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Authors Notes: Third times the charm, right? As some of you may remember (or not, it was quite a while ago) I used to have a story with this premise on this site... twice. The first was called Noah's Gambit and it was simply a story that, while I believe had good ideas to build upon, was ultimately botched by a complicated execution. The next one, simply titled "The Gambit" was one that I believe trimmed down a lot of the excess fat of the original, but ultimately was so bare bones it wasn't interesting. With this story, I hope to emulate both "Candy for Your Thoughts" and "Change of Plans" (both Cody/Courtney stories, but that is a coincidence) in a bit of style, but mostly quality.

This story will not be a competition fic. It will chiefly be around the three mains (Duncan, Gwen and Noah), following them through the game as they discover themselves. Obviously the game still is important, but chief importance will lay in character growth. Each line break will follow the perspectives of each of our main trio, so their will be no confessionals of other characters or really any scenes that doesn't have the three (hence I will not be covering both of these seasons Aftermaths in this UNLESS one of our trio gets eliminated to be in them ;)) Another thing is chapters may or may not be broken up by episode and henceforth they will not begin and end with Chris introducing/wrapping up the episode.

Another reason I mentioned trying to emulate both of the Cody/Courtney story is romance! Besides some of my old Cody/Heather oneshots (which aren't on this site anymore) and the first Noah's Gambit, I haven't really written about romance a heckuvalot (unless one counts the ones summarized in Total Drama Divergence, which I do not.) I have put in the description that while this starts as Gwen/Duncan it will morph into Noah/Gwen. Other pairings will be the standard Alejandro/Heather and Ezekiel/?. Unlike my first attempt, their will be no Cody/Heather as I feel like it would be rather forced and overshadowing of the main trio. Duncan and Courtney may or may not find someone in the end as well ;)

I also want to give a huge shout out to my irl friend for proofreading/editing the first flashback portion of this story! He doesn't have a fan fiction account, and I'm obviously not going to say his real name on here, but thanks EpicLiao!

With that out of the way, let's get onto the show. First with a flashback!

(Total Drama Action Aftermath Studio, following the events of "Aftermath II")

"Spit it out!"

"Lay off her!"

Gwen stared straight ahead. She tried to ignore the voices, both those coming to her defense and those condemning her and the ground she walked on. All the eyes in the studio were glued to her, fixated on what she would say or do next. She felt her hands trembling, despite ferocious frown she was leveling at her assailant: Courtney.

The moment the second Total Drama Action Aftermath ended and Bridgette dragged off "Captain Hollywood" by the ear in order to have a "little chat" the C.I.T spared no seconds in accusing Gwen once again of seducing Duncan while on the show. Trent, despite his initial defense of Gwen when the cameras were rolling, snuck away, drowning against the C.I.T's attacks. Gwen saw from the corner of her eye Ezekiel, Katie, Sadie, DJ, Eva, Tyler and Noah follow Trent out the door (Izzy was gone way earlier, still running from Chef.)

This left Cody as the only one to defend her from Courtney's verbal onslaught. During all this Gwen was mute, simply glaring at Courtney as she yelled at Cody. She still felt tremendously guilty over what had transpired with Trent, and seeing the Cody be intimidated, even fearful, over Courtney didn't soothe her anxiety over the matter. But she definitely knew that whatever Courtney was screaming about her having her "gothic hooks" into Duncan was wrong… right?

She stood up, eyes on Courtney and made up her mind on how she should respond. Obviously the C.I.T couldn't be reasoned with in this state, but she could defuse the situati-

"Shut. Up."

Everyone froze. The small boy that Gwen was certain slinked away earlier of Noah had walked back inside the studio. The calm, almost bored expression on his face contrasted with his rather loud statement and his voice cut through the shouts like a knife.

"What?" Courtney glared.

"Shut up." Noah repeated. He walked forward and teetered himself up so he was now on the stage. "You're acting ridiculous," He cast a glance to each person in the room, landing his eyes finally on Gwen. He narrowed them, "All of you are."

"All of us…?" Cody blinked.

Noah ignored him, "The bus is here to take us back to the resort. The five of us have been waiting outside for you idiots to get on board for ten minutes now." He spoke without emotion, with a hint of rising anger. He then narrowed his eyes once again, "Are you all really so entitled that you'd think we'd just wait around while you all keep bitching about your insecurities?"

Courtney threw the bookworm a disgusted look. Gwen simply stared on at him. What was he talking about? She was expecting Courtney to blow up at him, but someone else caught her by surprise.

"I'm not bitching, Noah." Cody now bore a look of anger that startled even the goth. "I'm just defending a friend. Look, I'm sorry that we held you guys up. That's on us. But stop trying to act like you're above it all. If Izzy or Eva were getting yelled at like Gwen was just now I'm sure you'd stick up for them."

"I agree," Courtney stepped forward. "Well, not that last part," She threw a bemused glance at Cody before composing herself, "I'm sorry that we inconvenienced you a measly ten minutes, but this really doesn't concern you. You have no grounds to tell us we're being insecure."

Noah rolled his eyes and sighed, "Whatever. Can you guys just please get on the bus with us?"

The three on the stage all exchanged glances. Cody gave Gwen a sheepish smile, almost as if he was saying 'sorry that this is so awkward' while Courtney's face was scrunched up. Gwen knew that this would end if Courtney ended her barrage and left. Cody would still be standing by her side if she continued.

"Fine." Courtney huffed. She pushed past Noah, nearly tripping him, as she hopped off the stage. Gwen blinked, still caught up in her own thoughts. Noah's words still rang out, and she felt ashamed that she was kept speechless until now.

"Gwen?" Concern was draped over Cody's face.

"Just give me a sec." Gwen said, more curt than she had intended. Luckily he got the message and hopped off the stage as too, following the other three.

Gwen, thinking that everyone had left, took a deep breath and tried to compose herself. Why had she been silent for the past ten minutes while Cody and Courtney went at it over her? It couldn't have been stage fright, she was perfectly able to defend herself from Geoff during the live broadcast of the Aftermath. So why now?

"Are you coming?"

Gwen jumped with the start and was startled to find that Noah was still standing in the same spot. Any hint of anger or frustration vanished from his face from earlier, leaving an all too familiar face of apathy.


"Why did you say I was acting ridiculous?" The goth asked that so quickly she even surprised herself. Noah raised an eyebrow

"You basically let Cody and Courtney yell about you for ten minutes while wasting everyone else's time." He shrugged. "Aren't you supposed to be the strong willed and independent goth?" His tone shifted. "Why do you care what these idiots think of you?"


Before Gwen could respond, she nearly jumped out of her skin hearing Eva's shout. She was terrified that she had actually come in the studio, but a quick glance around assured her that she was still outside. Noah tilted his head toward the direction of the shout, unfazed. "You're lucky I came in to get you instead of her,"

He turned to face Gwen again, "I don't know how you feel about Duncan, and I honestly don't care. Letting Ms 'Counselor in Complaining' make you freeze up looks pathetic." He turned around and started to walk away, off the stage. Gwen took a step back, clutching her two hands together. He paused, "I watched a lot of the show when I was booted third. I saw how you stood up for yourself. You didn't take shit from anyone and fought hard until the very end. Your grit impressed me."

"Wow, how flattering." Gwen snorted. "The most judgmental guy on the show thinks I'm gritty,"

"See, that's more like you." Noah cracked a smirk, "But what I just saw up there wasn't the 'you' I saw on the Island. You weren't recognizable at all," The bookworm turned around and began to walk towards the exit of the studio, "Don't become weak by this show, Gwen. You're better than that."

"Like I care what you think!" Gwen yelled at him as Noah placed his hands on the door.

Noah chuckled and half tilted his head, "Now I recognize you."

After the bookworm closed the doors Gwen quickly ran up and pushed open the doors herself, piling into the bus with the others. Throughout the short drive up to the resort and into her room she thought about Noah's last words to her. She was silently grateful to him for snapping her back to her old self. She and Duncan were just friends, and if Courtney or anyone else couldn't see that it was there problem.

She never spoke to Noah again after that chance encounter in the studio. As Total Drama Action ended and the twenty-two teens parted ways, she hadn't seen him until the Gemmi Awards those long six months later. When she was casted on Total Drama World Tour, and as her feelings for Duncan grew stronger, she had almost forgotten even speaking with him the day on the Second Aftermath.

Until a faulty lock brought them back together.

(Total Drama Jumbo Jet, Hallway, five minutes before the barf-bag ceremony)

Noah hummed a sigh as he stared down the long hallway from economy to the elimination area. He turned to the single small window that was next to the curtain that separated the hallway from the lower class and gazed out of it. Luckily there were no clouds, so all the specks of light that dotted the ground below were visible. Noah took a few moments to take the scene in before returning his gaze toward the long hallway that he needed to cross.

"Let's get this over with," Noah softly spoke to himself, before starting the trudge. Probably for the last time.

Noah's run on Total Drama World Tour was coming to an end.

Chris had thrown a curveball by awarding Team Amazon the win by them finding Duncan, leaving his own team for elimination despite himself and Owen nabbing Ezekiel. Alejandro was also on the plane during the whole challenge, and saw footage of Noah warning Owen that he was an "eel dipped in grease." Because Tyler was also caught early on in the challenge, the Arch-Villain had ample time to turn the jock against the bookworm. That itself did not totally spell doom for Noah, as he managed to convince Owen to vote for Alejandro shortly after the challenge ended in the event they had lost (Owen still couldn't see through the Arch-Villain's friendly persona, which annoyed Noah, but at least he'd vote for him to save his best friend.) In ordinary circumstances that would have led to a tie and still give Noah a fighting chance.

But 'ordinary circumstances' and were never on Total Drama. Duncan being on their team now had led Noah to realize he had no hope of staying alive in the game.

"Enough a man to take your head off geek!"

Noah grimaced as he remembered the punk almost pulverizing him way back during the race for the case on Total Drama Island.

Yeah, he would vote for Noah for sure.

So that was it. Best case scenario it would three votes to two and Noah would be eliminated. Worst case scenario would be if Chris doesn't give him a parachute…

"Uh… are you going in there?"

Noah blinked. He had been so wrapped up in his own thoughts that he didn't notice Tyler was standing across from him. The jock looked at the floor, rubbing his arm awkwardly. What lay between them was the door to the bathroom confessional. He seldom used it, knowing that Chris cuts the footage to make the contestants look as poor as possible. Apparently he used it so infrequently that he forgotten it was even here. Though it did give him an idea…

"Yes," Noah replied.

Tyler perked up, now meeting his eyes to Noah's. "Really?"

"Is that a problem?" The bookworm drawled.

"Oh uh, no I mean," Tyler began to stammer, "I mean I guess it makes sense that you want to make your last one," Tyler's eyes widened and his cheeks began to flush beat red, "Not that you're going to get eliminated or anything, I just mean-"

Noah took a step forward and clutched his right arm, "Tyler, I know you voted for me. It's just a game. Calm down."

"Oh… you do?" Tyler's face was still pale, "I mean, I'm sorry but Alejandro told me-"

"You don't have to explain yourself, it's fine. Just don't flail around like an idiot and embarrass yourself."

"Okay…" Noah released his grasp on the jocks arm and Tyler slowly took a few steps back. "I'm gonna," He jerked his thumb behind his back, "go to the elimination ceremony. But uh, it was nice getting to know you more, Noah. On the team."


As Tyler jogged back to the elimination area, Noah chuckled. Even if he did vote for him, at least Alejandro didn't manipulate Tyler enough to the point that he hated him.

He took a few paces towards the door of the confessional, "Alejandro's lucky that everyone on this show is too blind to see how he's playing them. But I can still tell everyone how dumb they were for falling for it,"

As Noah placed his hand on the handle, he heard a strange sucking sound coming from inside. He frowned, not knowing what was on the side. He considered just abandoning it altogether, not wanting to deal with one of the rats that scurry around the plane to time to time but he eventually opened the door.

And by doing so change the trajectory of Total Drama World Tour forever.

Gwen froze. It all happened so fast.

She was just making a confessional, just talking about Duncan, and then he walked in. He clutched her still sunburnt hand, pulling himself closer toward her. Her heart was pounding and her cheeks flushed so red it showed through her pale makeup. He was the first to lean in, and she didn't stop him. The feeling of his arm around her waist made Gwen shiver with excitement. She closed her eyes as she kissed him with the thoughts of Courtney and the game disappearing from her mind as his facial hair tickled her chin. Gwen felt light headed, almost as if this were a dream. And for a moment she thought it was.

Now as she opened them it became a nightmare.

The door was open. Noah was standing there, a shocked expression on his face.

Courtney. Duncan and Courtney were dating. She was kissing Duncan.

If Courtney found out…and Noah was standing there.

"Duncan…" Gwen broke the kiss with a whisper, taking a small step back. She weakly pointed her finger behind him. Duncan frowned in confusion before turning his head halfway. Gwen backed up against the wall as he spun around to face the bookworm, "Crap!"


Noah turned around to make a break for it, but Duncan grabbed him by the collar and pulled him inside. The bookworms flailing arm grabbed the handle to the door and as Duncan yanked him it slammed shut.

"Why were you looking at us?" Duncan growled as he hoisted Noah by the collar. He could see Gwen from the corner of his eyes hands covering her face with horror behind the punk, her back against the wall of the small room they were in.

"If you don't want people looking you should actually lock the door." Noah drawled, not fazed by Duncan's threats.

"You could've knocked!" The punk snarled.

Noah was about to say "Why would I knock if there was a lock?" but immediately catching the rhyme he just glared back at the delinquent.

"Put him down Duncan," Gwen put a hand on the arm he was hoisting Noah by the collar, voice shaking. The bookworm could now take a closer look at Gwen now, noticing her makeup was running with sweat and her cheeks were bright red.

"He was spying on us!" Duncan defended.

"I'd listen to her," The heads of Duncan and Gwen both turned to the bookworm, "If you as much lay a finger on me I will shout out what I just saw." Noah's tone grew deathly serious. It gave a him a strange feeling of satisfaction to see Duncan's face go from anger to utter terror. It fluctuated between the two for a moment before he finally relented.

"Fine," He dropped Noah to the floor, which was albeit pretty short due to their similar height.

"Noah," Gwen gave Duncan a pointed look and the punk turned sideways in order for her to take a few paces forward to face him, "I… we…-

"If you're going to beg me to not tell anyone, don't." Noah said as he dusted his pants off with his hands, "I could care less about your love lives." He saw Gwen and Duncan's faces turn to relief as he said those words. "Though knowing Chris he's probably going to find out a way to reveal this,"

"Yeah, whatever." Duncan now pushed past Gwen. "Leave us alone." He flew his arm out to the side of Noah and pushed the door open before shoving him out the door.

"Duncan!" Noah heard Gwen shout quietly as the door slammed behind him. "What if someone saw you do that?"

"Everyone on my team is at that stupid ceremony and your team is at First Class, no one could have." Noah got up and dusted himself off once again, still close enough to hear Duncan's murmurs. Glaring to the now shut door behind him he started to pace towards the elimination ceremony. "You sure that geek isn't going to tell anyone," Noah rolled his eyes, hearing Duncan from the confessional.

"I… I don't think so," replied Gwen. "Noah doesn't care about anything,"

Those words caused Noah to stop in his tracks. He stared at the blue curtain that separated this hallway from the elimination area. He could imagine Alejandro sitting smugly on the bleachers as the ceremony began, giving Noah a dastardly smirk as he jumped off the plane. The only one on his team who could see through his ruse would be gone for the game, leaving him to manipulate those other idiots to the top.

Noah doesn't care about anything.

Those words hit a cord. From day one Noah had seen through Alejandro's faux persona. He saw how he manipulated Harold into making him quit, how he charmed Leshawna and Bridgette to their downfall, how he led DJ to believe his curse had returned resulting in his elimination. It was so painfully obvious for Noah to see every underhanded thing Alejandro did to whittle down the competition while wearing the mask of the charming newcomer. And he did nothing to stop him. All Noah did was silently ruminate to himself about how everyone else was so stupid for believing this obvious bullshit but him.

Why would I have to do anything? Why should I help these idiots who can't see things right in front of their faces? It's not like I care…

Noah remembered those justifications that he thought of in the past for not stepping in. And in truth, he still didn't care. Harold was a fool for letting Alejandro inflate his ego like he did. Bridgette and Leshawna were so vain that they were blinded by Alejandro's looks and forgot about their love interests. DJ actually believing he was cursed was so ludicrous that he deserved to be duped. He didn't care if they fell for it.

But now apathy led to his downfall. Noah was so lazy that he didn't even notice how strong Alejandro was becoming in the game and how that might lead him to be in jeopardy. If he had warned people sooner about Alejandro early in the game, he could have prevented this. The chance to win a million had now disappeared from his grasp, leaving Alejandro to manipulate everyone else to the finale and win.

All because Noah didn't care.

"I'm an idiot." Noah sighed, his head down to the floor. "There must be something I can do…"

He thought through everything that happened to the game up to this point. A loophole, a plan, a delay, something that can save him. Maybe he could tamper with the votes? Harold did it so easily before, he could just…

Then it hit him. He glanced back toward the confessional, still hearing the murmurs of Duncan and Gwen. What he just saw… he could use that.

It was a longshot gambit; they could easily just refuse. But he knew he had to try. Because he did care.

He ran back into the confessional and threw open the door.

Duncan closed his eyes, hands combing through his bright green mohawk. Ever since Gwen had assured him Noah wouldn't talk, all he wanted to do was get out of the cramped confessional. He didn't want to deal with this right now, but Gwen was not having it, barraging him with a million different questions about what they should do next.

"Gwen, relax. What we did was no big deal,"

"No big deal!"

The punk winced at hearing the high pitch of her shout. "Duncan, we just kissed."

"I know, I know." Duncan clutched her hand. He was beginning to feel nauseous. "But I have to go. Chris is waiting for me at the ceremony, and I have to be there to vote out Noah so we know for sure no one will find out about this. Then we can talk, okay?"

"Y-yeah, that's fine." Gwen replied weakly. "Go to the ceremony I guess. But we do need to talk about this."

"Yeah, yeah, I'll meet you in the cargo hold or whatever." He waved dismissively. "But I need to go so-"

Suddenly the door swung open. Duncan and Gwen's eyes went wide as Noah stepped through the door.

"We need to talk," Noah quickly walked in and shut the door behind him, causing both Duncan and Gwen to stumble back.

"What the hell do you want!?" Duncan roared, at his wits end. He desperately wanted to leave, now.

"To not be eliminated." Noah spoke pointedly. Duncan saw Noah locking eyes with Gwen before continuing, "I do at least care about that."

Not understanding what Noah was getting at, Duncan started to lose it, "You're just going to get kicked off anyway so why the hell are you even here!"

"Yeah, that's not going to happen." Noah turned his eyes to Duncan with a glare. "You have two options Duncan. Vote for Alejandro with me or I tell everyone what you two did."

Duncan took a step back, floored. "W-what!"

"If Owen doesn't chicken out by feeling too god damn guilty about it at the last minute, it should be three to two and Alejandro will be gone."

"You're blackmailing us?" Gwen narrowed her eyes. It was now her turn to get angry. "You can't do that!"

"I just did, drama queen." Noah drawled. "But I'm only doing it to save myself. I was telling the truth when I was saying I could care less about your love lives. But I'm tired of sitting on the sidelines while Alejandro breezes through the game. He turned his attention back to Duncan, "So what's it going to be?"

Duncan's eyes were wide, saying nothing. He was becoming light headed and he blinked his eyes a couple times to regain his bearings. He just needed to think, he needed peace, he just needed to-

"We refuse."

Duncan and Noah both turned to Gwen, "What!?"

"Duncan, it's only a matter of time before Courtney and the others find out anyway."

"You don't know that!"

"Come on Duncan." Gwen shook her head with some of her hair grazing Duncan's face, "Heather will figure out something is up between us or Chris will show footage and expose or whatever. Let's just bite the bullet now, okay. Please?"

Duncan was thunderstruck. Though all of Gwen's words passed above his head. He felt extremely woozy, and now was afraid he would pass out on top of her. All he could think of in his head was Courtney. If she found out…

"I'll do it." Duncan turned back to Noah.

"Wait what?" Gwen cried. "Duncan!"

"I'm glad you made the right decision." Noah began to smirk. "Don't plan on betraying me either, if Chris announces that I'm eliminated I will shout at the top of my lungs what happened here."

"Just go." Duncan waved his hand.

Noah nodded and turned around taking a few steps to the door. As Duncan closed his eyes he could hear him say, "Gwen..."

"Just go. At least I know what you're all about now."


The door clicked shut behind him and Duncan let out a big sigh. He needed this to be over and he needed to think.


"We'll talk later in the cargo hold," Duncan didn't even glance back as he walked out of the door.

"Alright, all the votes are tallied so let me just see what we got." Chris stood near the opened doorway of the plane as he opened the envelope. Noah was seated next to Owen on the smallest bleacher. Nervous anticipation filled his body. Gwen still could have talked Duncan out of it, so he was not out of the woods yet...

His attention turned to Alejandro, who was giving him a menacing smirk in the front. Noah shot right back with a glare. He didn't want to appear too smug to tip off Alejandro something was up. He wanted him to be totally surprised.

"Wait what?" Chris stammered at the front. "R-really? Chef!" The cook sprinted up to him. Chris handed him the envelope. "This can't be right,"

"Yeah but something… juicy happened which changed things." Chef cackled softly, head turned to the teens seated on the bleacher.

"Pardon?" Alejandro asked.

"Juicy like a tomato!" Owen piped up. He patted his stomach. "Mhmm… tomato juice…"

"Lindsay always loved tomato juice," Tyler sighed with Alejandro giving him a reassuring pat on the back. Noah rolled his eyes.

"Well alright, this better be good though because if not than we might seriously take a hit ratings wise." Chris sighed as Chef went back off to the side. He took a deep breath. "With three votes against him…Alejandro!"

Alejandro froze looking positively mortified, "Que!?"

"Time to say tally-ho, pip pip, cheerio, toodaloo!" Chris laughed with a faux British accent. "But seriously dude, really bummed to see you go. You were really entertaining. But Chef told me that this will all work out best, ratings wise, so hopefully it's not that big of a loss for the show."

"This… this can't be possible." Alejandro's face started to twitch. "I was supposed to make it to the finale!"

"Yup but you didn't, sorry!" Chris flashed a cheeky grin.

"Wait, wait can we have a recount or something," Tyler stood up. "They do that when a riding is super close in an election, right?" [1]

"Yeah, this isn't politics. If it was this show would be super boring… so no recounts."

"Sorry you have to go Al," Owen stood up, pulling the Latino in a giant bear hug from his seat.

"This… this can't be happening." Alejandro stammered.

"Oh but it is," Noah now flashed a smirk.

"Yeah, it's always a shock." Chris walked over to him and guided him over to the center. "But don't worry, you still are going to have a chance to win the million."

Alejandro brightened. "R-really!"

"Nope! Ha!" Chris pushed him forward. "Chef!" The cook raced up and flung Alejandro's parachute onto him before shoving him out the side door.


"He even screams in Spanish. Dude was awesome." Chris turned around back to the now new foursome, chuckling. "You guys better pick up the slack. Alejandro was probably the most entertaining guy on the show and you guys just booted him off. Normally I'd be a bit mad but Chef seems super stoked about something that just happened so I'm eager to review the footage and see what he's on about. You guys can go," He waved his hand dismissively.

As Chris and Chef left eagerly to the front of the plane, Owen gave Noah a titanic bear hug. "Oh buddy, I thought I'd lose you!"

"You might not have lost me but I am losing feeling in my spine…" Noah managed to squeak out.

"I don't believe it…" Tyler stared off. "I really thought… damn." He turned to his side and blinked, "Woah, Duncan already left."

Owen stopped embracing Noah and put his hand to his chin. "Huh… he left pretty quick. Maybe he was hungry?"

"Yeah," Noah looked to the curtain they had walked through to get here. "Maybe he is…"

Noah opened the door to the confessional, walking inside of it. He inspected the toilet seat of anything he'd rather not touch and seeing none he took a seat.

"I don't normally use these but I feel like I needed to after today," Noah felt off talking directly to a camera, but shook off the feeling. "Alejandro is gone. Despite how slippery they are; you actually can grab an eel dipped in motor oil." He smirked. He looked side to side a moment before continuing, "I feel like it isn't hitting me fully yet, what I've done I mean. I thought I'd feel happier…" He shook his head, "Now I finally have a chance to win this game. Duncan's probably gunning for me now, but if I tell him that if he tries to vote me off I'll tell everyone he will probably balk. I would hate to lose next time though, I do like Tyler…"

He gazed off to the window of the confessional. "If Gwen hadn't said those words about me I probably wouldn't be here right now. Speaking of Gwen, I do have to keep in mind that she could spill everything too, she seemed to be leaning towards it when I told them. She probably hates me now, but I could care less how she thinks of me. Besides," He smiled, "I think I remember telling her not to care what others think a long time ago…"

"So the plan is to try to win the next challenge and whittle down the Amazons. When whatever goings on between Duncan and Gwen gets revealed, by me or otherwise, hopefully I can lay low after that and not become a target. Then I'll go from there." He stood up and walked out of the confessional. As he gazed down the barely lit hallway and walked towards economy class his mind still wandered off to Gwen. He remembered overhearing the second time he left the confessional that Duncan told her they would talk in the cargo hold. He wondered if she was still there…

Noah doesn't care about anything.

He shook his head. He certainly cared about something now.

Winning at all costs.

Endnote: [1] - A Riding is analogous to an United States congressional district in Canada.

*Ahem* Adam Conover popped up behind ewisko, "Well ACTUALLY, Canada has a parliamentary system so saying it's analogous isn't correc-" ewisko promptly duck tapes Conover's mouth shut.

Authors Notes: How did you like it? I have to admit, I'm nervous about this. This is my first real story (where I'm not writing in a summarized format like Total Drama Divergence) in many, many years.

Noah's trying to prove to himself (and maybe others) that he does care about something. How will things go from here? Should I continue, or am I hopelessly failing at this, haha.

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