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Anime Confessions – Electra Ovilo

You're introduced to a young Saya-jin/Endurion male of African/Asian (we apologize for not informing you that he was Blasian) descent about 6'0" with a fighter's frame. His hair spiked and black with eyes of light gray and electrical blue ends on his hair. He wears a typical outfit of a bartender for a fancy restaurant.

"This is Ryo Nazo Blackthorn, a Time Patroller and younger brother to Jōshō. Ryo works in the seven-star restaurant known as the Tori Dragon Palace (which is two blocks away from the Pixel Palace). There, some of anime's most popular celebrities pop in to have a drink. Sometimes, they share stories, and even secrets. Because—as we all know—what the bartender hears is confidential... isn't it?"

Episode 26 – Electra Ovilo

So here I was tending the bar with Dawn and in walks in a character most could not really remember, Electra Ovilo. You know, from Cowboy Bebop's movie. She sits down asking for a Bloody Mary and I ask she's been up too since her role ended. Usually, you hear they end up doing adult films, but I got a different answer.

"I ended up being a stunt double." Electra said kindly.

I was surprised by this, and I did have to commend her. She even explained she was a stunt double for the Mass Effect and the later Mortal Kombat games. I had to ask how being a stunt double for Mortal Kombat was.

"It hurts to watch and be involved." Electra said wincing. "I swear the guys who comes up with them are real sadistic pieces of work. Then again, I had helped in making Sonya's newest fatality."

"The one involving being shot into a helicopter?" I asked as she nod.

I winced myself at the thought of it. I may be tough, but even I don't want to endure any of that. As quickly she came, as quickly she had to leave. Having her come by seriously made me consider several things. Mostly considering whether I should return to be a Time Patroller once again.

You see a lot of strange things as a bartender, see a lot strange things at the Tori Dragon. So, I see a lot of strange things as a bartender at the Tori Dragon, and that isn't no lie. Swear to it!

-Off camera-

Ryo had finished his shift heading home to find Trunks and Mai out of the hospital mostly recovered from space crabs. It was then that Ryo learned a surprising detail that Chronoa recently dropped on their lap. Essentially, it did not put any hurry to go back so soon.

"I wonder if this means I get to see her again?" Ryo asked.

(A/N: Who's her? Secret for now. Yes, this one is a three shot. Speaking of which, you all are wondering if I will do a Ryo vs the Xenoverse sequel. I'm leaning no. A bit because chadtayor020 licked Xenoverse 2's plot already, and there's nothing I could really throw in. Plus, I never did get to play X2. What I could possibly do in the future is a short OVA-styled special, a reunion of sorts.)