Haven At Night:

On the road to Valdemar, Companion Arenea and her chosen Peter Parker had a meeting of the minds. Peter full of questions, inquired, will there be kids my age?; will I have my room?; will I have to do chores?; and go to school. Yes, she answered and gave him, his first lesson in ground and centering and shielding. Peter's shields took the form of multi-layered spider webs.

Travelling at the speed only a Companion can achieve, Arenea and Peter arrived in front of the city gates of Haven at twilight. The guard, saying to himself a new trainee for the Collegium has he waved them through the gate. Once within the outer city walls the first thing Peter noticed how empty the streets were and a shadow running the rooftops, but he didn't sense any danger. Arenea maintained a trot through the deserted maze like streets. Peter held tight to his stuffed Companion toy. At the second gate, the guard informed them there are strange creatures around, and they are to get to the palace as quickly as possible. Arenea and Peter slipped through the gate, then dashed to the palace, home of the Heraldic Collegium.

The Palace Proper:

Safe inside the palace walls, Arenea showed Peter, Companion Field; the tack shed; and Companion's Barn. No instructions needed, Peter removed and cleaned Arenea saddle and bit-less bridle then, stored them in the proper place in the tack shed. He returned to Arenea with her personal grooming kit. After a long pleasurable grooming session, Peter refilled the water trough; the grain-bin with grain and sweet-corn; and placed a thick layer of straw in her stall. Peter kissed Arenea on the cheek, mind-spoke Goodnight and left the barn.

Outside, Peter heard a voice calling out. Over here, a third year trainee introduced himself, I'm Benjee, I'll be your student adviser. Inside the Collegia, on the second floor at the boy's side of the trainees wing, Benjee showed where the common room, the library, the privet, bathing room and how to use the faucet to fill the tub and how to drain it, Benjee said, be courteous, wipe-out the tub when you're done. He points at a square hole in the wall and said that's the laundry shoot, and along the walls were low shelves with many towels and soaps stacked on them. Next and most importantly was to locate his room.

Benjee told peter, I'll see you at breakfast, then left to let peter to get settled in. Peter looked around the room to see a bed in one corner, a wardrobe in the corner opposite it. Beside the wardrobe, a few feet along the wall, was a chair and desk and a fireplace. A book case was across from the desk.

On the bed Peter spied a bathrobe, pajamas, washrag. Peter placed his stuffed Companion toy in the bookcase, then grabbed, robe, washrag, and pajamas, then headed for the bathing room for a nice long bath.

Back in his room, Peter finds a plate of food and a note. The note, reads, thought you might be hungry, your clothes will be laundered and returned to you tomorrow, breakfast is at 1st bell. After I take you down to housekeeping and the kitchen, we will have breakfast. Don't forget to see to your Companion, and bathe before breakfast. — Benjee.

Peter, Feeling a little feverish, begins getting ready for bed when he hears two voices pass by his door. An older male asked are you going out a second time tonight? And a young female answering no, didn't see anything new except a Companion and a newly chosen.

Fever Dream:

Peter, a bit confused, finds himself standing on a hilltop and a large silvery-white spider with deep sapphire blue eye is standing beside him. Arenea mind speaks, "pay attention this is important". About a half-a-mile away nearby a small abandon village the air shimmers, and glows a brilliant white, stepping from the glow a man dressed in light armour sitting tall astride his steed. Following him is his squire (an average ten-year-old boy) riding a palomino pony. The boy asks, Lord Valdemar, do you think we have gone far enough? Yes, the Lord answers. Following their Lord, many animals, people, and wagons, steps through the portal. As the last of the travelers stepped aside, the portal collapses.

Fever Dream Ends.

The next morning Peter wakes-up way before 1st bell, to find his clothes neatly placed on the desk. He quickly got dressed then went to the Companion's Barn to say good-morning to Arenea in person. After seeing to his Companions breakfast and morning grooming, and wanting to make a good impression, he headed to the bathing room for a quick bath. Back in his room, he hung the robe and pajamas in the wardrobe, then made the bed as the 1st bell rang. Moments later he heard a knock and a voice at the door.

Peter opened the door to find standing there, Benjee. Who took him down to housekeeping to get his uniforms and fitted for boots and shoes. After Peter Had a brief conversation about both body and room cleanliness with Granny, an elderly white hared, wrinkled faced woman in charge of housekeeping, it was off to the kitchen.

Peter was informed by Chef what was to be expected of him when he was a signed kitchen, and serving chores and where the well stocked Harold and trainee pantry was for those late-night snack attacks. Back in his room, Peter changed into one of the trainee gray uniforms then hung the rest of them in the wardrobe. Peter and Benjee then went to the common-room to eat. After breakfast, Peter was taken to see the Dean, Harold Connors.

In the Dean's office Peter was tested in math, reading, writing, history, and geography, and was told he wasn't any worse nor better than any other new trainee. Dean Connors gave Peter his schedule, then told him that orientation will be tomorrow at the second bell, until then you are free to explore.

The Encounter:

Peter headed outside to see what there is to experience. Once outside, Peter quickly spots Benjee who was talking to a couple of other trainees, a girl with flaming red hair dressed in a rust-red uniform similar to his own in design, the other, a boy dressed in a light-blue uniform also similar in design.

While walking over to see Benjee, he feels a strong tingling, but before he could react Peter found himself surrounded by three older boys in light-blue uniforms (one of them is carrying what appears to be a page's uniform) and an over sense of superiority grins on their faces. "My name is Flash Thomson" the taller blond hair boy said, "I'm in need of a new pageboy, I think you'll do. But first we need to get you out of those dingy clothes and into proper blues like us," Flash continued. Peter, letting instinct take over, he crouches then leaps ten feet up and slightly foreword doing an aerial somersault landing in a crouch position a few feet from Benjee and his friends. Flash and his cronies with stunned, then angry expressions on their faces, turned to see where there would be victim landed.

Peter, standing up and points his thumb over his shoulder and asks, "what's the problem with those idiots?" The red head holds out her hand and introduces herself as Mary Jane Watson, but most people call me MJ, the kid next to me is Harry Osborn. Peter shook her hand. "Flash thinks he is a big shot," said Harry, "just because his father made his fortune, trapping exotic creatures and selling the furs." For the rest of the morning Peter was given a guided tour of the palace ground by whom he hoped to be his new friends. At lunchtime, MJ excused herself and went to sit with some other bardic trainees to talk shop. Benjee took a look at Peter's schedule and notice he had many of the same classes as Harry. After being fed, Benjee announces he has a few chores to do, and asks Harry to show Peter were the education wing is, and then take him to see the Weapons Master, Harold Galbraith.

The Weapons Master:

In the Sal, along one wall were mirrors, along another wall were racks full of wooden weapons of many difference sizes and shapes. And armor stands with the padded leather armor of different sizes on them and three securely locked cabinets. Against the third and the fourth wall (the fourth wall having the door in it) were benches. Sitting on one of the benches was an average built man (with a deep, long scar on his left cheek) dressed in a Heraldic White leather armor. Harry shouts out with mirth in his voice, Master Galbraith I have another victim for you. Galbraith stands up and walks over to the boys, and looks at Peter them points to the scar on his face, and said, "this is what happens, after you get into your Whites, if you don't learn your lessons now!" Peter slowly nods his head. "My classes are at the last three candle marks of school", Galbraith states, then turns and walks back to where he was sitting to finish his work.

Peter and harry take is as a dismissal and leaves the Sal. Outside seeing some other friends, Harry took his leave of Peter and went to join them. So, Peter went out to the Companion Field to spend some quality time with Aranea.