Five arrived in a swirling blue portal, that kept flashing between an old man and thirteen year old five. Klaus threw a fire hydrant into said swirling portal. It went into the portal and nothing came back out or so it seemed at first glance. Everyone was paying so much attention to the body falling out of the sky to see the two forms of media that fell on the ground. One was a CD and the other was an older form of media a VCR tape. The body fell on the ground as everybody got a good like at it, Klaus is the first to realize just who this body was. Klaus felt dread corse threw his body it was Five. The brother he thought for sure was alive. He just had to ask to make sure.

"Does anyone else see little number Five, or is it just me?." Klaus asked. Not that anyone other than the corpse that proved that it was indeed not a corpse by rising from the ground.

Looking down all Five could think of "Shit!" he thought out loud.

It was then that he saw them, the CD and VCR tape. They were right next to him as if they came out of the portal with him. Who knows they might have. He knew he had to see what was on them. It was suspicious that they would be laying there right on the day that he jumps back in time. Five grabbed them and went inside to make himself his favorite sandwich, it had been a lifetime since he had it after all. Salty and sweet the best combination of all time.

His siblings all followed him into the kitchen most with gobsmacked looks on their faces. Luther decided to open his mouth to say something but Five was not listening to whatever it was the Luther wanted to go on about. Right now he had a mission of his own that he had to accomplish before he could start to worry about whatever his siblings wanted to say to him about him being gone for a while. Thinking of what he was going to do first ask about what the date was, or watch the suspicious CD and/or the VCR tape. Making up his mind about what he wanted to do first he put the finishing touches on his sandwich, and decided to ask his siblings if they know where there was either a CD player or a VCR. He knew his father had to of had a CD player of VCR, he used to show highlights of what we did well and what we needed to fix for next time. He decided to interrupt whatever it was that Luther was asking him, after all this was probably more important than whatever it was that his siblings wanted to know.

"Where is a CD player or a VCR?" Five asked firmly, but to his family, it sounded like a demand.

"Why the hell do you want those for?" Diego demanded.

"I have something I need to make sure of, and that involves either a CD player or a VCR. Now where are they." Five returned with clear anger and annoyance in his voice.

Klaus nodded his head like it made sense. He then got up off the table and disappeared for a little while. Klause come back with a CD player that everyone did not know it even existed before Klaus had brought it into the kitchen.

"Let's go upstairs in the living room and watch these on a projector screen, i am sure Pogo or Mom could set it up." Klaus said with a little twirl. He then headed up before anyone could say anything.

Five followed him on foot, he did not want to lose Klaus when he had something that was going to be so important. Went he got up the stairs Klaus was already trying to persuade Pogo into hooking up the CD player to a projector screen.

"Master Klaus, why do you need the projector and not just a normal TV screen?" Pogo asked in exasperation.

"Because Pogo little number Five said he needed the CD hooked up. It's the least we can do when he has been gone for seventeen years." Klaus said pouting at Pogo.

"I did say that I need a CD Player hooked up, i believe it is important." Five said with an air of disinterest.

"Alright Master Five i will set it up." Pogo said.

"Hey, how come you believe him but not me?" Klaus whined.

"Klaus you are known for doing stupid things." Five said he then popped into the kitchen to look for some coffee.

After all it was going to be a long night between Klaus and the CD mystery, it seemed that there will be no sleep in his future for a while. After looking threw everything he turned to the siblings that had not left of the living room.

"I have looked everywhere there is not a single drop of coffee anywhere in the house." Five said in anger.

"You know Dad hated caffeine." Allison said to Five.

"He hates kids and he had plenty of us." Klaus said with a cold laughter.

"I am going out to get some coffee I will be back to watch the CD." Five said then disappeared into a van to go to his favorite spot as a child.

Walking into the shop Five is confused about how down hill the place is compared to how it looked when he was a kid. Nevertheless, he sat down on a stool to wait for a waitress. While he was waiting, an older man walked into the shop. The waitress come out a second later.

"Sorry about that. What can I get for you?" the waitress asked the older man.

"I'll have a bearclaw." the Man ordered.

"And for the Kid?" The waitress asked.

"The kid will have a coffee, black." Five answered with a pretend smile thrown to the waitress to make sure she did not think twice about the interaction.

"Coming right up." the waitress said as she when to the case of doughnuts then to the coffee machine.

After he got his coffee and the older man paid for both Five and himself, he left. Five was just about to leave as well but he almost forgot about the tracker. Five decided to take it out while he was out in public, and before the send gunners after him. Five took out a butter knife and dug into his arm until he found the tracker that was blinking green before he threw it outside onto the ground and drove back home to finally watch the CD that was practically burning a hole in his pocket along with the eyeball. First the CD then figure out the eye and find out who started the apocalypse.