As Violet packed up her things to get ready for lunch, her teacher, Ms. Paula, called her and wanted to talk to her. When Ms. Paula wants to have a word with her, it's not a good sign. Every student she wants to have "a word" with means they either have bad grades or they're in trouble for something.

"Yes?" Violet went up to Ms. Paula, who was on her computer sitting in her desk. She had a pink sweater on and was your typical 60 year old with glasses and curly greyish hair.

"Violet, your grades are slipping," Ms. Paula told her. Even though Violet expected to hear this from her English teacher, her stomach still went into a knot.

"I know..." Violet looked down.

Ms. Paula gave her a sympathetic look. "Listen're a smart student and I have a lot of confidence in you. But it seems you're starting to get distracted a lot and you're losing focus."

"I know." Violet said again, still looking down.

"I know high school can be tough and you're not a big fan of it but you really need to work hard, because it'll all be worth it in the end when you graduate and do whatever you want to do." Ms. Paula touched her shoulder.

Violet never understood why a lot of people don't like Ms. Paula, because she's a very nice teacher who may be a snooze fest to listen to but is really caring on the inside.

"Yeah..." Violet said. "I just...I don't know."

"Is it your typical teen distractions?" Ms. Paula inquired. "Boys, drama, all these latest trends?"

"No, not really," Violet answered. "A lot has been going on, I guess."

"Do you want to talk about it while we're at it?"

"Well, it's stuff."

"Is there something going on that I need to know about?"

"'s no big deal. No violence or anything like that. Just...problems."

"Well, those problems seem to be affecting how you're doing in school, Violet."

Violet sighed. "I know."

"You know I care about your education Violet, right?"


"And you know that I would never judge you, no matter, right?"


"We may have known each other for two months but I'm your teacher and my job is to help you. Not just with your education, but with your well-being and safety."

"Yes, I know..."

"So if there is ANYTHING that is bothering you or something serious happening, you let me know, ok?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Are you sure you don't have anything to tell me?"

Violet paused a moment, then finally gave in. "Fine, something is going on. Like, seriously."

"What is it?"

Violet took a deep breath. "My mom is missing."

It was September 3rd, 1963 when the news reported that Helen Parr, also known as Elastigirl, was missing. Bob Parr, her husband, didn't know where she went or why she left in the first place, but she was gone. For the first couple of hours, he assumed that Helen was doing some hero work, now that superheroes were legal again and was called to do it last minute. When he noticed that Helen hasn't been home all day, he called the police and he told his three kids, trying to sound as calm as possible. But it didn't work out too well, for Dash started to scream and cry, thinking his mother was dead, and Violet started having a panic attack with tears coming out of her eyes.

It was their worst nightmare when they saw a picture of Helen on their TV screen and the news anchor announced that Helen has been reported missing. Jack-Jack pointed at the screen, letting his siblings and father know that he can see his mother. This only made them feel worse.

"I'm deeply sorry about your mother, Violet," Ms. Paula said, looking at her with empathy. "It must be really hard."

"It is," Violet said. "My brother is doing worse in school as well and my dad hasn't been working as hard with his new job. I'm afraid that he may get fired."

"It's scary, I know," Ms. Paula told her. "You never know where your mother may be...walking somewhere in the woods, kidnapped..."

"Dead," Violet shivered.

"Now don't think like that, or that will only make you feel worse," Ms. Paula said. "You have to think positive, since it's the best thing you can do."

"It's not the same without my mom..." Violet sniffled. "She always brightens the whole house with her smile and she always knows what to do, with both her powers and..." Violet gasped and covered her mouth.

Ms. Paula looked at her. "What was that? Her powers?"

"IT WAS NOTHING," Violet blurted out.

"Violet, I'm not deaf. I heard what you said."

"I'm so stupid, I'm so stupid..."

"No you're not, Violet. You're not stupid at all." Ms. Paula lifted her chin so she can look at her. "Is your mother a super?" she asked, hoping Violet will answer honestly.

Violet looked down with guilt and nodded. "Yes..." She looked up at her. "You heard of Elastigirl?"

"Yes, I have."

"That's her."

Ms. Paula raised her eyebrows. "Wow, that's wonderful, Violet! I've heard of all the great things she has done, like stopping a runaway train!"

"Yeah..." As Violet thought of her mother on the news from all the times she's saved the day, she wanted her back. She wanted someone to let her know that she was ok.

Most of all, she wants to know how she went missing in the first place.

"Any updates on mom?" the once energetic and hyper ten-year-old but now nervous and isolated Dashiell Parr asked.

"You've asked that three times today Dash," Violet pointed out.

"At least I actually care about my own mother," Dash snapped back.

"Calm down kids," Bob said. "And no, nothing. The police is doing the best they can."

"It's all so confusing..." Violet said with frustration.

"I know it is. It's nerve-wrecking and everything has just been so stressful. Thankfully I have a nice boss that let me take a break from my job until we figure everything out with your mother."

"Do you even know where she was last time before she went missing?" Dash wondered.

"We were sleeping together, and when I woke up, she was gone," Bob responded. "I thought she was doing hero work...maybe she still is, but isn't able to communicate with us."

"It's been a day!" Violet said a little angrily. "That's not something mom would do, avoid calling her family to let them know she's ok! And if she was ding hero work, she'd let us know."

Bob sighed, feeling tears in his eyes. "I don't know..." he said. "I just want her back."

"Me too," Dash said. He rested his head on his palm.

It took a while for Violet to respond with "me too" as well, as her mind was whirling with confusion and nervousness.

As Violet was organizing her desk and dumping her trash in the trash can, she noticed something odd. There was a crumbling piece of paper that she doesn't remember ever throwing away. She picks it up, trying not to touch any of the other trash, and un-crumbles the paper. Her heart starts to beat when she reads what's on the paper.

It appears to say "HELP ME" but the lower line on the E is going down to the bottom of the paper. It felt like one of these murder mystery clues that Violet has to figure out. That was when she might've figured out. She wish she didn't have to, but unfortunately, it was reality and not just a horrible nightmare.

Helen was either kidnapped or murdered.