It had been a year since the weeding of Garth and Lilly who brought peace to their family business war. Garth and Lilly's fathers owned money making shipping businesses that were at war with each other, but when Garth and Lilly married it stopped the conflict. They lived in a nice home that sat on the edge of a beautiful beach.

"Lilly, I'm going to take a dip." said Garth in cheerful voice. Lilly smiled at her husband. "Have a nice swim my macho alpha." she giggled.

That's what Garth did once everyday. He'd swim in the sea, or jog on the beach for exercise. Lilly painted beautiful pitchers for a living. They both were happy with their lives, but that was all going to change one day.

The sun rose and Garth woke up with a smile. "What a beautiful morning," he said with a yawn.

Lilly awoke shortly and smiled at her husband. "Good morning my macho alpha." she giggled as she ran her head against Garth's shoulder. "Aren't you forgetting something?" she asked looking her husband in the eye.

Garth thought for a moment and then knew what he forgot. "I remember that it has something do with the lips." he said with a smile.

Garth laid a hand on Lilly's face and leaned in for a kiss, Lilly smiled as their lips finally meet and the two moaned in their lip-lock, enjoying the quiet romantic moment together. After their kiss Lilly started to make breakfast and Garth read his morning paper.

"Lilly, it says in the paper that Kate and Humphrey will be parents soon." announced Garth looking up from his paper.

Lilly smiled with joy. "Someday we'll be parents to." she sighed.

Just then the phone rang and Lilly went to answer it. Garth thought about being an uncle and a father, but the happy thought faded away when his wife came back into the dinning room and sat down at the table with tears in her eye. Garth could tell that the phone call was bad news, but he was ready to face the bad things that the world would throw at him.

"What's wrong, Lilly?" asked Garth taking Lilly's hand in his.

Lilly looked at her husband with sorrow. "I'm unable to have children!" she cried. "Dr. Pamela Farrell met with me last week and did some tests on me and now the rest is history."

"Don't worry, Lilly," Garth said trying to calm her. "We'll think of something. Because I know that together, we can find away to have kids."

Lilly smiled at Garth. He was right, and she did know of a way to have kids.

The next day, Garth returned home to see a black Ford parked in the drive way next to Lilly's car. What's Winston and Eve doing here? Garth wondered. When he entered the house, there was a note that read: Gone jogging with mom and dad. Will be back at two.

Garth looked at the clock, he had only 45 minutes left before Lilly and her parents returned. A huge smile appeared on his face. With an empty house all to himself, Garth could take advantage of the opportunity to strip naked and play with his horny cock for as long as he could keep himself on the edge. It seemed like forever since he'd been able to enjoy a long, uninterrupted play session, even if he was only doing it on his own. He certainly would rather have had the right company, but he'd always been exceptionally adept at pleasing himself.

Not caring that his bedroom door was wide open, the muscular twentyeight-year-old wolf sprawled naked on his bed, already half erect out of sheer anticipation, and was swiping through pictures and dirty videos of his wife on his tablet.

Now looking at a photo on his tablet of Lilly's spread, trimmed pussy, her finger deeply lodged in her glistening, pink hole, Garth thought back to that night and stroked his cock until he was fully engorged and throbbing with hot need.

"Oh, Lilly...Fuck!" Garth moaned as he was quickly rushing toward the peak of his pleasure. His eyes were clenched shut while his tight, young body grew tense at the promise of his oncoming explosion. He started to groan just as he heard the sound of someone coming into his room.

Garth's eyes suddenly opened wide, shocked to discover Eve, his mother-in-law standing in the room holding a basket full of laundry. She was gazing openly at the big, swollen cock in his fist, but then her eyes lifted to his face and she kept walking the rest of the way into his room to set down the laundry. She was wearing a thin, white yoga pants and a light blue T-shirt with a scooped neck. And judging from the way her heavy tits moved as she walked it was clear she wasn't wearing a bra.

Garth could barely move. His hand was frozen still on his cock but his shaft kept pulsing with desperate heat in his grip.

"Uh, I thought you went jogging with Lilly and Winston," he said breathlessly, at a loss to say anything else.

"I came back early to get some things done around the house," Eve said, a faint smile playing at the corners of her lips. "After you're, um, finished, I could use your help with something outside."

And with one more open glance at her son-in-law's hard cock, Eve walked out of his bedroom, closing the door behind her.

Garth's hand was pumping his shaft again before the door was even closed. The mixture of embarrassment and excitement he felt was driving him straight toward an urgent climax. It was one thing to fantasize about his own mother-in-law seeing him, but the unexpected reality was more than his mind could process. So he just let his cock lead the way while he lifted his ass off the bed and fisted a dizzying geyser of spunk from his cock that ended up spattering half his naked body.

Afterward, he couldn't help thinking about how calm Eve had seemed, even despite the way she kept sneaking looks at his cock. She'd even expected him to cum. She'd all but invited him to.

He took a quick shower before going to see what she wanted, and while he was hurriedly washing his own cum off his body, he realized how much he wished his mother-in-law had stayed in his room long enough to watch him spurt. The very idea made him start tingling all over again.

Garth froze and suddenly remembered that he and Lilly were married! He shouldn't be having these thought about Eve. It was wrong, disgusting, and yet, so hot. This was making Garth wonder if he should talk about this problem with Winston.

When Garth finished his shower, he walked outside to see what Eve needed. But when he got there, Eve was laying by the pool in a lawnchair, soaking up the summer rays and making her skin a golden brown tone to go great with her blonde hair. She was wearing a black bikini, with her big tits busting out and nipples piecing through like there was nothing there. When she'd turn over her bikini bottom would ride up her thick hips like a thong, giving any bystander a full view of everything but her pussy. Good thing Garth was the only one there, with the 8 foot fence around, his mother-in-law and her beautiful figure was on display for him and him only.

Eve spied Garth staring at her. Sitting up, she reached up and untied the bow behind her neck. The black triangles clung to her breasts as she reached behind her back and pulled that bow loose. With her left hand, Eve pulled the black cloth away from her breasts and tossed it to the ground.

Her bare breasts hung on her chest like two large sacks, made of silk and filled with honey. They were pulled down by their own weight and supported by their firm mass. It took every bit of Garth's strength not to drop his pants and start jacking off to the sight of Eve's huge breasts.

Eve smiled at Garth. "Would you be a dear and give me a relaxing massage?" she asked him. Garth stood there, rooted to the ground like a tree. The only thing that was on his mind was his mother-in-law's breasts. Frowning, Eve stood up and slowly untied the bows on her hips. Again, she used her left hand to pull the black cloth from between her legs and toss it by the top of her bikini.

Garth's jaw dropped and his nose began gushing blood.

Eve stood by the pool, completely naked. "Well..." she said tapping her foot impatiently. "Are you going to give me my massage or just stare at me?"

Looks like Garth is in a tight spot with Eve. What will he do? Give her the massage or just leave? Please leave reviews and try and guess what he will do in the next chapter.