Chapter 1

She felt his lips touch hers, it felt magical, Reade's right hand went up gently down her back to the nape of her neck, while her left cupped her lower back, she put one of her hands to the back of Reade's neck. the other rested on his face near his neck. This was the third time they had kissed.

The first time he kissed her was after Sandstorm's attack when he was recovering and Tasha said they were just friends, it had been about six months. The second time was a few months later, they were at her apartment watching a football game and in a moment of total euphoria over a throw she jumped on Reade's neck and kissed him, the kiss was intensely matched, but soon after he was gone. though, and the two dared not comment on it, but something seemed to have changed between them. Tonight Reade had taken her home after spending much of the night in a bar with the FBI team, the moon was beautiful and when they stopped the car at Tasha's door they decided to walk a little, stopped at the end from the street where the view of the moon and the stars was better. While Tasha talked about the stars pointing and naming the constellations Reade thought she was beautiful and it was possible to see the starlight reflected in her eyes, he could not resist and took her in his arms and kissed her. She totally corresponded. After leaving they said nothing, just walked back and Tasha went up to her apartment and fell asleep remembering the kiss.

The next day they worked normally, Tasha avoided looking into Reade's eyes all day. At the end of the day she went to the locker room where she realized she could find him alone.
T: Reade.
A: Hi. "He closed the closet and leaned against it facing Tasha.
T: We are friends. She said slowly.
A: We are.
T: Best friends.
A: Yes.
T: Friends don't kiss.
A: Hmm. I don't think so.
T: So we have to stop it.
R: Alright. How will we do this? When we are near ...

T: Let's do a deal.
R: What combined?
T: We stop being so close.
A: Tasha ...
T: Let's not ruin what we have. Just avoid being alone.
R: Alright. Reade picked up her things and went out the door. He didn't want to stay there any longer for her to notice his sadness.
Tasha remained leaning against the wall for a while reflecting on what she had done. She hoped she hadn't ruined their friendship. The truth was that she had been very moved by their proximity and the last kiss was very intense, it was necessary to stop it.

The days passed and the distance between the two widened, no one seemed to notice, only a couple of times when Weller invited everyone to his apartment for a Happy Our and weird when he spoke to them at different times and they invented excuses not to go but missed it.

A few months later they were working together and past events seemed to have been forgotten. It was a Friday and Tasha had just cuddled up on her couch looking for something to watch when she heard a notification on her cell phone. Reade's message.

"Hi. What are you doing?"
"Nothing, just watching TV."
"A game will begin shortly. I wonder if you want to see with me. "
Tasha took a while to answer, "Okay. You come to here?". They had been doing nothing together for a long time and she missed him so much, the talks, the laughter, everything ...
Reade was not long in arriving, Tasha was nervous waiting for him that arrived so cheerful with beers and a beautiful smile on his face.
They had fun like they hadn't done in a while, Tasha really missed him.
- I think I'll be right then. Reade said getting up after the game was over.

- Do not wait. Let's look for a movie to watch. - She said holding his hand and already letting go when she realized.
- Are you sure? Reade asked a little doubtfully.
- Yeah, sit down, let's see what we found.
After flipping through the channels, she found a movie that had just started and had watched several times. They made microwave popcorn and got involved in the movie. It was already halfway through the movie when Tasha drowsily laid her head on Reade's shoulder. He waited a while to see if she would realize and return to the spot, but that didn't happen and he wrapped his arm around her shoulder, bringing them even closer.

A: Tasha
T: Hmm
A: We are very close
T: We are
R: It makes me feel like ...
T: From what?
A: To kiss you.
T: Um, friends don't kiss.
A: It's true
T: I feel like it too
Tasha straightened to her knees next to him.
R: And our combined? He asked staring at her.
T: It's our deal so no problem if we break it from time to time.
The two kissed affectionately killing the longing for the time they were apart. It was just a kiss and it didn't matter if they did it sometimes.