The Ebony Tower:

In the Pelagiris Forest there stands a man wearing a long flowing black robe. Protruding from the sleeves of the robe were hands like that of skeletons, one which was holding a black staff. The robed figure begins to chant an ancient spell while striking his staff on the ground. The ground begins to quake, as a massive tower as black as ebony starts to rise from the earth.

First the inner walls were formed defining the kitchen, Pantry, slave quarters, and entry hall, a spiral staircase in the center of the tower led up to the 2nd floor. On the 2nd floor, walls form, so too was the bedroom (complete with bed, wardrobe and dresser, bathing room, privet, and library were formed. On the 3rd and final floor, three pillars were formed to hold up the domed shaped roof. One half of the area was to be used a storage and the other half a workroom.

The robed man touches his staff to the side of the newly made tower, opening a round-shaped doorway. Upon, stepping through the doorway it closed behind him. After lighting a mage-light he ascended to the 3rd floor, the robed man walked to the place, he designated as his work area. Upon tapping his staff on the floor, a worktable of proper height and length grows. Repeating this action he grows shorter tables, one to each side of the main table.

The Golems:

Casting a spell the robed man causes a bucket of soft clay to appear on the worktable. Taking eight small pieces of paper, an ink bottle and a quill out of his robe's pocket. Carefully inscribes tiny magical signs on each paper, then sets them aside to dry. Turning his attention to the bucket of clay. He starts to mold with the skill of a craftsman, a 4-foot bi-pedal snakelike creature. After finishing a total of eight creatures, the robed man placed one of the pieces of paper in the mouth of each of his new creations. The statures a moment or two later began to glow, then transmuted into flesh creatures. The robed man thinking to himself, what should I call my new creation - I know, Ophidian men.

Marching orders:

The robed man sends his Ophidian men out to raid the nearby villages for supplies. As they receive their order they scampered down the stairs and out the tower through the door which open to their touch. That should keep them busy for the rest of the night, he said to himself.

Taking a piece of chalk from his robes, the robed man draws a circle on the floor. On the outside of the circle at each compass point he draws the signs for the four elements. Then cast a summoning spell. Knowing that it takes time for a summoning to work, he goes to the wall be hind the workbench ... and begins to draw upon the wild magic of the forest to building a stone fireplace complete with mantle and hearth.

The familiar:

Turning his attention back to the summoning circle, the robed man sees a very light gray cat in the middle of the circle. "What should I call you" he asked the cat not really expecting an answer. The cat mind spoke his answer, "you may call me Ash".

Ash gets up and walks over to the fireplace, and jumps up on to the mantle, and then, curls up, to go to sleep.

The Library:

He grabs his bucket of clay and goes down the spiral staircase to the library.

In the library, setting down the bucket, Robed Man looks at his empty book shelves. Now concentrating, he looks at the shelves snaps his fingers causing a flash of light. When the light fades, Robed Man sees his empty book shelves now filled with all his books and scrolls. Afterwards, Robed Man descends the stairs with the clay to the first floor he calls Ash to his side.

Outside The Tower:

After preparing another piece of paper for his new creature, Robed Man uses the last of his clay to create a 4-foot black bear with antlers. He then tells Ash while pointing at a spot between two nearby trees I need you to channel and control enough wild magic to open a portal. Once the portal is open he takes the prepared paper and puts it in the mouth of his new creature, a moment later it begins to glow a sickly green and grows to seven-feet-tall.

Robed Man sends his new creature through the portal. Then closes the portal and tells the cat he may do whatever he wants to until morning.

Ash stays where he is at, curls up into a ball and falls a sleep. Robed Man heads inside goes up to his bed chamber and gets dressed for, and climbs into bed and quickly falls to sleep.

In The Village:

The Ophidians slinked from shadow to shadow until they came to their first shop. Smashing in the door, they found pots, pans, cauldrons and other kitchen supplies. Putting as mush as they can into two cauldrons, four of the Ophidians took their loot back to the tower. The remaining four Ophidians raided the butcher, the baker, and the candle stick maker.

Throughout the night the Ophidians raided several small towns, By the time dawn arrived they were back at the tower with the last of their booty.

The Next Morning:

The Robed Man after getting up and dressed for the day, goes up to the third floor over to the storage area to check out his newly acquired supplies, ... satisfy with what he sees, he selects several foods, a pan, utensils, then goes down to the kitchen to make breakfast while thinking I need a cook and a house-keeper.