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Theme song

Garnet: We

Pearl and Amethyst: are the crystal

All: gem's

All but Steven: we always save the day

Steven: and if you think we can't

Garnet: we'll

All: always find a way

Garnet: that's why the people

All: of this world

Garnet: believe in, Garnet

Amethyst: Amethyst

Spinel: Spinel

Pearl: and Pearl

Steven: And Steven

At the Galaxy Warp

The Crystal Gems arrive on a Warp Pad, leading a series of other Warp Pads

Steven said "Woah."

Garnet *steps on a Warp Pad* "Inactive."

Steven proceeds to paste a sticker of a crying apple on the Warp Pad.

Amethyst *jumps onto another Warp Pad* "Inactive!"

Steven runs over and paste another sticker on the Warp Pad, this time of a crying crossiant.

Pearl *standing on another Warp Pad in disappointment* "Inactive."

Steven pastes another sticker of a crying pear on the Warp Pad.

Spinel *flips onto another Warp Pad* "Inactive *under her breath* unfortunately."

Steven then pastes a sticker of spilled milk

Amethyst complained "Do we have to check all of them? They're all still inactive, like always."

Garnet replied "We need to make sure."

Steven said "I've only seen so many Warp Pads once before! In a dream! *gets two stickers* I hope I have enough of these Crying Breakfast Friends stickers. Do these warp pads go into space too?"

Pearl *runs up to Steven* *baffled* "How do you know about the Galaxy warps!?"

Steven explained "I don't know! I had this weird dream, this place was in it."

Spinel asked "Can you please tell us."

Steven said "I'll tell you on the way home."

They continue to test the warp pads and determine all of them inactive with Steven putting the various stickers on each one, including a Crying Waffle on one that was bigger and much more badly damaged than the others and they warped home with Steven retelling his tail of traveling to an alternative dimension

At the house

Steven said "And then I remember waking up in front of the house, with us practicing our act and you guys know the rest and the hour glass of time was nowhere to be found just some sand in my pocket."

Amethyst laughed and said "Oh man, I can't believe that you dreamed about Spinel's crazy theory!"

Garnet said "well I can't say for sure you did view into another timeline or not, but it is weird that you disappeared and reappeared right after the dream, and even if you glanced into a different timeline, than that was that universe's timeline, I'm sure that won't connect to this one."

Spinel said "I'm proud of you for helping that other me even if it was just a dream." *winks at the audience*

Pearl was stairs off into space thinking about her past with Rose

Steven noticing this asked "Pearl?"

Pearl snapped out of it and said "It's fine. *chuckles* I just wish you could see what it's like out there, but I'll always have my memories of other worlds. But now I'm here. On Earth. Forever."

Steven cheered "With me!"

Pearl said "Right, with you. It really is incredible out there, though."

At It's A Wash

Greg, Steven and Spinel are watching 'Crying Breakfast Friends!' outside. On-screen, various breakfast-themed characters are crying, such as Crying Waffle, Crying Pear, Sad Apple and Spilled Milk.

TV Narrator: Stay tuned for another episode of Crying Breakfast Friends!

Greg said "Yeesh. I must be getting old. I used to like cartoons."

Spinel shrugged and said "If Steven likes it there's nothing wrong with it."

Steven asked "Hey, Dad, did you know the Gems used to travel all over outer space?"

Greg *chuckles* "Yeah. They're pretty far out, son."

Steven said "I think Pearl really misses going out there. *sees a comet print on Greg's Van* Dad, can you help me build a spaceship?"

Spinel shapeshifts into a rocket and said "All aboard!"

Steven said "No a real spaceship, but that was cool Spinel."

Spinel went back to normal and said "Okay."

Greg *nervous* "... You know, that might be a little outside my skill set. How 'bout a bunk bed with wings? I could probably do that."

Steven said "No way! We could totally build a spaceship! *stands up on a chair* People have done it before, and we're people!"

Greg agreed "We are people."

Steven continued "And Pearl would love it so much to see space again."

Greg said "... Sure. Why not? How hurt could we get?"

At the Barn

Greg brings Steven and Spinel to a barn full with various junk.

Greg explained "My aunt and uncle had a great love for aviation and each other. They cherished the years they spent together, and they held on to every belonging they ever owned, kind of like me and my storage shed. I'm starting to think our family has a problem."

Steven said "This is great! I hereby declare this barn to be Universe & Gem's Universal Space Travel HQ!"

Steven, Spinel and Greg begin to draw on a chalkboard and begin to build a spaceship using wood and duct tape. Steven then brings Pearl, covering her eyes, to the barn as a surprise.

Steven said "Okay, now." *lifts his hands off Pearl's eyes*

Pearl *reads a sign on the barn* ""UGU Space Travel"? What is this?"

Steven cheered "We built a spaceship!"

Pearl asked "A spaceship?"

Steven repeated "A spaceship!" *gestures to a wooden box on wheels, with wings taped on the side*

Pearl *raises an eyebrow* "A spaceship."

Steven gets in the "spaceship", as he prepares to pilot it down the hill by the barn.

Greg said "Now, remember, Steven, if you run into any trouble out there, you can always bail. There's never any shame in bailing."

Steven said "Fatherly advice understood! Thank you, Dad. Light the engines."

Greg said "Roger that!" *lights a sparkler and places it at the back of the "spaceship"*

Steven yelled "Next stop: Outer space!"

Greg yelled "Blast-off!"

Greg pushes the "spaceship" with his legs and Steven rides down the hill. He begins riding towards a ramp at the bottom of the hill, when the "spaceship" starts falling apart.

Pearl *panics* "Aah!"

Spinel *panics* Steven!"

Steven yelled "No shame!" *jumps out of the "spaceship"*

The "spaceship" rams into the ramp and breaks into pieces.

Pearl said "I think your calculations may have been off."

Greg explained "Well, they can't be off if you don't do any."

They go back to the chalk board

Pearl *points at the drawing on the chalkboard* "Did you really think this was gonna work?"

Steven & Greg *shrugs* "Mnh-mnh-mnh."

Pearl then asked Spinel "why didn't you try and stop them?"

Spinel said "I didn't have the heart to tell them it wouldn't work."

Pearl syed and then explained "Here, look. *flips the other side of the chalkboard and starts drawing* You need smooth, curving surfaces. Otherwise, you're never gonna get enough speed to break Earth's gravitational pull. Probably swept-back wings for supersonic flight, airtight cockpit with ejector seat, and we'll need some serious engines, or maybe rockets would be better."

Steven cheered "I vote rockets!"

Greg *worried* "Whoa, whoa. Hold on a sec. We're not actually talking about building something like this, right?"

Pearl asked "What? This?! *reveals a detailed diagram of an actual spaceship on the chalkboard* Of course not. That would be ridiculous. I mean, yes, theoretically, it's not a stretch. You've got plenty of spare parts here, albeit for incredibly primitive propulsion-based space travel. The idea is ludicrous. It would never work, although... Several humans, a monkey, and a dog did make it into space. I don't know why I've never even thought of it before. This could actually work!"

Steven & Greg confused said "Uh..."

Pearl said "I hear what you're saying, and I agree— it would be incredibly dangerous; a fool's errand."

Pearl pulls a lob of stuffing out of Greg's love seat.

Pearl explained "This chair is disgusting. But aren't the true fools the ones who don't seize an opportunity, despite all the inherent risks? *hands Greg the lob of stuffing* And I'd be able to show Steven the wonders of the cosmos! And maybe just for a second, from a distance, I could see what's been going on without me."

Spinel said "And I'll finally see my old friends, Rhodonite, the Rutile Twins, Padparadcha, Fluorite, and I've always wondered how Pinkie was doing after she got hurt."

Steven gazes excitedly at Pearl and Spinel

Pearl said "All right! Let's do it!"

Steven cheered "UGU Space Travel, GOOOOO!"

Steven, Spinel, and Greg begin helping Pearl to construct the spaceship with various spare parts from the barn. They even constructed a small seated glider for Steven to ride in.

Steven *piloting the glider* "Waaa-hooooo!"

Greg *using a walkie-talkie* "Ground Control to Mach 2. Come in, Mach 2. How you doing, buddy?"

Steven laughed "Aah! Aah-aah-aah-aah! Woow!" *muttering in the winds*

Greg asked "You think we're taking this a little far?"

Pearl Said "We're not even close to being done."

Greg asked "We're not?"

Pearl not listing said "Okay, Steven. Go ahead and bring her down."

Steven lands the Mach 2 smoothly on the ground, and it collapses immediately, ejecting Steven out of the seat.

Steven yelled "Ugh! Wooo!"

Greg asked "Was it supposed to fall apart like that?"

Pearl reassured "Don't worry. This was just to test my engine concept. I'll work out the kinks in the next one."

Greg asked "Hang on. Hang on. Next one?!"

Pearl not listing again asked "Is there a shop in town that carries F-1 single-nozzle liquid-fueled rockets?"

Greg *startled and shocked* "You really are serious!"

Pearl explained "Of course! We're also going to need a space suit for Steven so he doesn't freeze or explode."

Steven imitates an explosion

Greg said "Whoa. You are not taking him to space."

Pearl said "Yes, I am."

Greg yelled "No! I'm not allowing it!"

Steven asked "But why? This is why we founded Universe & Gems."

Greg said "Steven, you're grounded."

Steven yell-asked "What?!"

Greg explained "No, no. I mean you're grounded. You don't get to leave Earth."

Steven said "Oh. What?!"

Greg explained "As C.E.O. and Supreme Space Commander, I hereby ground this astronaut and cancel this mission."

Steven complained "Aw, man! Stupid company by-laws."

Pear yelled "Hey! Who made you C.E.O.!?"

Greg *tilts head towards Steven* "He did."

Steven shrugs

Pearl yelled "Fine. If neither of you will help, I'll just do it by myself— Not like it'll be much different." *stomps into the barn and shuts the door*

Steven yelled "Pearl!"

Greg said "I'm sorry, bud. Sometimes you just got to know when to bail."

Time Skip — Night time

Greg is fast asleep in his van, parked next to the barn. Steven sleeps on top of the van in his caterpillar sleeping bag with him holding him like he's a giant teddy bear, when Pearl comes in and pokes her in the face.

Spinel "M-mm... Wha?"

Pearl said "Shh! *whispering* Want to see something really cool?"

Spinel gets up and uses a spare pillow to replace herself to not disturb Steven

Greg *snoring and sleep-talking* "No. Don't give him the banana. That's what he wants."

Pearl and Spinel sneak past Greg and towards the barn. Pearl opens the barn door to reveal a completed spaceship.

Pearl said "Presenting the brand-new ballistic-flight-capable Universe Mach 3!"

Spinel *gasps and shouts* Pearly! *kisses Pearl on the cheek* I can't believe you built this all by yourself."

Pearl said "Spinel. Keep your voice down."

Spinel asked "So what's the plan? We both know this'll never get us to Homeworld."

Pearl said "I thought about that, the plan is to use it to find a better ship, take it back here and use it to show Steven the universe, the main problem with Greg I believe is that earth Space ships are too dangerous, but not for us."

Spinel *laughs* Sounds like a great idea, oh can I do a count down?"

Pearl chuckled and said "Sure."

Spinel started "10… 9… 8… 7… 6…"

The ship begins to rumble, waking Greg & Steven up.

Greg asked "Wha?! What the...? *notices his van has been tampered with* Pearl! *runs up and sees Spinel and Pearl piloting the Mach 3 away*

Steven yell-asked "What are you doing?!"

Spinel continued "5… 4… 3… 2… 1, BLAST OFF!"

Steven and Greg chases after the Mach 3, when the rockets fire up, creating a blast that knocks them back. Greg quickly gets up and runs towards the barn. Pearl begins to gliding the Mach 3 over the ocean.

Spinel *laughs* Wow! Look! You can see the temple!"

Pearl *adjusts the ship controls* "Mm-hmm."

Greg *over the radio transmission* "Hey, can you hear me!? Where do you two think you're going!?"

Spinel said "Hey, Greg, hay Steven, guess where I am."

Steven *using a walkie-talkie* We know where you are! It's where you're going that concerns us!"

Spinel said "Don't worry, well be right back, promise."

Pearl said "This will be perfectly fine, just a pop over to the moon to grab something. We'll be back anytime between a week and a year."

Steven asked "A year?"

Pearl turns off her end of the transmission.

Pearl said "Oh, this is so exciting! I know Steven's gonna love it when we get back. *plays a keyboard panel, activating the boosters* Hang on tight!"

The Mach 3 darts across the ocean and then upwards into the sky. Pearl and Spinel pilot all the way to the atmosphere of the Earth, when Spinel see a piece of scrap metal flies by.

Spinel said to herself "Saw this coming a mile away but it was fun wale it lasted."

The warning lights in the cockpit begin to flash on. More scrap metal pieces are seen falling off the Mach 3 as it penetrates the atmosphere.

Spinel yelled "Pearl!"

Pearl said "We can make it. We're almost there."

The Mach 3 begins to fall apart with visible tears in its shell.

Steven yelled "Pearl!"

Pearl *determined* I'm gonna show it to him."

Spinel yelled "We need to go, Pearl! We're not gonna make it!"

Pearl yelled "But we're almost there!"

Spinel yelled "Pearl! Listen to me! I knew it wouldn't work from the second Steven gave the idea I knew it wouldn't work! Now let's get out of here before we get ourselves shattered!"

Spinel then pushes the emergency release button taking the dome part off and finally forcing Pearl out of the seat and jumping out just as the ship was about to explode and on the way down Spinel shapeshifted into a parachute and attached herself to Pearl.

After the explosion Steven yelled "Nooooo! *scans the sky with his binoculars* Please-please-please-please-please! *sees the ejected Pearl and Spinel, floating back to Earth with Spinel as the parachute* "Ahhhh... *kneels on the ground* Ohhhhh... *holds his chest* I almost got a heart attack... *lays down and cowers* Ughhhh..."

Pearl *floating back to Earth* "I'm so sorry. I almost got us killed."

Spinel said "Eh, don't worry about it, now if you almost got Steven killed then their would be a big problem."

Pearl said "Oh you don't have to worry, I think I'd rather be here on Earth."

Spinel cheered "With us!"

Pearl said "Yeah. With you."

Classic ending

You may notice that Spinel effectively took the place of Steven for the spaceship thing, well, that was an experiment I wanted to try, originally I wanted to play it safe and not take too many risks but now I'm really getting into the swing of things and now you can expect some more stuff like this, oh and this episode foreshadows events to come future episodes, and maybe even a few better original episodes because I'm not ashamed to admit that my original episodes were bad, but now I'm gonna just go for it, the next original episode won't be for a wile but I've got a lot of plans for later, for now stay awesome and I'll see you later.