In Jonathan's dreams…

Jon didn't know where he was as he felt his head was in someone else's lap.

It was a warm and soft place as the sunlight rained upon him. Superboy then opened his eyes to see the face of a woman.

"Hey, Jon." She greeted as Jon finally realized who she is.

"Mom? Mom!" Superboy cried out as he hugged her with all the love that he has.

"I know, I know, I've missed you too." Lois soothed her son.

"But-but you and the Joker-. I never thought I would-." Jon began but then realized something important, "Mom, am I dead?"

"No, sweetie. You flatlined but you were saved by your uncle. You're sleeping in an emergency life support system pod right now. I thought this would be the perfect time to talk." Lois explained.

"Mom, what do I do? Do you think I should keep going with Batman or should I go along with Dad?" Jon asked his dead mother as she smiled at him.

"Jon, the path you're on is what's best right now. I know your father wanted the best for you and the world, but what's he's doing is far worse than what even the villain has done. He has done everything in my name, but I never wanted this."

"I never wanted this either."

"I am proud of you for what you've been doing and remember one thing that I will always love you and your father. But you need to stop him."

"I'll do my best, Mom. I promise." Jon promised as the world around was slowly turning dark, which was making him nervous.

"Wait. Wait! What's going on?" Jon gasped in surprise.

"You're waking up. You're going back."

"No, wait! Will I see you again?"

"I'm sorry, Jon. Just remember that I will always love you."

"I love you too."

"I'll be waiting for you on the other side!" Lois promised her living child as the world around him disappeared.

In the waking world…

Jonathan jolted upwards to see that he was no longer in his bed but was in a strange Kryptonian Healing Pod.

He looked around to see that he was hooked up with many life support machinery. Jon then saw that there were people around him, Damian, Superman, and Lex Luthor.

"How is he?" Superman wondered to his Uncle Lex Luthor while the bald man was looking at his vitals.

"He's recovering from the relapse. Though I do not know what triggered it so suddenly. Perhaps Jonathan's condition was worse than we thought. We will need to keep a better eye on him from now on." Lex answered as Damian kept a hand on the pod.

"Thank you. Damian, I want you to make sure Jon is getting better. Keep an eye on him just in case anything happens." Superman ordered the young man who he trusted most with his son.

"I won't let any-. Jon, are you awake?" Robin began but then notices Jon's eyes were open.

"Jon?" Clark gasped as he and his uncle looked to the injured boy.

Jon nodded his head as it brought great joy to the three.

"Thank goodness. You gave us a scare, young man. You relapsed and we were able to reach you just in time. You'll be staying in this pod until we are certain that you won't relapse." Lex explained to his nephew who nodded in understanding what the scientist said.

"Good. I'll be going out. You stay in there until your uncle says otherwise okay?" Superman spoke softly as his injured son nodded his head, "Good Boy."

After that Superman left as Damian stayed close to his boyfriend.

Lex left them alone to talk so he could continue his work after checking Jon's vitals were stable.

"I still can't believe you flatlined like that. Do you know what caused it?" Damian asked his wounded lover.

Jon shook his head but knew what caused him to relapse. With the loss of his dear Uncle Manhunter, it was too much to bear and his heart stopped. He's gone now and Jon needs to keep moving forward, for him and for everyone else who's been hurt. That was a promise he made to his mother.

Soon came an emergency alert from the communication in Robin's pocket.

He was ordered to head to Korea and stop a military attack from the US. Damian didn't want to leave his lover alone. That's when his grandparents came in.

"Go, we'll watch over Jon." His grandma promised as Robin nodded.

"Alert me if there is any trouble." Damian requested as he rushed to the teleporter and disappeared, leaving Jon alone with his grandparents.

He wondered what was going on until…

Batman came with the others and there he saw the shock on his face. He miscalculated his grandparents and himself being here. Batman ordered a retreat as Green Arrow argued but it was too late.

His dad was here with Captain Atom in his clutches!

Things were going from bad to worse as Ma and Pa Kent tried to convince Clark that they were all okay. But then Captain Atom was able to fight back and force Superman into a brawl far away!

It was pure havoc as parts of the fortress caused the Green Arrow to be trapped with his family, waiting for Superman's return.

"Ollie!" He heard Black Canary call out.

"I'm okay, Pretty Bird!" Ollie ensured from the icy wall.

They were talking until the group was forced to leave Green Arrow behind.

He then turned to Jon, who was in the pod.

"Hey there, little guy? Resting up in there?" Ollie wondered as Jon nodded.

"Yeah, sorry you were dragged into all of this." He apologized as his Grandparents spoke for him.

"He knew the risks and he wanted to help," Pa answered.

"You knew?" Green Arrow gasped.

"Yes, Jon was helping Batman to stop his father. But we didn't tell Clark, we know that our son is not doing well." Ma explained.

"If there's anything we can do to help you both-?"

"You can't help me. But you can help your grandson. Give this to the kid when he's feeling better. Since Manhunter's gone, he'll need a way to communicate with Bats." Ollie requested as he handed him his earpiece.

He knew that he was not going to need it as everything transpired before Jon.

Superman returned with torn clothing from his fight with Atom.

Green Arrow tried to reason with him.

Green Arrow's arrow launches and bounced off Superman and into his Grandpa's shoulder.

Superman loses control.

Green Arrow sends the indestructible away from Superman's clutches.

Jon then looked away and knew what would happen next. When it was over, the images of his Kryptonian Grandpa appeared to try to reason with his father as did his grandparents. Clark wouldn't listen and flew off in search of Batman.

Jon knew then and there his father was too far gone to be saved.

He would have to stop him.