Nephthys x Touma x Niang-Niang lemon; cheating; threesome

The gift of immortality was bestowed by the gods to the people of their choosing. Touma in particular was favored by two gods. Nephthys; a striking statuesque beauty with silver hair ending in curls, a curvaceous body and chocolate brown skin wrapped under bandages, and Niang-Niang; a petite girl under a dangerously short qipao teasing her legs, short jet black hair, glimmering eyes, a knowing grin.

The two were, in a sense, the reason why he, his wives and children were to live forever.

But blessings do not come for free.

At the moment he was in a penthouse with Nephthys and Niang-Niang. Nephthys sat by a luxurious bed, unwrapping her bandages. Niang-Niang left the bathroom wearing a white robe towel; her hair was damp; her skin glistened with bathwater; a bead of water trickled down the side of her thigh.

She smirked at Touma. " You ready?"

He licked his dry lips and gulped.

Once a week, he would become their property.

And that was only for himself. For everyone he chose to be bestowed with immortality he paid with an extra 24 hours. Currently he was theirs for 4 days: for himself, Mikoto, Kuroko and their baby. If he had grandkids he would be their property forever.

The deal was malleable. Technically each person he immortalized became the gods' playthings and slaves.

But they liked him, and for now let him alter the terms slightly.

Niang-Niang smiled like a cat. "Good." She purred and sashayed with feline grace. He was drawn to her hips. She began unbuttoning his shirt. "Come along," she said, leading him to the bed. Nephthys lay on her side. She leaned on her slender arm. Silver hair cascaded down the mattress. She was naked.

And soon, so was he.

Niang-Niang pulled his chin and kissed him as he disrobed her while Nephthys watched with an amused smile.

Time distorted.

One second outside the penthouse became four days inside it. He was Alice and this was Wonderland.

They took turns riding him. By the end of it he was a human dildo existing solely for their pleasure. Niang-Niang moaned; her legs around his hips; his cock buried inside her pussy. Nephthys dismounted his face, leaving a trail of cum and spit. She pressed her breasts to his, pulled his hair, licked his cheek and slid her tongue in his lips, exploring his mouth.

He came inside Niang-Niang.

The time distortion was purely for their amusement. One day they would revoke it and force him to sleep with them and let his wives know he was cheating on them with gods.

When they offered the deal it sounded so simple too.

He gasped for breath. Niang-Niang lied on his chest, rubbing her nipples on his skin, wrapped svelte arms around his head and lunged for a mutually loving kiss.

All three were sweaty, although he was the only one heaving with breath. Nephthys moved her legs behind his and spooned him, coaxing a shiver as she rubbed her tits on his back and nibbled his earlobe. Niang-Niang sighed happily and nuzzled his collarbone.

When the time came to leave, neither gods stopped him. He bathed, put on his clothes and approached the door.

"Take care," Nephthys said.

"See ya next week," Niang-Niang chirped. She and Nephthys hugged each other.

For all their deception, they truly did love him.

He was afraid of learning if he felt the same.

"Right." He forced a smile, stepped out, closed the door.

He found Kuroko and Mikoto by the patio of a coffeeshop. Kuroko leaned to sip the straw of her iced coffee and narrowed her eyes into slits, looking at him suspiciously. Not because of what he just did, but because she didn't want to share her coffee. "Touma," Mikoto said, greeting him with a bright smile. "How was your walk?"


That was right. To them, only a few minutes had passed since he made his sorry excuse of wanting to take a brief walk.

To him, it was 4 days since he fucked two hot nubile gods nonstop just to pay them back for their gifts of immortality.

He smiled, hoping Mikoto and Kuroko would eventually forgive him. He pulled them both into a hug, coaxing a yelp from both girls. Touma groped their breasts and pinched their nipples, earning a moan from his wives.

"W-what the hell, asshole?" Kuroko exclaimed.

"N-not outside," Mikoto begged and squirmed.

Pedestrians blushed and watched the daring act. If they expected it to be followed by the two girls slapping Touma, they were mistaken. He kissed Mikoto's strawberry flavored lips and tasted her mouth, then Kuroko's mocha flavored tongue.

"Come on," he said, needing their bodies to sate himself after the sin of cheating on them, pulling both girls by their wrists. "Let's go home."

It was all for immortality, he convinced himself.