His eyes opened to the ceiling fan. Cold air prickled his skin. Touma winced and sought the warmth of his wives.

Mikoto Kamijou and Kuroko Kamijou.

Mikoto's slim, fit body was to his left. Kuroko's petite body was to his right.

Both girls were naked and sound asleep.

Mikoto had grown her brown hair past her shoulders, while Kuroko maintained the pig-tails of her auburn hair. From the mirrors attached to the walls on either side of the bed, he saw both of his wive's faces. Mikoto was smiling in her sleep. Kuroko was frowning.

He slid his arms under their dainty bodies, hooked his right hand on Kuroko's abdomen, his left on Mikoto's chest, squeezed her small breast, then pulled both girls closer to himself.

Only when he felt their soft, warm bodies pressed to his own did he smile in content.


"Are you sure?" he asked Mikoto, his fiance.

"Yes," she said, scowling with a flustered face. She wore a white dress, a headband with a white rose and evening gloves that covered up to her shoulders. She folded her arms on her chest and looked anywhere but him.

"Well, gorilla?" Kuroko asked. "Are you up for this?" She wore similar clothes to Mikoto, but in dark red instead of white. Her dress was shorter, with a slit teasing her left thigh. Her gloves only covered her hands. A rose collar wrapped around her neck. She held her hips and smirked, but was obviously fighting off a blush.

"Yes," Touma answered immediately.

Both girls blushed once more. Kuroko kept her mouth shut while Mikoto did all the talking.

"Y-you're okay with this!?" Mikoto asked, stomping on the floor. Touma put his hands on his pockets and whistled. He wore a suit for the party. They were in a hotel when the girls dragged him to a suite Mikoto reserved for one week.

"Repeat the deal," Touma said.

Mikoto grinded her teeth. "Y-you can marry both Kuroko and myself in exchange for her having her way with me for on-one night."

Touma licked his lips. "I get to watch two hot girls have lesbian sex then marry them? I see no downside to this."

"You're such a pig!" Mikoto exclaimed.

"Gorilla!" Kuroko added.

Touma put his elbow on the armrest, leaned on his hand, raised a brow and glanced around the room. They were in a spacious bedroom. He sat on a swiveling chair and faced the mattress. A two-headed strap-on dildo was on the bed.

"Who was the one who made the offer?" he asked.

"M-me." Mikoto looked down.


"B-because you're an animal!" Mikoto hissed, red as a tomato. "I can't keep up with your stamina, you freak! At this rate you're going to kill me before our wedding night!"

"And Kuroko was fine when you approached her with this offer?" he asked, glancing at Kuroko. "I pegged you for a lesbian."

Kuroko snorted. "P-please. I am only ever interested in Mikoto-sama. If she asks for help in exchange for the chance to finally make love to her on a nightly basis, who am I to refuse?" She narrowed her eyes. "Know this, gorilla. Even if you were to sully me with children, I will only have eyes for her."

Touma shook his head, kneaded his forehead and sighed.

"Again. I see no downside to this. I'm in if you two are."

Mikoto's face was so red he was worried her face was going to explode in blood. "I-if you're certain."

Kuroko bit her lips. "F-finally." She grabbed Mikoto's shoulders, spun her senpai then held her hands. "F-finally, Mikoto-sama. I get to make love to you."

She kissed Mikoto, and for once Mikoto didn't resist Kuroko's advances. Kuroko sucked her tongue until spit dribbled down their chins, necks and clothing, cupped her ass and groped her chest. She pulled away from the kiss with a sigh, leaving a trail of spit between their lips. She held Mikoto's clothing and teleported the clothes away, then did the same to her own until they were both naked. Mikoto attempted covering her breasts and pussy, but Kuroko had none of it and pushed her limbs aside. She sucked a nipple and slid a finger inside Mikoto's wet cunt, soaking her finger. She pushed Mikoto on the bed, took the two-headed strap-on dildo, pushed one head inside her pussy, then the other to Mikoto's cunt.

"I love you, I love you," those were all the words Kuroko said that night as she fucked Mikoto senseless. Mikoto merely moaned and screamed Kuroko's name. She once glanced at Touma then covered her red face until Kuroko pulled her hands to either side of her head. Kuroko looked at Touma victoriously, as if a hot girl like her fucking Mikoto would make him jealous.

In truth, he was fighting the overwhelming urge to unzip his pants and jack-off to them on the spot.

Kuroko bit Mikoto everywhere, leaving teeth-marks on the girl like she was her property.

Touma merely enjoyed the sight as years of unresolved sexual tension between the two girls sunk away in a night of pleasure. Eight hours in Mikoto was a crying, mewling, moaning mess, alternating between clawing Kuroko's back, ass and pushing her chest away, unintentionally groping Kuroko's tits and inflaming her lust. The dildo fit both their cunts, with only a small part visible as Kuroko's hips kept pounding Mikoto to oblivion even as Kuroko bit and sucked Mikoto's face.

That was a night to remember.


Kuroko woke up, saw Touma's face and immediately scowled.

Well, scowled further.

"Nice dream?" he asked.

"No. Unfortunately it was about you." She sneered.

He laughed.

Her scowl lessened into a frown. "You are such a peculiar specimen."

He kissed her head. She closed her eyes and the frown disappeared entirely.

She sighed as he kneaded her stomach. "Is the baby kicking?" he asked.

She rolled her eyes. "For the last time, Touma. I'm only one month pregnant. Can't you wait a little longer?" She didn't hide the slight fond expression at his happy smile.

He learned a lot about Kuroko after their marriage.

She had a hard time expressing her feelings, for one.

Then again, it was a trait she shared with Mikoto and Touma.

She also disliked the fact Mikoto was in love with him, not her. Yet when Touma offered to break off the silly deal Mikoto and Kuroko made and just call it a one night stand, she was the one who rejected it.

He didn't notice at first, but Mikoto really did get tired quickly in their lovemaking. Kuroko substituted afterwards, and Touma was only happy to fuck her too with the blessing of his wife. But when he finally felt tired he realized Mikoto was still asleep.

And so was Kuroko.

He fucked them both unconscious.

That made him realize he needed moderation.

He held the back of Kuroko's head, feeling the threads of hair pressing into his palm. She briefly frowned, closed her eyes, then pursed her lips. He kissed her as passionately as the night she kissed Mikoto.

When he was done, she opened her eyes and looked at him in surprise. "Your breath doesn't stink."

He chuckled. "I thought it always did?"

"It stinks less," she hissed.

"An experimental mint developed one week ago," he said. "One mint a day keeps the bad breath away for up to twelve hours if you don't eat or drink anything other than water. Only in Academy City." He shook his head in awe.

She nodded. "Can I have some?"

Her serious face made him grin. She scowled and poked his ribs. "Stop smiling, you asshole."

"I can't help it when my wife's so cute."

This time she blushed. "S-shut the fuck up before I kill you!"

"I love you too, Kuroko." He kissed her head.

She sighed and kissed his chest. "Love you too, dummy. But if you tell Mikoto I said that I will fuck you up."

"Hmm…" He smirked. "I don't see the downside."

She gaped at him. "Let it go already. It's been three years you ungrateful prick."

"Ungrateful? Me?" He pulled his arm from Mikoto, traced a finger down Kuroko's spine, making her shiver, then cupped her ass. "I'm the luckiest man in the world to have married two beautiful, wonderful women way out of my league."

"Yeah, that's right," Kuroko muttered, glancing away.

He sat up, moved to her legs, split them open and lined his cock to her pussy. Then he sunk his cock inside. She was already wet, making it easier. Her tight pussy walls welcomed his cock with a clench, drawing a sigh from them both. He put his arms on either side of her head and she looked up at him with a blushing face.

"Do you hate me?" he asked.

"Not anymore." She bit back a moan as he began thrusting.

"You used to?"

"Yeah…" She arched her back and clenched the sheet.

"You know I love you, right?" He increased the pace of his thrusts, caressed her left thigh, then put her leg up his shoulder.

"I know…" She moaned. "That's why it became bearable. T-to know you weren't just after my body."

"Well, I was at first." He chuckled, so did she until he hit her g-spot, making her moan louder.

"That looks nice," Mikoto said. She yawned and wiped her eyes. She laid on her front, rested her head on her hands and moved her legs.

"M-Mikoto," Kuroko said. "Kiss me?"

"Only you, Kuroko." Mikoto laughed, closed her eyes, opened her mouth and leaned for a kiss, indulging Kuroko's passionate lips. Kuroko might love them both, but she only learned to love Touma whereas she loved Mikoto since they were in middle school.

It didn't stop him from fucking her faster. Two girls kissing was too hot for him to not be turned on.

"You two are so fucking hot," he grunted.

"I know." Mikoto smiled coyly once they were done kissing.

"Fuck," Kuroko drawled, holding Mikoto's hand. "H-harder, you pussy! I-is that all you got!?"

Touma kept hitting her g-spot until she came, then kept on fucking.

He smashed his lips to hers, pushed inside balls-deep then filled her with cum, drawing another orgasm. She clenched his chest, then his head, then scratched his scalp in their passionate embrace.

When they were done, she was finally smiling, albeit deliriously, in a state similar to drunkards. She was intoxicated by pleasure.

Oh yeah. Despite fucking Mikoto longer, he learned Kuroko's lust was nearly as insatiable as his own.

No wonder she got pregnant first.