The harsh twin suns of Tatooine beat down on the desert landscape. Tam Ryvora sipped at her water cantina. Putting the cap of the liquid container back on she smirked satisfied at having finally arrived at a town called Mos Eisley. Tierney was right to drop her off only a couple miles south from the town. Tierney dropped her off having taken the shuttle early as to beat the heat. Making sure the landing point was in the middle of nowhere as to not alert others of the First Orders arrival. Tam had to walk the rest of the way as per the ISB agent's instruction. It served her well as by the time she made it to town. The suns had reached their highest point. Both had their missions. Tierney would send out other pilots to look for the fulling station known as The Colossus.

As for Tam, she knew where the ship would most likely be going. Only one of two places came to mind either a water planet. Identical to the place of rest last time on Castilon or the fulling station was out there drifting in space. Trying to look for the one place they could fight the First Order, the Resistance. The Resistance, to put it bluntly, was a bunch of terrorists. According to what Agent Tierny had told her when the two first met. Poe Dameron a Resistance pilot had been causing unprovoked attacks on First Order territories. Eco Terrorists sounds about right for the Resistance. Attack those who try to provide order and safety. So, then you can clean up other systems and take them over to your liking. The galaxy would be in ruins if they won this war.

Tam could only hope the two ideas of where The Colossus may be going. Were enough info for Tierney to direct their allies to stop the wicked ways of the Resistance. She would join her allies soon or at least Tam hoped that would be the case. She needed to find a droid partner her former Co-workers and allies to the Resistance both had astromechs. Adorable little machines that were not only a great company but provided help with flying ships and repairs. If she would bring Yeager and Kaz to justice, a droid would help her track down the enemies of the First Order. Mos Eisley had to have a shop that sold them or even a junkyard to find parts so she could build one.

Tam passed by a mirror in a shop window. Seeing the reflection reminding her she had an attire that may draw the unwanted attention of Resistance sympathizers. Tierney was good at keeping Tam aware of what the resistance could do to her if she were caught and arrested. Spending life in a cell, interrogation, and tortured for information about the First Order. Worst of all being given a death sentence, that is after she received a trial. To which Tierny assured Tam that no one in the trial that supported such terrorist would listen to what she had to say. The whole shuttle ride there Tierny calmly gave her reminders. The last thing she said was specific instructions.

"You won't wear the outfit you wore when I first met you. Here take some of my credits." She held out her hand and gave them to Tam. As she put them in her bag Tierney continued. "Purchase whatever clothes they have so you'll blend in. Do it as soon as you get into town and nothing else. Once that's done gain the mech. Just call us on the com-link when you need to be picked up. Oh, and if you find or hear anything regarding the Resistance report it to me. I'll be there in a heartbeat." Tam suddenly felt the warmth spread through her as she was suddenly pulled in Tiernys arms. "You've been with us for two months now and I am very proud of how strong you've been through all of your academy training. Tamara with the droid and your skills as a pilot. We will find those that used you and have them brought to justice."

Tam was safest with Tierny regarding these conditions. Who knows how many of these sympathizers there could be in this town alone? But this was something she had to do herself. Proving her worth as this woman's protégé. However, Tam felt as though Tierny was like a mother to her. She hoped Tierny had the same feelings twoard her. What was she thinking? The embrace they shared was more than enough evidence of that bond. Tierney was a great person who had saved her from her former boss Yeager and co-worker Kaz. Keeping secrets from her regarding their spy work and conspiring against the First Order. The people she once called father and brother if only in her mind.

They were probably tricking Neeku into going along with the whole thing. Neeku was a capable mechanic that worked on Team Fireball. Alongside her, Kaz, Yeager, and Bucket. Kaz was like her older brother and Neeku was the youngest of them. Making her the middle child in this adoptive family or should she tell her former folks. Then there was her boss astromech R1-j5 named Bucket. Naked old droid and had been over a hundred years old when her boss found him. Bucket was like an old Voorpak. Cute and as smart as can be but was very tired and a bit of a grump. Always ready to help his owner with the worklist of the day. Bucket even helped co-pilot Yeager's main racer.

Then there was Fireball teams' boss Jarek Yeager. Strong, wise, and quiet. Yeager was an inspiration to all of them and was everything you could want out of a father figure. A very disciplined man who kept the crew together even in the early hours that started the day. A great racer able to go toe to toe with his brother famous champion Marcus Speedstar. He had another racer known as the Fireball. If she was able to repair it, the boss said the ship would be hers. Another chance of completing her own goal of becoming a racer. All of that changed when Kazuda Xiono became the newest employee at Yeager Repairs.

Tam angrily kicked at the ground. Before covering her face with her gloved hand. She allowed herself to cry. Stupid Xiono and his work for the Resistance. Her boss having cover for this terrorist putting her, Neeku and everyone on the Colossus in danger. She had lost everything the day she met Tierney. At the same time though. She had everything to gain serving as a pilot for the First Order. Her sense of hope would be restored to her after those two are put away for good.