Chapter 105 Mega Colosseum part 9 Swellveiw cup.

We see the pirate team enter the arena with the hologram of Mechrilla appear in saying..

Mechrilla: welcome back to the mega Colosseum, today the pirate team are going to fight in the swellveiw cup, can they win it? let's find out]) and with that starts the tournament (

seed 9: pirate team[Captain Jake, Hanazuki, Eddy, Ultron] vs safe busters[bandits{4x} bull dogs{2x}])(

seed 8: pirate team vs jail escapers[disco bots{2x} prisoners{6x}]) when they got to the seventh seed they saw Frankini and Goomer enter the arena and said

Frankini: So we meet again, but this time, it's with a battle

Ultron: [is he always like this?]

Goomer: there was worst

Frankini: [Goomer!]) and with that starts the battle l

Seed 7: pirate team vs dancing duo[Frankini and Goomer

when they took them down they saw them get back up with Frankini saying

Frankini: the four of you are very strong

Eddy: and we just went easy on you two, if you want, you can train up to fight us in the final cup.

Goomer: Think we should?

Frankini: Might as well, see you in the final cup.

and with Frankini and Goomer leaving the arena the pirate team continues the tournament.

Seed 6: pirate team vs safe breakers[bandits{8x} disco bots{4x}

Seed 5: pirate team vs jail strikers[prisoners{9x} bull dogs{5x}]) when they got to the fourth seed they saw a giant monster made of mashed potatoes enter the arena and roared at the team starting the battle.

Seed 4: pirate team vs mashed potato monster) when they took it down the monster was sinking down into a drain somewhere else for the pirate team to continue the tourname

Seed 3: pirate team vs safe destroyers[bandits{10x} bull dogs{7x}

Seed 2: pirate team vs jail exploders[prisoners{12x} disco bots{8x}]) when they got to the final seed they saw Captain Man and Kid Danger enter the arena and they said

Captain Man: good too see you fellas again, it's kinda sad we have to fight now

Kid Danger: just to warn you, Captain Man is invincible, so try your best]

Eddy: This is something you should've told us after the second musical.

And with that starts the battle

Seed 1: pirate team vs danger duo[Captain Man and Kid Danger]) the team were able to knock Kid Danger out of the arena but they were having trouble hurting Captain Man but when Hanazuki fell and used her left hand to lift herself up using Jake's right hand with the sword in his hand the crystals started combining to make the sword bigger and stronger making everyone in the mega Colosseum look in shock[even Darkness] and when the crystals finished it showed Jake and Hanazuki's hands together with a giant sword and they launched at Captain Man who wasn't scared, about it and he was flung into the air by the two kids over and over until the two came into the air and aimed the sword at Captain Man[with a shocked look] and fired a laser at him making dust appear everywhere, they did it a few times until Captain Man got knocked down but when he got back with Kid Danger cheering until Captain Man turned to Kid Danger and said

Captain Man Hey Kid, those two are stronger then I thought, and I'm falling

When Captain Man fell to the ground Kid Danger came over and dragged him out of the arena while the crowd cheered for the pirate team's victory with the hologram of Mechrilla appear in the arena only for us to go to Mechrilla's camera room and he said...

Mechrilla: Looks like the pirate team have made it to the final cup, tomorrow, the name of the final cup will be revealed, see you all later.

when Mechrilla turned the cameras off he turned around to see Darkness standing behind him saying

Darkness: it seems not even Captain Man can defeat them, you said he was invincible

Mechrilla: I'm surprised too, but no matter, tomorrow, the Mechrilla cup will soon show the pirate team their final challenge.

And with Mechrilla doing an evil laugh ends the chapter.