Sing Along M7 ATF AU

Vin Tanner stepped out of the room he claimed when staying at Chris Larabee's house, nodding at the taller blond when he joined him in the hall. They could smell ham cooking and figured it was Josiah Sanchez who was in the kitchen fixing breakfast.

The whole team were at the ranch since they were planning on a leisurely weekend exploring some of the old ghost towns and such in the area. Chris and Vin paused to chat about where they wanted to go before descending the stairs, but the sound from below of Josiah trying to hit a high note quickly reminded them that the food was probably almost ready. Plus it made Vin look around for the ranch cat who came and went at its leisure and whisper "I hope Ebony isn't in here. It sounded like Josiah stepped on his tail!"

The tall figure next to him nearly choked on his laughter as he nodded in agreement.

Heading down the steps, the duo moved toward the kitchen where Josiah was still singing along to the 'oldies' CD he was playing on the sound system in the room.

Vin winked one blue eye at the blond as he pushed through the batwing doors and asked "Who strangled the coyote earlier?"

Josiah's pale gaze turned to the newcomers and a shamefaced smile curved his lips.

"Sorry about that! Guess I forgot I wasn't alone when I tried to hit that high note. Should'a known better . . . my voice ain't made for that octave."

Tanner grinned. "Thought for sure a wild critter had got in here." He continued "I ain't sure even Chris' voice is made for that note, and he's got a right nice tenor. You sure ain't one though, Josiah . . . no offense!"

The former priest shrugged as he flipped omelets onto plates.

"Nope, that I'm not, Brother Vin. Think I best stick to baritone from now on."

Just then JD and Buck walked in, both looking around in curiosity.

"What made that God-awful noise a while ago?" asked Wilmington inquiringly.

"Yeah, it sounded kinda like when Casey's Aunt Nettie accidently caught the cat's tail under the rocker on the porch." added JD with a grimace.

Before anyone could answer, Nathan joined the group.

"Did a wild animal get in here? Thought I heard some kinda caterwaulin' a few minutes ago . . . ." commented the medic as he shuddered a bit.

Vin gave a huge grin. "Nah, it weren't nothin' wild, 'less ya count Josiah there. The preacher was just tryin' t' hit a high note while he was singin' along."

Ezra strolled up as the sharpshooter finished his explanation.

"Well, please do us all the courtesy of never tryin' that again, Mr. Sanchez! Your vocal chords were obviously not made for such strain."

The profiler gave them all a sour look. "So I've now been told . . . repeatedly. All I can say is sorry, folks. I'll try not to do that in company again."

Nathan reached over to pat the older man on one broad shoulder. A wide smile curved his mobile mouth.

"Best not try that even alone J'siah. You're liable to break somethin' I can't fix."

Sanchez gave the medic a 'ha ha' look and then motioned to the stack of waffles and platters of omelets and ham.

"Alright, I get the message. Now, y'all wanna stop harassin' me and eat before the food gets cold?"

Laughing, the members of the group grabbed up the full plates and headed for the dining room. Chris put out the place settings while Vin brought in the coffee. Ezra carried in assorted juices, and the rest started filling their plates once everything was ready.

Still teasing the profiler about his 'caterwauling', they joked and chatted as they ate. Sanchez gave them all a disgusted glance as he took a bite of his food.

Apparently the others didn't appreciate good music. From now on, he'd most definitely make sure he was alone before he decided to sing along!