A/N: This is kind of an au where Ladybug and Chat are a show on Netflix, and other wielders come out to play. So far, there's the wolf, dove, duck, lion, frog, and the flying fish, with the mantis soon to come(hopefully). Also the hare, bear, coyote and worm, once I come up with their powers review or dm them to me if you have ideas. There is no update schedule so don't ask, haven't written the theme song yet, yada yada yada. I wrote this to try out something, please tell me if you don't like it. Sorry for the short chapter, the rest should be longer. Til next time! -Anon751

Miraculous: Tales of Alpha and Dove

This is the story of Benjamin Spaeth: an average high school student with what people would assume to be a perfect home life. Two parents, my own room, and a little brother. My social life is pretty much normal too, I've made a few friends, but because I came to this school from a different district, I didn't know many people. Anyway, this is the story of how my life became Miraculous.