It's a normal day in the Distortion World. Well, as 'normal' as an antimatter mirrored dimension where time doesn't flow and space was distorted could be.

This world was created as a security system for when time-space alterations couldn't be resolved naturally, a.k.a. when Dialga and Palkia are lazy, they're fighting each other or some Unown-damned reality warper tries to invade and destroy the universe.

Well, as for the last, neither the Creation Trio nor the Creator of the Pokémon Universe had any jurisdiction over Ultraspace. That was Lunala and Solgaleo's job. And no one of the Arceus of those worlds had the need to intervene when it came to the Ultrabeasts.

They had to fend off some versions of Dark Matter, though. If it had free reign over worlds not native to its own, especially those filled with humans, having all that negativity attracting Heartless to destroy those world's Hearts would be a blessing compared to what that abomination could do.

At least, the Chosen Ones are very effective problem solvers. No matter if they're Trainers, Rangers, Warriors, Pokémon or even Toys themselves, the Pokémon Multiverse would have collapsed without them.

Ehem, while we're relieving that no more bad things happen due to the Legendaries and the heroes (which do all the dirty work), we were talking about the Distortion World and its functions.

Another of which is to serve as place of exile to Giratina, the Lord of Antimatter, member of the Creation Trio and the one with the moniker of Renegade. Its rage and rebelry was so infamous, that while not much is known about it, it was represented by various cultures, human and Pokémon, as the image of the Devil itself.

Actually, the truth wasn't that exaggerated. Yes, the Platinum Dragon did a calamity. The difference is that instead of a rebellion against Arceus, it was an accident… which involved galactic-scale quantities of antimatter.

The only rebellious thing was Giratina's attitude at a time the universe was young, which wasn't that different to a human or Pokémon teenager: impulsive and without self-control.

You're making yourselves an idea, right?

Short story short, after the Incident, Arceus grounded Giratina to the Distortion World, to become its guardian. Not to say being the clear model of things you shouldn't do or become, which became embarassing with the extremely superstitious humans and Pokémon of ancient times.

In time, Arceus lifted Giratina of its punishment, but the dragon became accustomed to its presumed prison it now calls home, so its Father gave it the power to travel between worlds. Without bad feelings. Giratina had enough time to reflect on its mistakes… maturely. It didn't throw a tantrum or cursed jealousy to its brothers like a little child. Absolutely not.

At the present, the Antimatter Dragon was floating through the never ending abyss of the Distortion World, full of eerie and mysterious beauty. It was a good time.

No planet nor universe breaking incidents; no Palkia and Dialga battling each other; no extradimensional invasions…

Only a green circular portal that… wait a moment.

Giratina took note of the irregularity both with physical and metaphysical senses. A good perk of being a pillar of creation and having an eternity to familiarise itself with its world, was that it could sense any anomaly that happens in the Distortion World, either from the Real World or from other sources.

Now it is observing intensely the portal. While it had instinctive knowledge and power over the laws of reality and physics and had its fare experience in travelling to other universes, it was at an impasse.

While it sensed that nothing was travelling through the gate, Giratina doesn't know where the hell it could connect. The expert in alternate dimensions was its sibling Palkia and it didn't want to call it unless it was absolutely necessary.

So it used its power to seal the portal. Didn't work. Giratina frowned. One theory was that it was formed from a force powerful enough to block one of the most powerful beings there, the other end wasn't in the universe were the Distortion World was stationed in or both.

After a while of inactivity, Giratina sighed. The unusual wormhole didn't do anything. Only refusing to be closed off. Though when the dragon deity tried to move away from the portal, the aforementioned anomaly intercepted it. Giratina changed direction, the portal moved in the same direction.

Giratina's eye twitched. That… wasn't normal. Usually, portals and wormholes are anchored to their respective space-time coordinates, not pursuing other living beings.

Maybe it was time to call upon Palkia for help but before that, the ghostly dragon tested one last thing. Giratina moved one of its shadowy tendrils towards the portal, slow and cautious, in case it did something funny. The deity began to prepare a quick Dragon Breath as extra precaution.

Alas, it seemed it wasn't enough.

With merely touching the portal, it suddenly began to exercise an immense suction effect. Alarmed, Giratina tried to withdraw its limb, though it was stuck. Giratina fired the Dragon Breath though it was blocked by some sort of arcane shield.

The dragon's eyes widened. While Dragon Breath wasn't one of its strongest moves, it was executed by a Legendary Pokémon of Dragon type. It should not be that easy to block. Then again, it refused to disappear with the manipulation of quantum physics, a move that various Pokémon can simply learn wouldn't be much help.

Giratina trashed and pulled, desperately trying to escape. But no matter its efforts of defiance, the Legendary Pokémon was entirely absorbed by the portal.

Inside the tunnel, Giratina's body changed. It wouldn't be a problem if it simply changed to its Modified Form like it does while shifting dimensions. But this metamorphosis was unnatural, painful. It wanted it to stop. While crying in pain unimaginable for a mortal mind, it didn't take notice that its voice was gradually shifting from one monstrous to another more humane and feminine. Same with its body shape and size.

AN: Yes, in this fic Giratina becomes Louise's Familiar. And you know what form it (or she?) will end up as. This is my first fic of a metaseries called Human Legendaries, which, obviously, deals with said Pokémon being "humanized" and often having most of their powers (stats, lore, anime resilience, etc) being compressed into their new human shell.

About Giratina, it's one of my favourite Legendaries, my second game of the main series was Platinum, first was Diamond.

I have never thought that it was the Devil. It's very explicit that the Inversion/Distortion World in fact stabilizes reality and, despite being type Ghost, being exiled and the very limited lore about it, it never striked me as Satan. Neither the Distortion World holds the souls of the damned.

A theory I have is that Giratina represents the "shadow" that the "light" of reality casts. An Anti-Existence of sorts that holds the equilibrium in the universe: Cyrus called it the 'shadowy' Pokémon; the Distortion and Real Worlds need each other and the counterpart of Matter is Antimatter.

Don't know if I explained it well…

Nevertheless, by virtue of being a physical god, it/she will become a very badass Gandalfr and kick tons of ass. I'll just use the Light Novel (which I recently downloaded) as basis instead of the anime, though I'll watch it anyway.

The relationship between Familiar/Pokémon/Partner and Master and their trust will be important themes in this story, like nearly everything in Pokémon.

Oh, I am finishing the first chapter of yet another Human Legendaries series called Fate/Creation: Dragons and Sword. You'll see.

And I am halfway, more or less, with another chapter of The New PE Teacher, if procrastination doesn't defeat me, again. I'm seeing the frustration that every writer would be feeling if they don't make a timetable…