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I hope you all are staying safe, healthy and happy in these trying times.

Thank you for the support. I still can't believe how well my story has been received despite the small amount of chapters. It is quite motivating and also humbling to know that people like my work.

I hope you've all enjoyed the story so far. I am writing a chapter 6 for this story. Unfortunately, I am having a hard time with Lili. The reason for this is because of the events when they met were defining factors to which shaped her in the future and I'm having a hard time altering and/ or replacing them. I have also run into a few roadblocks. The biggest of which is the concept of how a grimoire works.

Does a grimoire have a specific magic that can be learned in it?

If so, then the scene where Bell was questioned about the nature magic when he learned firebolt would make no sense. My reasoning for this is because if there is a specific magic that can be learned from the grimoire, why bother ask him.

When exactly did Dionysius threaten Demeter and killed her familia members to make a point? Was it after the Loki Familia went to Melen? Before?

I know that there was a scene where Demeter pointed out Dionysius' expression and the ominous implications. I don't know when exactly it happened and whether this was a separate incident before he acted. Anyone care to enlighten me?

I had planned to alter this scene with Bell helping Ryuu back and causing a jealousy scene with Syr but had to put it to the side because of the events of the LN vol. 16. I knew it! (Does a cringeworthy victory dance.) I need to know what happens in volume 17 before I do anything that can decide which aftermath I would use to resolve a future conflict I had in mind.

Haha anyone want to see a cat fight between the girls in the Hostess?

Anyways, since I'm writing this chapter. Sorry for the delay. I hope there was enough reread value in the story that at least kept people satisfied, happy and interested.


Sorry for the slow updates but I don't really have much free time lately not to mention I tend to be a slow writer to begin with. Don't worry he will be OP but not immediately. He will get insane powerups but they won't suddenly happen all at the same time. Hmm... good thinking. Aisha might cause more mayhem than I thought. I'll keep that in mind. I hope the scene from chapter 5 fulfilled your wish for some bell and eina time.

Ouroboros Dracoi:

Thank you! Yes, I was thinking because this is Bell from the future, there would be a difference to him but beyond it all, he should still be Bell.

Shin Hyo Joon:

Thank you. To know that my story is liked so much is heartening. I'll try to update as much as I can. If people are still interested, that is.

Bell has all his past abilities. It's not that he can't access them; it's more that he is trying not to attract attention because of what he needs to do. Imagine what would happen when someone like Freya found out too early, even worse people like Enyo. He'd never have to make the necessary changes to divert the outcome from the one that happened in his time. More than likely it will speed it up in that direction. No, his past and present status won't collide because his past status is equal to that of his level 1 I0 stats.

I will. Yeah... Zeus might.


Yes and no... Yes because he knows what Lili's mindset and state was at the time; however, that in itself is poses the conundrum. Many of the events that had happened between him and Lili in the beginning shaped who she was along the way. By changing those events, it will also change Lili significantly. So Bell has to be careful in his approach.


Thank you. It's nice to know people like the story. Hehe, the scene was already adorable. I just capitalized on it with the help of time travel. I hope I can make it a wonderful story for many to read.

Nope, it's not presumptuous. I wouldn't mind having someone beta the story chapters. Another set of eyes would help prevent mistakes and other elements before posting. I'll send you a link when I have something.

I sent you an idea which has the highest probability of being written. I put it in the notes for ideas. I am curious on what context you would use to write that essay though.


Well, he's not. Yes, he needs to understand them better. I think a lot of men needs to learn to understand women better and vice versa. It would lessen a lot of conflicts in this world but I'm getting off topic. One of the problems with him is that Bell just happens to have Liaris Freese which practically equivalents to 'I am oblivious to every girl except for the one I like'. I think it would be fun to write a catfight. Thank you for the input it helps me think of stuff for the story.


Maybe, maybe not

Marshall Cross Marian:

Yes, he has. The most dangerous kind. The one that attracts without even knowing. I feel sorry for the poor souls that would be left alone and lonely because of him. Thank you. I'll try to continue as much as I can.


No problem. I'll try to continue as much as I can.


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Thank you. I'll try to continue as much as I can.

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Not sure. She has a lot of competition for that spot.


Thank you. I see. Though what I did with Ryuu was just to open things up, you do have a point with the suspicion. Hmm... I'll keep that in mind for the future. Again, thank you. This will prove useful when I write in the future.


Thank you. I'll try to continue as much as I can.


Thank you, that's really nice to hear. I'll do my best and try to continue this as much as I can.


I know, right? In my opinion, it would have been so much better if they did it like that. Though, it would be hard to do so with simultaneous thoughts in the same scene.

Thank you. It's nice to know that it managed to do what I intended for the story to do.




Thank you!


Thank you. I'll try to continue as much as I can.


Thank you!


Not really abandoned. I can't promise that I can finish it but I will write as much as I can. I am writing the next chapter though. So that's something to look forward to I guess... I'm just a slow writer and have reached a roadblock.


I'll try my best.


Thank you. I'll try my best.


Thank you. I'll try my best.


Thank you. I'll try my best.


Thank you. I'll try my best.


Still deciding but it looks that way. Hmm... I think it's shaping up to include them anyway. Yes and no about Hestia, my reasoning for this is because eventhough Hestia is an immortal goddess, she lacks experience in the dating department. Henceforth is still immature, obsessive, possessive, etc... but if her talk with Bell in the Edas Village is anything to go by, she is maturing. Bell will just need to trigger it early on. No, no ships have been decided yet. Maybe