With the puzzle idea in mind, Steven considered Ruby and Sapphire. "Okay, so Ruby was Sapphire's bodyguard." Peridot, Bismuth, and Lapis nodded. Spinel was still distracted with her puzzle. "She saved her from being poofed by Pearl. So…"

"It sounds simple!" Peridot said. "All we gotta do is create a dangerous situation. Ruby saves Sapphire and then they'll fall in love and poof! We got a Garnet!"

"Do you have something dangerous?"

"Well, let's check!" Peridot hurried to a trash bin. Steven followed. "Let's see what we got." While she was rummaging, Spinel poked his shoulder and handed him the box the puzzle must've come in. Steven peeked inside the puzzle box- the puzzle was done. "Aha!"

She held up…

"A giant pizza cutter?" He raised a brow. Peridot pressed a button with a proud smile. The giant buzz-saw roared to life. "Woah, woah, no! Maybe something less dangerous?"

The green gem sighed, throwing it aside. "Have it your way."

She returned to picking through the bin. Steven looked around, noticing the lack of a pink gem. "Hey, where's Sp- Spinel, no!" She had picked up the buzz saw and was staring at it curiously. Steven barely had time to hear Sapphire say "Shenanigans will ensue." before Spinel pressed the button.

The saw roared to life.

Spinel let out a yell as the saw hit the ground and started running. She gripped as tight as she could, before her fingers slipped off. Steven caught her. The gems watched with wide eyes as the saw ran.

Then it cut a load bearing rope.

Bricks fell where Ruby and Sapphire stood. Steven let out a yell, trying to focus his power. Ruby supported the shaky shield he managed to form, a quiet conversation happening between the two small gems. Then his willpower collapsed.

The bricks came down…

And a shining light appeared.