"Are you going to give me my massage or just stare at me?" Eve asked as Garth stood there. When he finally regained control of his body, Garth slowly walked over to Eve and checked out all her features. Her breasts were huge, her pussy wet and her ass was a sight to die for.

"Lay down for me," Garth said. Eve laid down on her lawn chair and smiled. Everything was going good so far, and she couldn't wait for Garth to bend to her will.

"Be gentle with me Garth, I have been known to get turned on when men touch me," Eve said and winked at him.

"Ok," Garth said as he searched for and found a small bottle of massaging oil in Eve's purse. He knelt behind his mother-in-law and began massaging her upper back. Soon his Eve was moaning in pleasure, punctuated by a few sharp groans of pain as he went too hard.

About five minutes later Garth then straddled her thighs and was able to work with a better angle. Eve was moaning more and more and the sound, although it wasn't exactly erotic, was more than close enough for his hormone filled brain. He was wearing jeans and a pair of boxers, but he knew that they would fail to hide his growing erection.

Garth tried his best to focus his eyes on her lower back, but just couldn't help himself. A while later he abandoned the fight and just kept staring at her ass. By now his Eve was complimenting him, telling him how much better she already felt. They began talking as he worked, and Garth could feel that she was trying to seduce him in some way.

Garth worked his way higher up her back before moving to her thighs. He felt her tensing up very briefly when his warm hands touched the back of her thighs, but soon she resumed moaning in pleasure. At one point, his mind fully occupied with the ogling of the wonderful ass and the conversation he was having, Garth simply let his hands slide all over her ass. Garth felt a surge of forbidden pleasure when he did and squeezed his hands around the soft, generous flesh.

"Garth! I need you to fuck me... please!" Eve suddenly said.

Garth's eyes shot open and saw that he had his hands all over her ass. He had been so fixed on pleasuring Eve, that he failed to keep control of himself.

"NO!" Garth shouted with disgust. "I CAN'T DO IT!"

Eve watched with disappointment as Garth ran into the house. She really wanted her son-in-law to be with her, but she knew that she still had a second chance. Garth felt sick and ashamed for touching his mother-in-law like a pervert, but he decided to go to a place to get his mind off of what he did.

The place Garth went was a bar called "High Moon Bar" and it was a place he like to visit when he wanted a good cold beer, play poker, and pool with his friends.

"Garth, looks like you got gut kicked." said Scars who was about Garth's age.

Claw, who was another friend of Garth was a woman who was as tough as nails, but had quick temper. "Do you want to let us in on what is bothering you, Garth?" she asked taking a drink of beer.

Garth looked at Claw and Scars with humiliation because he didn't want them to know about his mother-in-law's actions, but the truth had to come out. He knew his friends would not tell anyone about Eve trying to seduce him into having sex with her because they were honest and true friends.

"My mother-in-law Eve has irresistible beauty and charm for her age." explained Garth poring himself a drink. "I was drawn to her and I touched her wrongly. I have never felt so guilty in my life."

Scars looked at his friend with understanding. "I know how you feel, Garth." he said patting Garth on the back. "When I was married, I met a stripper at one of the clubs I went to and fucked her."

Garth was shocked. "You cheated on your wife?" he asked Scars calmly, even though he was freaking out on the inside.

It was an even bigger shock when Garth learned that the stripper that Scars slept with was Claw. He never pegged her to be in that line of business, but there was things that people did under the radar to make money.

At that very moment, all the men in the bar started cheering. Garth and his friends were trying to see what got the men all excited. Then one of the men shouted, "It's the queen High Moon!"

"It has been twenty years since she's been seen here!" another man shouted.

Garth saw in the corner of his eye that Scars was already pulling out his wallet. The scared alpha rushed past the men shouting, "Hey Eve, get your sexy ass in here!"

Eve, my mother-in-law is a stripper? Garth thought to himself. Who would have thought that she was that kind of woman.

As she walked toward the stage, a small crowd gathered around her, each guy trying to buy her a drink or asking her to give them a strip tease. Eve smiled as she remembered the good old days before getting married. She took advantage of every offer, always having one or two drinks in front of her and dancing for different men.

Garth watched as one man tried to feel her up, sliding his hands over her body. She let him cup her ass, but she push his hand away after several seconds, giving him plenty of time to feel what he wanted of her body. That was when Garth also noticed the wedding ring still on her finger. Mooch, the bartender and friend, told Garth that Eve came in about once a month and danced for the men before getting married. Most of the men trying to pick her up were either half her age or just a little older than her 43 years. It was obvious that Eve loved the attention she received. And it was well deserved...she was a beautiful woman with an incredible body. Fit and trim, her body had the right curves in the right places. everything fit perfectly.

The black dress she wore hugged her body, accentuating each supple curve of her waist, hips and ass. The low cut top, along with the underlying lift of the cups pushed her large firm breasts out over the top, exposing a large cleavage as well as about half of her breasts. She does look good. Garth thought to himself, but he still didn't like what she tried to do to him that afternoon.

Garth knew he needed to get out of the bar before he fell to temptation, but stopped himself from going when Eve slipped out of her dress. She looked so hot in her sexy lingerie.

"You boys love what you see?" asked Eve who now showing off her black bra, G-string thong, and high-heel pumps. "Who wants me?" she asked curling a devilish, seductive smile on her lips as she spanked her left hip.

All the men were shouting and fighting each other in order to get Eve. The former stripper looked around for the one man she came for…

"Garth!" Eve shouted, her voice was loud enough to silence all the men. Garth stepped forward.

"What do you want, Eve?" he timidly asked her.

"I want you." giggled Eve as she wrapped her arms around her son-in-law. The two of them stood there among the men, who were clearly upset that she would chose Garth over them. Turning to her left, Eve commanded Lyle and Link to set a chair up on stage.

Before Garth knew what was happening, he was dragged on to the stage and placed in the chair. The bar lights dimmed as sexy music began playing. It was turning into a nightmare! First Eve tried to seduce him at home, now she was going to do it publicly. Garth felt so angry and confused.

Eve slowly turned her back to Garth as her hips swung in time to the music, her ass doing its best to completely capture his attention as she slowly pulled on her thin black G-string so that it disappeared into the crack of her ass. By that point, a herd of elephants stampeding through the room would not have drawn Garth's attention. As she bent over, Garth was presented with a perfect view of her G-string covered pussy. The black fabric was wet and stretched tight over her swollen pussy, the outline of her opening clearly revealed as she continued wiggling her ass.

As if on cue Link reached down and unzipped Garth's pants. Then Lyle pulled his jeans down his legs, thus letting Garth's dick spring free. Eve smiled at she saw, Garth was under complete control of her spell, now she could fuck him.

Eve took hold of Garth's dick and stroked it, but before things get go any farther Scars jumped up on the stage. He held out five hundred dollars to Eve with a lustful smile.

"Fuck with me, Eve." he demanded as he slipped the cash into Eve's bra.

Eve looked at Scars and smiled. "I'm only into Garth," she said turning back to her son-in-law. "Lyle and Link take this stupid eastern dog out of here." she commanded.

Lyle and Link grabbed Scars, but he pulled free from the two and turned his attention to Eve. "I'm not leaving until I get some of..." but Eve cut him off. "There are two ways for you to leave this bar, Scars." she growled. "Alive or Dead!"

Claw walked up to her friend and took hold of his hand. "You better listen to the girl." she warned, but Scars would not listen.

Eve then nodded to Lyle who then pulled a silenced Beretta .25 from his coat, pointed it at the back of Scars head, and pulled the trigger.

But Scars life was saved because Garth grabbed Lyle's arm, but the bullet struck Link in the right shoulder. Next thing Garth knew a brawl broke out in the bar and he made his exit. He reached his car and drove off as the local police showed up, but he was glad to be away from Eve and he hoped that she would be sent to the slammer, but he was wrong because by the time he got home he saw Eve's car parked in the driveway. He thought the best way to deal with Eve was to talk to Lilly and his father-in-law, Winston.