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Katsuki walked around the ruins of USJ, looking around for signs of anyone around.

"How fucking long was I trapped in that shitty bastard's quirk...?"

"Well well, look who finally decided to wake up."

Katsuki looked up at a nearby tree and widen his eyes in shock.

Standing on a tree branch was Deku, wearing a hand made clothing but there was something different about him.

First was his face had cracks that whipped thru each of his freckles, making a sort of maze like image. The second thing was his hair was longer and he was even taller.


Deku smirks, "who else would it be Kacchan?" He tossed down a loincloth in front of Bakugou, "put that on, we have a lot to catch up on."

Bakugou stares at the cloths before getting dressed(AN: picture Senku for Izuku's outfit but replace the math equation with the words Plus Ultra and picture Tsukasu's outfit without the lion pelt for Bakugou), he then followed Deku to his campsite.

"How the fuck did you get taller, ya damn nerd?"

Deku smirks, looking back at his childhood friend, "what year do you think this is, Kacchan?"

Katsuki scoffed, "its 2319, dumbass."

Deku chuckles softly before eyeing his explosive friend in the eye, "as of today, it is October 5, in the year 5738AD, Kacchan."

"You're shitting me, aren't ya?"

Deku smirks, "from the fact that I said that with a straight face should've been enough to tell you I'm not."

The explosive quirk user glared at Deku, "tch, Damn nerd, what happened to you to get so fucking confident?"

Deku shakes his head depressedly, "being alone for two whole years with everyone I know and love as statues, as well as the other 3,400 something years of being made of stone could change a guy... for you, and everyone else trapped in the stone, it could be just a few days or weeks... but I counted every second... honestly I might be a little batshit crazy..."

Katsuki stopped glaring, "so what's the situation then, ya damn nerd?"

"Everyone is trapped in stone but us... there might be more but I wouldn't know, I haven't left more than a couple of miles away from here since I woke up... I been gathering everyone I can find... I..."

Katsuki noticed Deku tear up, "say it already Deku!"


Deku slammed his fist into the boulder next to him, causing it to shatter, "I'm a fucking orphan now Kacchan... I don't even know if my dad is still alive out there..."

Katsuki flinched, "I... I'm sorry Izuku..."

Izuku let loose a sad chuckle, "it's ok... it's my fault anyways... if I didn't let that villain use that attack... if I used my full power and not what I can manage only... none of this would be happening..."

Katsuki punched Izuku hard in the jaw, "Damn nerd... wake up and smell the roses! That asshole would've used his shitty attack regardless!"

Izuku rubbed his jaw slightly before smiling, "thanks Kacchan... I needed that..."

He stood up, "come on... nightfall will be here soon, and trust me... fighting lions with quirks that lets them grow, multiply, or god forbid stretch like a goddamn rubber band is not something you wanna do," he touches his right shoulder and rubs it subconsciously before turning on Full Cowl, "try to keep up."

The two started to run faster to Deku's base, the future still unknown to them. One things for certain, they aren't at the top of the food change anymore.

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