Hermione looked warily at the strangely dressed lady standing in front of her.

"Has anything… unexplainable every happened around you, when you're angry or afraid?" asked the lady awkwardly.

"No." said Hermione.

Oh sure, unusual things happened around Hermione all the time. But contrary to what the oddity in front of her was suggesting, this didn't happen when she was angry or scared. Unexplainable things happened to her precisely when she wanted them to happen. In fact, calling them unexplainable would be misleading. She and her parents already had a working explanation. After some thought, they had decided that Hermione was a god.

Naturally, she wasn't omnipotent, but her powers had so far become stronger as she aged. She was simply waiting until she was powerful enough to rule the world.

Angry or afraid? She had never had reason to be, her powers always solved everything for her. What was this crazy old mortal talking about?

She had stopped paying attention to the lady in front of her, so she was, unsurprisingly, rather shocked when the lady turned the table into a mountain lion.

Immediately, Hermione's focus sharpened. Impossible! Another god?

"You're a witch, Hermione."

Hermione was still struggling to accept this new development. But there was one question she had to ask. "How many other …witches… are there?"

"Well," said the other god, "first off, there are also wizards, which are male witches. And there aren't really any unified censuses about this kind of thing, but I would estimate there to be several tens of thousands of magical folk in Britain alone."

Hermione's parents exchanged glances.

Hermione held off the urge to swear. It seemed that she had plenty of competition for her ascension to godhood.

While shopping for books in that dreadfully dirty shop, Hermione bumped into another figure her age. The figure pointed a …bloody shovel (?) at her, and said "Hagrid, I swear to god, if you tell me one more time how many books I can or cannot buy I will- Oh, sorry about that, who are you?"

"My name is Hermione."

The boy grunted, and continued to look disinterested, before both of them saw a book that interested them. "A guide to power boosting rituals."

The boy got to it, first, but Hermione wrenched it out of his hand. The boy pulled it back. Hermione waved her hand, and the book was pulled from the boy's grasp by an invisible force. He moved to grab it back from her, but was blocked by an invisible wall. They stood facing each other for a second, and Hermione watched in fascination as she could almost see his plans for getting the book back flashing through his emerald eyes. Then, the boy turned, and yelled "Hagrid!"

A massive figure cautiously lumbered over to him. "Yes?"

"Take her book."

"I can't do that for ye, Harry. It's unchivalrous to rob a girl of her books, don't you know tha-"

The boy, Harry, pointed his still bloody shovel at the giant, who visibly shuddered, and looked very conflicted.

"I still can't-"

"Sorry, what was that?" asked Harry, as he ground the shovel against the floor of the shop with his foot, leaving several bloodstains on the floor. "I couldn't hear you, because I was too busy practicing stabbing things with my shovel. Anyway, what were you saying? Something about not doing exactly as I request?"

"I'll do it!" cried Hagrid, as he went for the book in Hermione's hands, apologies shining in his eyes.

Suddenly, the clerk showed up. "What's all the commotion here about-" The clerk than noticed that he was interrupting a face-off between two eleven-year-olds for a book on power boosting rituals.

He sighed. "I'll go get the second copy of the book from the loft."

Everyone visibly relaxed, as he walked off muttering to himself "-just what are they feeding kids these days-".

"Sorry about that," said Harry. "What did you say your name was?"

Hermione smiled. It was never a bad thing to gain allies.

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