Author's notes; I will be publishing some 'chapters' in the form of what I hope to be comedic critiques on the Harry Potter source material, be they from the books, movies or even the Pottermore.

If there is one thing, I never understood about the Harry Potter mythos it's the Black names, no I'm serious, how is that they are all named after constellations? Now, you might be thinking, "Storm, the hell do you mean? The Blacks are a very traditional and old family, why wouldn't they have a weird and eccentric naming conventions? Lots of real people do it!" Well dear reader, it's not so much the eccentricity that bothers me, it's the names. Specifically of the constellations. How did the magical world come to use the same names as the muggles for the constellations?

It makes no sense, it has been shown in various media and just in history in general, the further back you go, the more bigoted humanity becomes. So, you're telling me that the Blacks, whose family motto is 'Toujours Pur', Latin meaning 'Always Pure' use names of stars who were named by muggles? That makes no sense. Just look at Walburga Black, she screams about filthy blood traitors being in her home. Imagine what she'd say about muggles being in her homes? But no, she and her entire family, never realized they were named after muggle astronomersā€¦

Does this not piss off the rest of you at all? Next you'll be telling me Voldemort used the common name Tom, the name he hated so much to fashion his new oneā€¦ Son of a-