Chapter 3 Hanazuki wakes up

The next morning, inside

Bucky's grotto, Hanazuki wakes up to see a boy still his PJ's, wearing nothing but his Captain hat covering his spiky hair.

Captain Jake: Well good morning stranger! How are you today? he asked her.

Hanazuki: I am fine, but where am I? How did I get here? And Who are you?

Captain Jake: Your not from here are you?

Hanazuki: No! How did you know?

Captain Jake: well, I saw your left arm is made out of actual Crystals so that gave it away. Oh and to answer some questions, you are on Pirate Island, I found you last night out cold, I couldn't just leave you there, so I brought you to Bucky's grotto till you woke up, and my name is Captain Jake. What is yours?

Hanazuki: My name is Hanazuki! Nice to meet you Captain Jake.

Captain Jake: You Too.

Hey are you hungry Hanazuki? Captain Jake asked her?

Yeah I'm starving answered Hanazuki!

Great follow me to the kitchen said Captain Jake..

So with that Hanazuki, and Captain Jake went to the kitchen to have some breakfast, but when they arrived Captain Jake saw that Izzy, Cubby, and Skully were already eating breakfast...

Good Morning Crew! Captain Jake announced to his crew..

Good Morning Captain Jake they all said to him.

Hey Jakey Izzy said to him after giving him a kiss on the lips.

Oaky I'm happy that you two are still a couple and all, but do you really have to kiss Captain Jake right in front of us? Cubby asked the two...

Cubby, just be happy for us for once please? Asked Izzy..

Fine, but please do us a favor if you two are going to kiss, do it in the bedroom.

we will try Cubby. The two couple said at the same time, then went back to kissing.

After Breakfast was over, the crew was giving Hanazuki a tour of their Hideout, introducing their friend to Hanazuki, and even teaching Hanazuki new things like how to cook, being a pirate, and also learning to fight Captain Hook. But it was only for fun even for Captain Hook himself enjoyed it.

About Ten hours has passed and Izzy, Cubby, and Skully were getting ready for bed. As for Hanazuki, she decided to go out and look at the stairs.

Hey Hanazuki, what are you doing out this late?

Hanazuki turned around to see Captain jake wearing his PJ's walking to to her.

Oh nothing just looking up at the stairs. I never know stairs shine so bright here Captain Jake.

The're beautiful aren't they? Captain Jake asked Hanazuki.

Yes I suppose it is Hanazuki answered him.

Then right before captain jake went back inside, Hanazuki, grabbed him and then kissed him on the lips. Captain Jake wanted to let go, but he didn't.

Author: Okay so far everything is going really great! But not for Captain Jake, he is going to be in big trouble. Not only Captain Jake but everyone else as well..

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