"YOU!" Bob screamed at the detained white man, stomping up to him angrily and attempting to choke him. But one cop stopped him.

"Hey hey hey! There's no point in fighting him! He's already arrested!" the cop said.

"WHERE IS MY WIFE AND SON?!" Bob ignored the cop.

"Get the hell away from me, man!" the white man yelled back.


"I miss my mom!" Dash added on.

"I'm only listening to my boss! Not any of this was my idea!" the man exclaimed.

"That is NOT an excuse! You could've done something about this instead of letting it all happen!"

"You don't understand! If I disobey him once, I could die!"

"Well, you should've died! And who's "him"?"

"Sir, you have the right to remain silent," the cop finally said to the white man.

"Officers, please...if I tell you everything that's going on, will you not put me in jail?!" the white man begged.

"You better tell us everything. You will still be put into trial for assault and kidnapping, when we find all the rest of the people involved in this," one cop said.

"It should be Rickles that gets put into trial! He was the one that planned all of this! He forced all of us to do this!" the man admitted.

"Tell us where Rickles is, NOW!" Bob ordered.

"Ok, ok, ok..." The man took a big breath. "Oh, I'm gonna be in trouble..." He sighed. "There is a highway that takes you out of town and when you enter the giant bridge there's two big trees that you go between. There's very hidden so you go beneath the bridge and you'll see them. Once you go..." He took another breath. "...between the trees you keep going straight and you'll see a concrete path that leads to a hidden laboratory. That's where all the supers are being held."

Bob covered his face in distress.

"Do you think he's lying?" Dash asked.

"The kid's right," a cop said.

"I swear, I'm not lying! If you go exactly where I said, you'll find them!" the man pleaded.

"We better check. If he's lying, then we're gonna take him right to jail," the other cop said.

The man was dragged on by the two cops as Bob, Violet and Dash looked at each other.

"I think we might get mom back," Violet smiled.

Helen's face was covered in sweat and her tears were all over her cheeks and neck. Her legs were trembling and her...area...was hurting.

Rickles came in with two white men behind him. "You did say you'd do anything," Rickles smirked.

Helen was beyond angry. "I did what you asked, even though it was beyond horrible. Are you gonna free my son?"

"Ehh…" Rickles stood there as if he was thinking about it, even though he didn't look like he was. "Very well then. I'm satisfied. Bring the baby back and sneak him back into his home. Make sure to get rid of his memory."

The white men walked off.

"Is this what you're planning on doing with every girl that's in here?" Helen asked him, with a growling face.

"Like I said, you said you'd do anything," Rickles commented.

"YOU'RE A MANWHORE!" Helen screeched.

Rickles slapped her. Helen let out a piercing scream. Rickles duct taped her mouth.

"Eww, your face is covered in sweat. Oh well, it happens with girls." Rickles shrugged and left the room. He closed the door and locked out.

She tried to open up but there was no use. It was hard for her to move with her certain area hurting and her legs barely being able to move.

Jack-Jack... Helen thought to herself. Please be safe...

She paused for a moment.

They're not gonna set him free, are they?

"Hey!" Rickles called to one of the white men. "Isn't one of my men supposed to be back? He was supposed to be after someone. I haven't gotten anything about his return."

"I'm not sure, sir," the man answered. "I'll go check if you want."

"Do so," Rickles nodded.

The man left as another man appeared with Jack-Jack, who was asleep. He handed the baby to Rickles.

The headmaster held him out and took a look at him. "You're just about the ugliest thing I've ever seen," he said. "Just like your mother."

Jack-Jack stirred.

"Bring him into the lab. Time to get rid of his memory," Rickles ordered.

"Yes sir," the man took Jack-Jack and walked off, as the other man who was talking to Rickles before came running back. "SIR!" he said. "He got arrested and told the police about where we were!"

"WHAT?!" Rickles screeched.

"We're gonna go on code red right now!" the man announced. Alarms suddenly went off and everyone started running all over the place. But they were too late. The police were near the laboratory and could hear all the alarms going off.