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Kunou (When she is 16), Koneko, Ravel, Kuroka, Xenovia, Irina, Rossweisse


"Hey" = Speaking

'Hey' = Thinking

'Hey' = Memory

"Hey"= Sacred Gear/ Communication link

Chapter 64: Awakening of the True Master

Island Turtle…

Outside of the Birdcage, Riser watched Yubelluna hit the ground, Gaara's haki infused sand ravaging her body with pain.

"Got you." Gaara snarled, holding out his right hand, gripping his wrist with his left, in a gripping form.

More sand flew from his gourd, taking the form of a thin line.

Gaara grunted, his head pulsing in pain as some of his sand started to cover his shoulder.

'No, I can't lose control…' He thought as he kept his hold on Yubelluna. 'I need to end this NOW!'

The sand, at a high speed, sliced through the ground to cut Yubelluna in two, only for an explosion to go off underneath her, blood splattering out of her back as she rocketed toward Gaara.

'Need to defend…' Gaara thought as he went to defend, only to freeze when he gripped his head, which pulsed again.

"YOU LITTLE BASTARD!" She shouted as she landed a hit across Gaara's face, detonating a point-blank explosion.

Gaara was knocked off of his feet, out cold, as Yubelluna hit the ground, her back and almost stub of a hand bleeding profusely.

Riser sighed in relief before he returned his attention back to Sakon, only to see he was missing.

"Surprise!" Sakon said as his head appeared on Riser's shoulder.

"What?" He questioned before a hand shot out of his own arm and impaled his throat. "GYAHHHHH!"

Sakon tore out Riser's throat, making the man kneel, gripping his neck as his blood soaked his clothing.

"Wait brother, he is a Phenex, right?" another person said as a second head emerged. "He can survive that if it doesn't have Senjutsu. The other Phenex dude who fought Kimimaro showed that."

"Oh, you are right, Ukon." Sakon replied as they entered Version Two state, looking like Oni.

Riser let out pained, guttural cry of pain as senjutsu pierced through his veins due to the twins.

"Ah, pain and agony feel so good when on the inside." Ukon chuckled sadistically, wiping his forehead of sweat. "Hey, is it just me… or is it getting warm?"

"Now that you mention it." Sakon stated in agreement.

"Yo-you bastards…" Riser chuckled as he collapsed, his throat healing. "You think I would not have a way to counter this after the werefox harmed me?"

"What?" The twins questioned before they felt their body temperatures increase further.

"I started training after my defeat to Rias's Pawn. Unlike my brother and sister, who trained in a secret location, I looked through the family archives and found a secret use of out flames, a high-level skill." Riser stated cockily as the heat intensified. "The ability to store and transfer heat: Boil."

The twins didn't understand, but jumped out of Riser's body, making him gasp in relief, his body being set aflame to heal itself.

"It's too late." Riser stated as he raised his hand. "My stored heat is already inside you…"

Sakon and Ukon went to kill Riser, but stopped as their noses started to gush blood as their temples started to bubble and break open before their eyes were torn apart.

"I stored the heat into your temples. First, your eyes will burst," Riser stated as he lay on the ground, watching his opponents suffer from an intense form of heat stroke. "And lastly, your blood vessels pop, causing your death."

Sakon and Ukon died, their temples gushing blood as Riser passed out.

"Hm, I'm surprised he had such an ace up his sleeve." Edward mumbled as he whipped through some of Kidomaru's arrows. "I do say, I am interested in that form of webbing you create."

Kidomaru chuckled in excitement.

"You ain't seen anything yet, pretty boy." He stated as he entered his Level Two Curse Mark, his forehead protector falling off to reveal a third eye.

"Interesting look. If I wasn't a botanist then I would have asked if you could join my peerage." Edward joked as he wasn't phased by Kidomaru's transformation.

Kidomaru didn't respond as he crouched and lunged forward, his webbing forming into armor around his body as he was struck by the Rose Whip.

"I know that weapon of yours, Devil." Kidomaru stated as his armor was broken and he spat webbing in Edward's face, blinding him. "Now you can't see, and you can't predict my movements!"

His six hands hit Edward simultaneously, making him drop his whip and send him across the arena.

"Now, for the finishing touch." Kidomaru stated as he formed a bow and arrow with his yellow webbing, pulling back the bow string as he took aim. "Game over."

He released the shaft, piercing through Edward's chest.

"Wait, that didn't feel correct." Kidomaru mumbled as he could feel the vibrations through the string that he had created with the arrow. 'There should have been some resistance.'

Kidomaru felt a bulge in his chest.

He gripped it and felt a strange, fist sized growth within his body.

"What the fuck is this?" he questioned as he could feel it pulsate inside his chest.

"It is too late." Edward whispered behind Kidomaru, caressing the spider themed male's cheeks. "But the death seed will take root, and as it blooms it causes hallucinations of one's desires. You desired my defeat thus you saw my defeat."

"When…" Kidomaru demanded, grunting in pain as he felt the pain intensify.

"A magician never reveals his tricks, but since you won't be able to tell anyone, I did it during the first flurry of attacks." Edward explained. "I am quite discrete."

Kidomaru grit his teeth and attempted to spin around and kill Edward, only for his body to spasm and the Death Plant burst from his chest like a baby Xenomorph.

"Such a beautiful flower, from such ugly soil." Edward stated as he caressed the flower that grew from the corpse.

As he observed the flora, Pamela swiftly and elegantly evaded Tayuya's Doki.

"Your attacks are boorish and to predictable." Pamela stated as she backflipped elegantly several feet away from the Club Doki's attack.

Tayuya grunted as she played her flute.

'Stuck up whore!' she thought as she continued to have her Doki attack.

Pamela sadly frowned as she ducked and then rushed forward, reaching into her pockets.

"I am sorry, my children." She apologized before she struck the Club Doki.

She struck the Claw Doki.

And then the Mummified Doki.

"Now, for the flourish." Pamela whispered before she spun on her foot, arms held out spreading pheromones.

"Where my King uses his magic to grow his flora," Pamela explained as she put her foot down, causing the Doki to be encased in what appeared to be Venus Fly traps. "I use my body chemistry as I am a Green Being, one of Nature's will."

Tayuya growled as she broke her flute before grabbing a kunai from her pouch.

"You are nothing…" Tayuya shouted as she lunged toward Pamela.

"But you are a being ignorance." Pamela interrupted as she spun around, hitting Tayuya in the neck, sending her to the ground. "You are deserving of death."

Tayuya attempted to get up, by was kept down by some plants.

"Now, let's embrace death." Pamela stated sensually as she knelt down and wrapped her arms around the struggling enemy.

"FUCK YOMPH…" Tayuya shouted before Pamela kissed her passionately.

Tayuya's eyes widened.

Painfully, green veins encroached her flesh, spreading from her lips to her face and neck as a deadly poison ravaged her body and stopped her heart.

"If I wasn't horny before, I am now."

Pamela placed Tayuya on the ground and turned to see her King watching her, making her smile.

"You like it when I am a bad girl." Pamela replied as she turned her attention to Riser, Yubelluna, and Gaara. "I do believe that we should kill the red head and then focus on healing the Phenex's."

"Hold on."

"Sabo?" Edward said in surprise as he saw the injured Phenex.

"Please, don't kill the tanuki child." Sabo begged Edward and Pamela, making them give him questioning glances.

Before Sabo could say anything, a massive amount of malicious chakra exploded from within the Birdcage.


Naruto, Hancock, Serafall, Doflamingo, and Vergo braced themselves as Kurama's chakra encased his body before it spewed out like a geyser.

Naruto shook.

His knees felt weak and wobbly as the pressure increased further.

"Don't falter!" Serafall stated as she prepared to fight. 'But this can't be all of his power. I remember… his Awakening could kill all weaker people upon release, so why aren't the others dying?'

"MASTER!" Orochimaru shouted from above in the viewer's box with an unconscious Nathan. "DON'T YOU CAN'T HANDLE IT!"

His words fell on deaf ears and Orochimaru snarled.

"Damn it." He grumbled before he decided on his escape plan.

The chakra that had spread outward stopped, as if it had been frozen in time, before it was sucked back into Kurama's body.

Serafall, Doflamingo, Hancock, and Vergo felt malice in every centimeter of Kurama's body.

Naruto nearly collapsed from the Ocean's amount of difference between him and the monster standing before him as the chakra finished returning to Kurama.

Standing before them was Kurama.

"What the hell is that…" Vergo asked in confusion. "I thought he was awakening, but he isn't a giant fox."

"What you call awakening…" Kurama spoke before he crushed Vergo's right arm to powder by walking past him. "Is nothing more than a simple berserker state, no control. This is true Mastered Awakening."

Kurama stood over eleven feet tall.

His lower legs were that of a fox, wearing martial art pants and shoes.

His torso was that of a man, covered in dark red fur. It was muscled but thin, packing massive amounts of power. His hands had paw pads and claws on them that could slice through a man's throat like a hot knife through butter.

His face was more that of his human form, though his ears and nose was that of a fox.

His long hair bellowing behind him with his arms and legs coated in shiny red haki that went along his back and the nape of his neck. The only thing that touched his chest was his teal jewel necklace.

Behind him was a stream of steam, taking the form of a ribbon around his neck and under his arms.

"True… Awakening…" Naruto mumbled as he shrank into his fox form, feeling light headed at the presence his grandfather held.

Serafall grit her teeth and pressed her hands together.

"Doffy." She stated as she created Ice.

Doflamingo nodded and gripped his hand.

"Don't…" Naruto mumbled in fear, starting to sweat as he looked at the ground. "It's… hopeless…"

Kurama smiled slightly.

Hancock knelt down and put her hand on Naruto's shoulder.

"It is not hopeless, Naruto." She said as she got his attention, seeing her composure as she stood back up, towering over the fox. "In our darkest hour, hope is all we have. Kushina told me that many years ago."

Naruto and Kurama looked at Hancock.

'Mom/Kushina.' They thought in synch.

"That may be true, Hancock." Kurama said in a calm tone as he looked at the Snake Empress. "But Kushina was a fool and a traitor, so it is foolish to put any stock in her words."

"SHUT UP!" Naruto shouted, re-entering his Hybrid form, Using Shave to close the distance between him and Kurama, Haki coating his arm. "DON'T YOU DARE INSULT MY MOM!"

Kurama didn't even evade.

He simply lifted up his leg and slammed it down in an Axe Kick upon Naruto's head, creating a crater in the ground.

"As if the attack from an untrained welp, even if they are from my blood, could dream of harming me." Kurama stated as he turned his attention to the adults. "Now, be a good boy and stay put. I'll punish you after I slaughter these people, and then after that, your Master."

Naruto gasped as he thought of Sairaorg.

'Sairaorg, Granny Misla, Kuisha… everyone else…' He thought as he thought of the rest of his Peerage family, Rias's Peerage, Sona's Peerage, and Ravel's Peerage. 'I guess I have no choice…'

He turned and watched Kurama stand before Hancock, Serafall, and Doflamingo.

"Don't worry, I'll honor all the good you have done, even though I am greatly angered, with a painless and swift death." Kurama stated as he entered a stance.

His legs apart and hands up in a very relaxed position.

'That is…' Naruto thought as he remembered Kushina taking that stance.

Serafall snarled and lunged toward Kurama.

"ICE MAKE: ZEROETH LONG SWORD!" Serafall shouted as pink Ice formed into a long sword.

Kurama simply swatted the ice weapon aside, his palm freezing, and spun on his heel to kick Serafall, his Haki coated leg ready to strike her.

"Parasite!" Doflamingo shouted as his string attached to Serafall's body, puppeteering her body to evade Kurama's attack by rolling under his leg.

"Dodging my Resshuken strike with Doffy's Parasite string, clever." Kurama humored before he jumped up to avoid Vergo's wide left hook.

Kurama landed on his feet and avoided Serafall's second swing before grabbing the blade with his right hand and elbowing her in the face with his right, breaking her nose from the audible crunching sound it made.

Naruto watched in horror as Serafall skidded backwards, holding her nose as Doflamingo jumped up, both feet together.

"Oh, I see." Kurama said as he went to block, only for his hands to get kicked aside.

"DIE YOU BASTARD!" Doflamingo shouted as he crossed his arms, string spreading from his hands, his Fallen Angel/Devil mixed magic flooding the strings and his arms. "STRING CROSS SPLIT ATTACK!"

Kurama's eyes widened slightly in surprise at the speed Doflamingo swiped the air, striking his neck with his arms and his string cutting into his throat.

"FUCK!" Doflamingo shouted as he pushed off of Kurama, the giant werefox's head tilted up as his arms hung at his side, head facing the sky.

"Good job, Doffy." Kurama applauded as he tilted his head back to be facing the trio.

"PERFUME FEMUR!" Hancock shouted as she landed on her hands and spun around, delivering several, swift and precise kicks to Kurama's body. "BE TURNED TO STONE!"

Kurama took the strikes, pushing them aside making Hancock to push back to avoid Kurama's kick, though she gasped in pain as she defended her self from the shockwave with Haki, lacerating her back and making blood splash into her mouth.

Kurama bellowed a laugh as his arms turned to stone, from the points of contact Hancock had made with her attack.

"Good, Hancock, good…" Kurama laughed before the petrified chunks of flesh were torn out by Kurama, his eyes holding such sadist joy as he did.

However, a white substance that looked like blood oozed from his wounds instead of regular red blood.

"To be able to do this to I, Kurama, shows me that three are strong, while that other guy and my own grandson are weak!" Kurama laughed as he dropped the last chunk of petrified flesh, crushing it under his foot.

'Come ON!' Naruto thought in desperation as Kurama chuckled giddily.

"Come on, you are just one guy!" Doflamingo stated as he pointed his finger at Kurama. "Just one failure of a husband and father."

Kurama lost his joy, eyes wide and mouth agape in disbelief as Doflamingo fired a String Bullet from his finger.

Kurama took the bullet to the jaw, striking him with enough force to dent four inches of steel, protecting himself with Haki to stop it, but dislocated his jaw.

"Why the jugular, Doffy?" Kurama said in sadness, popping his jaw back into alignment.

'COME ON, STUPID!' Naruto mentally shouted, slapping himself in the face with Haki as hard as he could. 'I NEED TO HELP, BUT I CAN'T DO NOTHING!'

"You know, I could have helped Misla Bael." Kurama stated randomly, Naruto's ears perking up at Misla's name being dropped.

"How…" Naruto asked as Kurama kicked a blast of Ice Serafall hit him with aside.

"That little Phenex was so willing to talk after some persuading." Kurama replied as he slipped on the floor coated ice Serafall made.

Naruto felt his blood run cold.

'What did he do to Ravel?' he thought with a territorial tone.

"Phenex told me everything. From your murder to Jiraiya to you putting Misla into a coma." Kurama continued as he opened his mouth, the steam around his body starting to go into overdrive as red and blue chunks of chakra together and spinning them into a black ball.

"DUCK!" Serafall shouted as she summoned as much ice to cover all of them and Vergo appeared under Kurama.

"WEREBEAST BOMB!" Kurama shouted as he released the blast, his aim being off as Vergo punched him last second, dealing damage to the werefox as the blast detonated against the string.

The shockwave from the explosion rippled and battered against the Ice dome and tore the Arena apart.

"FUCK WE NEED TO GO!" Sabo shouted as he picked up Riser as Edward got Gaara and Yubelluna with Pamela, all of them summoning their wings to avoid getting injured further.

Genbu the Turtle felt immense amounts of fear, giving a loud pain cry as it started to submerge under the water.

As the water threatened to crush them, Kurama howled in enjoyment as the water domed over the entirety of the Turtles back due to a barrier.

"HOW MARVELOUS!" He declared as he spins, his tail slamming into Serafall and Vergo, breaking the Pawns leg, nearly taking it off.

Kurama landed and pressed his foot against Serafall's head, adding the smallest fraction of his Conqueror's Haki Infusion to her skull, making her scream in pain, her hearing and equilibrium going overboard.

"AS I SAID BEFORE," Kurama stated as he grabbed Vergo's fist and broke it, tearing it off at the elbow, and used the severed arm to hit Doflamingo at a distance. "YOUR SENTIMENTALITY WILL GET YOU KILLED!"

Naruto watched as Kurama raised his foot to stomp Serafall's head into paste.

'If I stop him, he will not be able to help Granny Misla.' Naruto thought as he scrambled to his feet. 'But if I don't, Leviathan will die!'

Naruto felt numb as he pushed off the ground.

His hand extended out to stop Kurama with his max speed with Queen Promotion, Shave, and Haki empowering his legs.

Naruto grit his teeth, eyes steeled in fear as he neared Serafall to use the Substitution Jutsu.

His body felt surprisingly light. And felt like he was getting warmer in a sweet embrace from Nature itself.

Naruto's tail swayed, splitting in its natural movements, one tail becoming four.

Serafall watched as the same torrent of power that Kurama exuded explode from Naruto, though the torrent of Burnt orange chakra vanished as quickly as it had appeared.

"Naruto, NOOOOOOOO!" Hancock shouted as her long hair was whipped backwards from the shockwave Naruto exuded from Awakening.

"FUCKING IDIOT! THAT'S WHAT KURAMA WANTED!" Doflamingo shouted as he stayed stationary as he held Vergo in place, reattaching his Limbs surgically with his string.

Naruto took the form of his four tail Awakened state, roaring as his massive arm crushed Kurama under his hand like paw.

"I thought I told you, Naruto." Kurama stated in a disappointed tone as he held Naruto's massive hand back with his Haki coated arm. "Stay down and be a good boy. You are only going to add to your punishment by fighting grandpa."

"N-no-t…" Naruto grumbled. "F-fam-ly…"

Kurama quirked an eyebrow as Naruto pulled back his fist, punching Kurama again, their Conqueror's Haki clashing causing black lightning to spark between the burnt orange haki vs the deep red haki.

"All brute force, no refinement. I will have much to teach you, dear grandson of mine." Kurama chuckled as he Infused his Conqueror's haki into his fist, pushing Naruto's fist back at a high speed, nearly sending the werefox flying backward.

Naruto whipped his head forward, a Werebeast Bomb in his mouth.

He detonated it point blank to Kurama's face, causing a bright light to envelope all of the living people in its bright glow.

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