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Anime Confessions – Faye Valentine

You're introduced to a young Saya-jin/Endurion male of African/Asian (we apologize for not informing you that he was Blasian) descent about 6'0" with a fighter's frame. His hair spiked and black with eyes of light gray and electrical blue ends on his hair. He wears a typical outfit of a bartender for a fancy restaurant.

"This is Ryo Nazo Blackthorn, a Time Patroller and younger brother to Jōshō. Ryo works in the seven-star restaurant known as the Tori Dragon Palace (which is two blocks away from the Pixel Palace). There, some of anime's most popular celebrities pop in to have a drink. Sometimes, they share stories, and even secrets. Because—as we all know—what the bartender hears is confidential... isn't it?"

Episode 27 – Faye Valentine

So here I was tending the bar with Dawn and in walks in a classic waifu for most, Faye Valentine. Now she doesn't have to do much to turn heads in and off the show, but this is actually the first time we met. Ironic, given I just got into the show. Finished it and loved every episode even if it's a tearjerker.

"Excuse me, you the guy everyone talks about?" She says to me taking off her sunglasses. "The feared 6 billion dollar man?"

I laugh at her.

"Oh yes, but I pray you aren't here for my bounty." I say in jest.

The last person who tried it is currently sealed in a jar of lube floating down in the ocean. I had a way with bounty hunters who waste my time. Faye flinches and she plops down citing she's only here for a drink. She asked for a Red Sangria to which I make for her. So, we get to talking, and I learn that she and her crew have only recently became warpers apparently. I just had to ask.

"So, Spike lives?" I asked as Faye rolled her eyes looking forlorn.

"He almost didn't." Faye explained. "After he took down the Red Dragons, Jet and I came running to find him bleeding out. I scooped him up and got him to a medic. It was pretty touch and go at that point."

Many people in the bar were listening in wanting to know more as she continued.

"But then…he came into the picture. A stranger came to us bringing Ed and Ein to us and an offer. Spike could live…but the price would be great." Faye said eerily. "At that point, I would have dumped all the woolongs I was hoarding, but that wasn't what he wanted."

"He wanted your sanity." Dawn said flatly.

"It was traumatizing to say for sure, but he held his end and Spike was healed up good as new. Even upgraded his cybernetic one to have all sorts of features." Faye mused. "So…with us all aware, things were obviously different."

Faye needed a refill with Dawn gave. She explained how the crew really did not know what to do now fully aware. So, they decided to do check out alternate timelines to see what if things were different. I had to ask.

"Spike wanted to see if Julia escaping with him would make things different. It sort of did…that crew was a lot more successful until Juila died to Vicious at the end. Jet wanted to see if there was a timeline where he and his ex-wife worked things out. There were few and he ended up displeased with most. I had to see a timeline where I wasn't frozen. I was…a completely different woman that I couldn't really connect with. Ironically, who I would connect with is Spike's great-grandfather. Irony, huh?" She says between drinks. "Ed wasn't interested though; said she was happy with our timeline."

I ask what they do now, and she tells me they got into bounty hunting. Most people snicker at this as she attempts to tell of their exploits. These guys tried to go after the high rollers. They tried going after Akira and Genevieve Blackthorn like every other moron hunter thinking they could take the "easy way" to cash. I rightly assumed they all got stomped.

"They were so strong. And what's worse, they left us hanging by our underwear on flag poles. I mean, who does that?!" Faye said embarrassed. "So, then we tried going after Joshinari, but we could not find him."

"You do know they're worth that much for a reason. It's common courtesy to just not mess with those with a certain number." Dawn rattled off.

"Well, we learned our lesson." Faye said right as Ed walked in.

Now my jaw hit the counter along with everyone else. Puberty hit Ed hard. She's frankly speaking gorgeous. A bit of the lanky side, but she could match to Faye in the fanservice department. Hell, nearly surpassing her now. Ein on her shoulder as she came up to us.

"Faye, is this our next target?" Ed asked as Faye paled.

"What, no? We're not going after him….he's too well-liked." Faye said frantically.

"Plus, my aunt and uncle hung you all up. I could do worse." I said getting both to look at me with fear.

"Oh fuck…" Faye said before paying the drinks.

She puts a pretty big tip and bolts out of there dragging Ein and Ed with her. Haven't heard from them, but I have heard they're going after that Geist clone. I'd say they have a chance…but they won't. Especially after I slid a tip to him. What can I say? I owed it one, plus he is an ally of Merch. We can't have him dead.

You see a lot of strange things as a bartender, see a lot strange things at the Tori Dragon. So, I see a lot of strange things as a bartender at the Tori Dragon, and that isn't no lie. Swear to it!

(A/N: For those curious for how Ed would look, think Jane from Black Lagoon without the glasses and different hair. I really had a blast going this one, and I'll be looking forward to writing the crew in full in "The Geist Within". The reunion special will come soon enough. Now I need to finish watch the show. See y'all space cowpokes!)