Seattle Washington:

Andrew Morris is in the Highway Jazz Club performing a set with the house band it is a stormy Saturday night, unfortunately the rain has kept people in their homes. Andrew performs to an empty house as if it is standing room only. There was something about his voice that was soothing at times hypnotic to anyone who hears him sing. There was an almost supernatural quality about it. When he begins a song a dark figure enters the club wearing a black cloak, the storm outside is raging. The figure sits in the back of the club and takes off the hood to reveal a young blonde woman. She hears him sing as the waiter walks over to her and casually asks,

WAITER: What can I get you?

The blonde scoffs

BLONDE GIRL: Nothing I am here for the entertainment. Please go.

WAITER: Whatever. (he rolls his eyes and walks away)

The blonde giggles to herself quietly knowing she could kill him quicker than he could blink but she suppresses the urge. She is here on a mission to collect this amazing singer before her. The song ends and she can't help but clap. As cold and heartless as she is his voice was that good.

ANDREW: Thank you for coming out tonight. The name is Andrew Morris and I will be here next week. (Andrew says reluctantly. Andrew is 25 year old college dropout. He stood at an average height and was lean, not from exercise but from not having a lot of money. He had blonde hair and striking blue eyes. He walks up to the owner.) Not a busy night huh Jerry, must be from the storm.

Jerry sits at the end of the bar, short balding man with black rim glasses and his button down shirt is straining from the pot belly he has.

JERRY: This is the third time the house is empty. Not saying it's you but there's a reason people are staying away. (Jerry says not even looking at him.)

ANDREW: They'll start coming in I know it.

JERRY: They'd better because with the way business is if it stays this empty I won't be able to afford you anymore. (Jerry throws down $200 all in twenties)

ANDREW: I understand. (Andrew says as he picks up the money and turns to leave)

JERRY: Andy let me give you some advice. (Andy turns) You have a real gift kid you really do get out there and try to make a name for yourself; you can go so much further than a Jazz Club on a Saturday night.

ANDREW: I'm trying Jerry I really am.

JERRY: Look I got this buddy who runs a label and he's looking for something different. Give him a call and maybe you guys can make some music together. Jerry smirks as he pulls out a card and Andy grabs it quick)

ANDREW: That's amazing Jerry thanks I'll call him first thing in the morning! Andy rushes out into the storm

BLONDE WOMAN: Oh that is so typical of you.

JERRY: I beg your pardon. (Jerry looks up at the blonde)

BLONDE WOMAN: Xavier I'd know you from a mile away. (The blonde takes off the hood revealing herself)

(Jerry morphs into a different person a tall dark haired man with brownish gold eyes)

XAVIER: I'm just doing what I have to do.

BLONDE WOMAN: That man will be ours.

XAVIER: Oh Jane don't you know by now the Voltori isn't as feared as it used to be. Ever since the Cullen's bested you that is. (Xavier smiles knowing it gets under Jane's skin)

JANE: You aren't afraid of me? (Jane smiles)

XAVIER: You can cause pain big deal. (Xavier says as he morphs into Jane as she stares at him) Pain! (Xavier says as Jane's body contorts as she has never felt her power before.) Hurts doesn't it? (Xavier can't help but laugh)

JANE: Enough. (Jane yells as he morphs back to himself) You would be a great addition to the Voltori.

XAVIER: (Xavier morphs into Aro) Wouldn't that be nice so you can use my power to harm innocent people. Like what you want with that young man who just left. (Xavier morphs back to himself) It isn't gonna happen just go back to your dungeon where you all belong.

JANE: You should know by now we don't give up that easily.

XAVIER: Why do you want him so badly? I mean I haven't seen you this way since...well, you know.

JANE: You'll find out soon enough.

XAVIER: Just tell me.

JANE: Let's just say we have a feeling that he will possess great special qualities as a vampire. (Jane says as she leaves in a blur)

XAVIER: I just hope I can get to him before Jane and the Voltori do.

Xavier says as he walks up to the door and locks it and a flash of lightning followed quickly by a crack of thunder.