Disclaimer: You know the drill. Hell, I haven't even PLAYED Overwatch.

AN: Set several months after the short, Hero.

AN2: Like my fic Bad Dreams or Rather Nightmares, I have peppered this fic with Spanish terms (Thank you Google Translate.) Any errors in my Spanish I attribute to them. All translations are at the bottom of this fic. Also,for any errors I have in my application of the Mexican education system, I apologise.

"So what do you think?" Alejandra asked and her friend was quiet for a moment.

"You're crazy Ale," Maria said after what seemed like an eternity. Alejandra glared at her friend but Maria just kept talking.

"You think that you're going to be some kind of superhero with a catapult! You gonna get yourself killed!"

"There's one in Japan who uses a bow and arrow," Alejandra protested and Maria snorted..

"You mean that urban myth about an archer with magic arm tattoos?" she said and Alejandra glared. "Even if he did exist, he's got a bow and arrow and supposedly magical tattoos. You have a catapult and some stones."

Alejandra huffed and Maria sighed.

For a few moments, the two girls sat in silence as their classmates ate their lunches.

"I just...want to be like Los Protectors," Alejandra said finally. "Like Senor 76."

Maria shook her head.

"Senor 76 is a soldier with all sorts of fancy technology and a gun and God knows what else. How a skinny teenage girl and her catapult going to have anything on that?" she pointed out and Alejandra sighed.

"Maybe I could learn…"she looked at their dilapidated old school lunchroom, with patches still covering the holes from the Omnic crisis.

"Not here you not," Maria said, tossing her long black hair over her shoulder and waving at a pair of boys. Alejandra rolled her eyes. "I think you like Senor 76."

"He saved my life. Of course I like him. He's so cool and amazing and-"

"No, I mean, like, like him," Maria said, cutting Alejandra off. Alejandra flushed.

"You crazy! He's old. Like really old!" she protested and Maria laughed.

"Denial is not just a river in Egypt," Maria said with a chuckle and Alejandra blushed once more.

"He just inspired me!" she protested. "Anyway, someone needs to stand up to Los Muertos. Those Calaveras can do what they like and nobody will stand up to them!"

"Dios mio Ale, you going to get yourself killed! You already had one close call. Thank God you did. But he won't always be there to save you," Alejandra opened her mouth to speak, but Maria pressed on. "It's not your responsibility. Leave it to the Policia Estatal-" Alejandra snorted "or the Policía Federal Ministerial. It's their job!"

"Like they do anything!" Alejandra shot back with a hint of annoyance. "Did Los Protectores stand aside and say it was someone else's job?"

"Los Protectores were made up of people with superpoderes," Maria pointed out. "Or had awesome technology. You have neither."

For a moment, Alejandra slumped, looking defeated. Maria dismissed the slight twinge of guilt she felt at crushing her friend's dream. Better to live and let the foolish dream die than to have her actually be dead. Then a gleam entered Alejandra's eyes.

"You're right. Fighting Los Muertos with a catapult is stupid," she said, her eyes suddenly alive. "Los Protectores would never be so stupid. What was I thinking?"

"You weren't," Maria said with a slight chuckle.

"Do you know if Señor Cortilla is still taking apprentices at his garage?"

Maria remained silent for a moment, taken aback by the change in direction the conversation had taken.

"He's always taking apprentices. He's a gilipollas who can't keep apprentices."

"Not everyone," Alejandra said with a smile. "Didn't your brother say that he learned how to be the best from him?"

"Well yeah-"

"I'm going to see him," Alejandra said and Maria gave her a strange look.

The bell rang, signalling the end of their lunch break and Alejandra walked into class with a skip in her step.


Los Protectors=The Protecters. Basically the Mexican name for Overwatch.

Senor 76= Don't need to translate. She refers to him like this because even though she knows his real name, his jacket stands out in her mind.

Calaveras=Skulls. Basically a local nickname for Los Muertos

Los Muertos=The skull tattooed thugs who Soldier 76 is fighting in the episode Hero.

Dios mio=My God

gilipollas = arsehole