk started to be sent every direction like a damn nuke. I got ready to deflect it with Deku but I felt my body turn to stone, and then darkness...

Flashback end third POV

Ever since then, Katsuki spent his time in his stone prison.


Katsuki opened his eye to see light, he could break free!

"DIE!" He used his quirk to explode the stone off his body.

His face now changed, once scarless now has zigzagging lines going from his spiky hair to his lips, going over both his eyes as it goes.

"Now... it's time to try to find out why the hell no one tried to free me... those damn bastard will get it... and that one who cause all this... WHEN I GET DOWN TO HELL YOU BETTER BE FUCKING RUNNING OR ELSE ILL TURN YOUR ASHES INTO GUNPOWDER!"

Down in HFILs(this small part is just for giggles, if you wanna skip it you can)

The stone villain was smirking in his lava/blood bath, thinking of all the heroes he must've killed before feeling a shiver go down his back, as well as a image of the devil with an explosion quirk burning him, "gulp... one of the few who must've known me in the living world might've just threaten me... why do I feel it's that one kid from UA... that one who tried to explode my head off..."

Back to the story

Bakugou walked out of the cave to see he is in the somewhat repaired USJ, tho it looked like crap but the fact that it looked like it was only fixed with mud means someone else broke free too.

He was on a mission now. To find survives and find out what happened!

Linebreak 1010101010101010101010101010

That was... eh...

Ja Ne!