"Attack… by… Dra…" Said a voice. Difficult to hear and unable to see who was speaking.

"Must've… to… Fall… in location…" Another voice said. Tam strained to hear the words being spoken more clearly. Only to find that her mind had other ideas as she slipped into darkness.

She awoke again and this time Tam could open her eyes to see everything. The bright lights on the ceiling wall to the various monitors she was hooked up too. The room smelled of an unusual cleaning solution like most med stations did. She felt the warmth under the heavy blankets and best of all no more pain. The dragon was gone as well dead like it deserved. "Good radiances." Tam thought to herself. Her thoughts were interrupted by a beeping sound. She looked down over the edge of the bed to see it was the droid. The one that had outdone her attacker in a cloud of dust. It was now looking at her as it leaped up in surprise. Flew out of the room continuing to beep in excitement.

Shadows appeared on the wall just outside her room. Moving closer until the faces appeared reviling the couple she had seen earlier. Just outside the doorway, the woman said: "We were lucky to have found you when we did." There was a worrying sound to her voice as she looked to her partner.

"Any sooner and you would have been…" The male rubbed the back of his head nervously. As if he couldn't find the right words to describe the situation. "Well, you know." Tam nodded slowly comprehended what he was saying. Unable to trust her voice as her whole neck feel numb from what could only be pain killers. The end of the hospital bed shifted as the droid came to greet her. A flap of its wings and a few beeps of excitement for a total stranger. Glad that this person it didn't even know was alive. She had been wrong about one thing the Force itself wanted her around. How long was that going to last if any more people found out she was First Order? Granted it was the outfit she had that gave her away but still. Best not to tell anyone and be like Kaz secretive.

"If he can get away with being a spy for the Resistance. Then I can do the same for the First Order. If it means completing my mission, then so be it." Tam thought fiercely not taking her eyes off of the BB unit.

"This is my husband Heorhiy." Said the woman putting a hand to her husbands' shoulder. The two were standing in front of her bed only a few inches away. "I'm Jarina and the little moonbeam at the foot of your bed is Rhiannon our astromech." She spoke of the droid with a grin. As if Rhiannon was just the cutest and most wonderful droid Jarina had ever laid eyes on. Rhiannon gave chirps of excitement and glee. Dome head spinning around several times while beating its wings frantically in place. Rhiannon's head finally stopped in place to focus on Tam again and wings were still now. Proceeding with beeps communicating with Tam. Encouraging her to speak.

"T-Tam" She responded rubbing at her numb throat with one hand. "W-where am I?" Tam crocked out.

"You're at Mos Eisley med center Tam." Heorhiy looked at the monitors with a blank expression. Then back to Tam. "Those Krayt Dragon hatchlings are only slightly bigger than someone about your size. You were lucky to have walked away with just some bruises or at least I'd say that but like I mentioned earlier." Heorhiy took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Tam felt her muscles tighten fearing the worst now was she going to be immobile for life? "You suffered from some internal bleeding the doctor has made a note of the fact that you're very lucky to be alive."

"Most people don't survive attacks from Krayt Dragons," Jarina said looking to her husband with a slim expression. "We were so fortunate to spot the parent along the way."

Heorhiy put his hands on his hips and puffed out his chest as if to look intimidating. "Yes that much is true we retrieved the treasure and saved a princess." He said in a cheery manner. This got a chuckle from his wife and excited beeps with more quick wing beats from his droid. Tam couldn't help but blush. It was a good thing her occupation was that of a tie fighter pilot and not a princess. Otherwise, this joke might have been seen as a little offensive giving the situation. Tam understood that this family was making the best out of the situation, this was a victory for the trio. Saving her life and getting their treasure whatever that was. This was a superb day for these folks.

Tam could only guess that saving strangers was a rarity for them. Tam monitored the clothing they were dressed in. Very similar to what Captain had worn the only difference is the fabric looked more expensive. They appeared to be made of silk material with the way it shined as the light from overhead bounced off. Maybe the family were from Hosnian Prime and moved to this world for a fresh start? This was how she had been described when trying on her clothing. "You look like a princess who has come to Tatooine for a fresh start." The shop keepers' words entered her mind. Now those clothes were gone too having been replaced by a gown she now had on.

"Oh, yes we have your clothes Tam," Jarina said calmly as not to startle Tam as she looked at the gown from under her sheets. Letting the blankets drop on her lap. "While you were out for a few days recovering. I restored the beautiful set to its former glory. The doctor has told us you should be fine to come home in a day or two. So, we'll bring your clothing to you then." Why were they talking to Tam like she was a child? So welcoming to a total stranger that they had saved the life of but didn't even know. She was the one that owned the trio her gratitude. Not the other way around and yet they spoke to her as if the couple had known Tam for years.

"Well it's getting late we'd better let you go," Heorhiy said sounding very upbeat.

"Twin suns dear give her the thing we found." Jarina she said in surprise as if something was about to jump out at her.

"What thing?" Heorhiy said looking to his wife for a moment as if the answer was written on her face. She tilted her head towards Tam for a second.

"Oh, right?" He breathed rummaging through his satchel pulling out a grey colored object. She saw as he handed it to her It was a holo-recorder. "Found this under a large boulder must've slipped out of your jacket pocket in your encounter with the beast."

"Come Rhiannon it's time to go." Rhiannon let out some beeps saying goodbye to Tam before fluttering off the edge of the bed. "You know she didn't take her eyes off you for even a moment," Jarina said turning her head away for a moment thinking. "First time she's done this with a newcomer. She usually stands next to one of us as were speaking with others." After a few moments, she added, "We'll see you tomorrow Tam." She responded with a nod not trusting her thin-sounding voice. As the trio headed out shutting the door behind them.

Tam had been placed in a one-person room. She noticed looking around again to make sure it was clear. No one looking from within the window either. She flicked on the recording as a holo image of Captain appeared. "If you're listing to this it means that the Force wanted you alive." Tam garbed the surrounding blankets tightly to keep herself from screaming. How dare she talk about the Force wanting her alive as if Captain herself had nothing to do with it? "Since you're still here I'll give you a little clue about the past. Some time ago the empire or even the rebels had something that caused persecution of the masses." Before the holo disappeared from view she added. "Let's say that sometimes sacred blessing count for nothing."