Chapter 2- The D'Ancatno Family

Marie D'Ancatno nee Rogue had not seen or spoken to her family for five years not since she had runaway after she had put her first boyfriend in a coma. Since then though her powers had evolved intoa fine black mist which could be used to steal energy and or temporarily borrow mutations. But three weeks before thanksgiving she had receive a letter from her parents saying that her teachers had let them know she was ok and that they would like to see her again after so long so she had decided to go for it she needed to see them and she missed her sister and her parents. When she had told Bobby this he said that like she had this summer he would support her with seeing and reconnecting with them on the trip to Mississippi where they still lived Marie told him all about her family.

Snow covered the cue du sack where the D'Ancatno's lived and Marie sighed she missed the Thanksgiving's round here she pulled into a parking spot near the house "Here we are" she said getting out and grabbing her large duffel they had decided on staying for the week. Bobby had barely shut the back of the car after getting his own bag out when his girlfriend was nearly bowled over by a chestnut haired young woman "Marie your home I didn't think you would come you left so suddenly after the incident no clues as to your where about apart from that route through America to Alaska it was like you disappeared what happened and your hair"

"It's a long story Cassie this is my boyfriend Robert Drake best thing that's happened to me in the last five years" Marie said grabbing her boyfriend's hand.

"You've done well sis" Cassie said grabbing her sister's bag and pulling her inside. A man and woman came out of the living and the woman let out a shriek of happiness at seeing her younger daughter "Marie sweetheart you came I'm so sorry for everything that happened where've you been" the woman pulled her into a hug before pulling back quickly.

"It's ok mum it doesn't work like that anymore" her gaze landed on her father "hi dad"

"That's all you have to say to me hi dad five years young lady that's how long you've been gone no message no phone call nothing Marie Anne you are in big trouble" her father said.

"I left because I didn't want to hurt you, I met a man on my way to Alaska Logan James he helped me find a safe place a school for the gifted where people like Bobby and I learn to use and evolve their powers we've had some ups and downs but still standing" Marie said giving her family a brief explanation. Her father looked at the young man sat on the sofa next to his daughter "So you have a gift to what is it?" he asked curiously. Bobby lent forward and gently touched the glass coffee table icy patterns spread across the glass. Cassie looked at the coffee table.

"Nice trick, do you have a nickname to go with that?" she asked.

"Iceman" Bobby replied. Marie and Bobby continued on throughout the evening telling them about all but the incident which had occurred with Magneto kidnapping Rogue the last thing either of them wanted was for her parents to decide that it was too dangerous. Both her parents told her to contact Logan so that they could meet him and give him their thanks for looking after their daughter. Marie said she would but that it was unlikely he would get back in touch yet everyone at the school knew that Logan had a soft spot for her no matter how scary he was he had even given Bobby a talking too after the Alcatraz fight when Marie told her parents and sister this they were sent into a fit of laughter and Bobby turned a shade of red.

Marie, Bobby and surprisingly Logan who turned up during their staying left at the end of the holiday Marie promising to visit them again soon and to stay in touch. Mr and Mrs D'Ancatno thanked Logan for looking out for their daughter with a card a gift of very nice cigars a hint which they got from Marie when asked Cassie gave Bobby the older sibling speech as did Mr D'Ancatno telling him he hurt his Marie then he would hurt him back mutant powers or not.