The next day it's a cloudy day Andrew is in his studio apartment sitting on a chair playing his guitar and singing a new song he is working on. The apartment is very small with a double bed, an old red couch, a small dining room table and a ratty chair and a music stand. His pride and joy is his guitar, it's worth more than all of his possessions. He is playing a slow tune and humming bars trying to find the right melody. He stops puts his head down and looks outside.

ANDREW: What a gloomy day. (Andrew puts his guitar down and walks over to his kitchen and sees the card Jerry gave him the night before. He picks it up and looks at it.) This could be my ticket. Call him. But what do I say? (Andrew fights with himself. He finds his nerve and picks up the phone and it rings four times before a voicemail picks up)

"You have reached Cole Collins with Torr Records please leave a detailed message with your name and number after the tone. Thanks." BEEEP .

At first Andrew hesitates but then thinking that this is possibly a phone call that could be his big break he finds his nerve.

ANDREW: Hello Cole my name is Andrew Morris I got your card from Jerry at the Highway Jazz Club and he told me that you are looking for something different on your label. Please give me a call at your earliest convenience. 555-1187. Thank you. This could be it. I just hope I didn't sound too desperate. What if I played it wrong? (Just then there is a knock at the door.) Just a minute! (He rushes to the door and looks through the peep hole and sees his landlord Ted Sumner, a short man balding heavy set who always comes looking for the rent in his bathrobe. Andrew opens the door.) Good morning Mr. Sumner how are you today?

TED: Do you have your rent?

ANDREW: Yes sir here you go! Andrew gives him the money

TED: Why are you so chipper this morning? It's quite irritating.

ANDREW: I'm not sure I'm just in a great mood. Have a great day Mr. Sumner. (Andrew holds his hand out. Ted looks at it and a smile creeps onto his face and he shakes his hand.)

TED: You know what Andrew every month I come over here to collect the rent and you are always happy and it just puts me in a good mood..

ANDREW: Thank you!

TED: You are a great kid I really hope your dream of being a singer works out for you. You definitely have an amazing gift.

ANDREW: Have you come to the club?

TED: No I've heard you singing in the hallway and through the walls. You can really go somewhere.

ANDREW: That's great too hear thanks fingers crossed. I think it may be happening soon. (Andrew shuts the door. He turns around and there is another knock on the door. He opens it thinking it's Ted again but there is no one there just a box sitting on the ground with a huge red bow on it. He looks both ways of the hallway and no one is seen) Whoever left this must have dropped it and ran. (Andrew picks up the box and puts it on his bed. He opens it up and gasps when he sees a brand new acoustic guitar.) It's a Yamaha APX600, who would do this for me? (When he looks in the box he sees a note and all it says is)

Enjoy! A-

ANDREW: Whoever A is Thank you! (He strums the guitar as there is another knock at the door.) Aren't I popular today. (He looks through the peephole but can't see anything not even the hallway. With the chain on the door he slowly opens the door but before he can open it the door is forcefully pushed open breaking the chain and Xavier is in his true form standing over Andrew.)

XAVIER: Andrew you are in danger! ANDREW: Are you going to hurt me?

XAVIER: No something is coming for you. (Xavier sees the box and note on the bed.) We have to go now. (He walks up to Andrew and leads his to his car before Andrew can say a word. After a few minutes Xavier has Andrew in the Jazz Club.)

ANDREW: What are we doing here?

XAVIER: Please have a seat and I'll tell you everything. (Andrew cautiously sits.)

ANDREW: Ok are you a friend of Jerry's? Is that why we are here?

XAVIER: You can say that. (Xavier morphs into Jerry) Actually I am Jerry! (Andrew's mouth drops open)

ANDREW: What the f-

XAVIER: I'm not here to hurt you I am here to protect you. You are in danger but not from me! (Xavier morphs back into himself) Please let me explain but before I do I need you to understand that what I am about to say sounds absolutely ridiculous but I promise you it's the truth. (Andrew slowly walks back to the table and sits down.)

ANDREW: Ok go ahead.

XAVIER: Here it goes I am a vampire.