Have you thought to yourself 'wow, Hogwarts is not only a shitty school that has rampant bullying problems, but the staff is absolutely shit at it's job of keeping their students safe'? Well you're not the only one. Let's start from the top and work our way down.

*Albus Dumbledore*, headmaster of the school and the second worst headmaster of known time, beaten only by Umbridge's short reign. It's abhorring what this man does to get what he wants. Like for instance hiding an object you know the most dangerous dark lord of all time covets in your school and then not tells the students where it is but also doesn't even lock the door with anything that couldn't be picked by a first year's alohomora! Not to mention the defences you set up were bypassed by three first years!

And then we get to the chamber of secrets debacle, oh what's that? A student gets petrified? Oh well then you notify the aurors, right Dumbledore? No! Not only does he not notify the authorities he hides it from the papers! Does he close it at the 2nd petrification, at least like, temporarily? Or bare minimum has the students be confined to a specific subsect of the castle? No, of course not he just has the students use the buddy system… Look, if I were to list all the errors of Dumbledore we'd be here all day so I'll just leave you with this; Sirius Black, who killed 12 muggles with a single spell, broke into Hogwarts and Dumbledore didn't send the students home.

*Minerva McGonagall* deputy headmistress of Hogwarts and the woman that should have been fired ages ago, at least Snape doesn't care so he has that excuse, but McGonagall does care, but she does nothing to help her students, in fact she actively tries to harm them on multiple occasions, giving Hermione a time turner, A TIME TURNER to attend all the electives has to be the dumbest thing I've ever heard and I know a guy that raises a child for slaughter.

McGonagall never tries to help her students, as shown in Harry's 4th year when Harry is bullied by pretty much the entire school and she does nothing, or in his 5th when she tells Harry to just "keep his head down and let her torture you". She's quirky like that.

*Pomona Sprout* is the head of house Hufflepuff, outside of the shame she lets happen to her house by other students belittling her badgers she is clearly unable to stomach the fact that her badgers have mean teeth and sometimes need to be reined in, ala 1994-1995.

*Filius Flitwick* head of house Ravenclaw and the most clueless head of house out there if Luna Lovegood's rampant bullying is anything to go by.

*Severus Snape* head of house Slytherin and resident bully. Snape is what you get when you're a pathetic little tosser who takes childhood aggressions out on children as young as 11. He belittles and borderline tortures his students, no where is that as clear as Neville Longbottom and his boggart. This boy, who had his parents tortured until they were vegetables, is the most afraid of Snape… Not of ending up like his parents, not of his parents essentially killers, Snape. Let that sink in.

But that's not all Snape's guilty of, besides turning off countless potential potion brewers with his awful behaviour and harassment in class, he also encourages his snakes to be racist bullies. And no, the excuse of 'he's a triple agent' is not good enough. This man should not be let within 100 meters of a child, much less teach them. Which, he doesn't, he just scribbles something on a chalkboard and tells his students to do it, they have two hours. That's not teaching, that's endangering your students, how many explosions have happened in his class and how many could have been preventable if he had just done his job?

This all pales in comparison to his treatment of one Harry Potter, the son of his childhood bully and his obsession. Because he doesn't love Lily Evans, if he did, he wouldn't treat Harry like that, do you think Snape was welcomed into the afterlife by Lily? No, she probably tried to put in the after-after life. This man was an abhorrent little toe rag that bullied his students to the point of them hating his subject, scared his students to the point of their boggarts being Snape himself and why did he do all this? Because he had it rough as a kid, but he doesn't seem to realize he's be no better than James Potter.

He'd be wrong even if he did realize it, because at least James had the pathetic excuse of being the same age as Snape when they went at each other's throats. I know I mentioned it in the last chapter, but it bears repeating.

*Then there are the following*

Had Voldemort in the back of his head

Didn't know anything except the date rape spell

He was alright but couldn't remember to take his potion

Death eater fooled the headmaster, even though they were close friends

Tortured her students to the point of PTSD

Bullied his students to the point of hating his subject

Was almost as bad as Umbridge.

*Argus Filch* He liked Umbridge, enough said. Also, his obsession with medieval torture tools.

I'm only covering teachers that have real say and power and or Filch who's the caretaker.

That and the DADA post is just filled with incompetent teachers and Remus.