Above the African Savanna, was a helicopter flying through the bright clear skies. In that helicopter was Percy looking down at the ground below. He was smiling because he knew this was a much better idea than proving to the world outside that Yetis existed. Percy remembered when he was 9, he saw his first lion. So, why not go to Africa to film a nature documentary about lions? It's not like they're going to say no, because, after all lions don't talk.

Percy's trusty assistant Brenda was right next to him looking smug,

"Percy, are you sure this is a good idea after what happened last time?",asked Brenda. "Don't worry, this is a much better idea. Also, I used to like lions when I was a kid! So, how bad can it be?", asked Percy.

"Um,hello, you can be eaten by a lion, poisoned by something you step in or any number of more terrible things that can happen when you're in Africa.",said Brenda in a serious tone. "Brenda, I'll be fine. I handled the Yetis perfectly, so, I might be good handling lions.",said Percy as he gave her a pat on her shoulder.

"Plus, you're my trusty assistant.",said Percy.

That is exactly when Brenda gave Percy a look. This made Percy blush, being nervous as he scratches his head.

"I mean, girlfriend, I just don't want our relationship to become public, that's all.",said Percy as he looked over at the pilot who's focusing on driving. Then he looked back at Brenda who has been smiling at him.

After the helicopter landed on the ground, Percy and Brenda, stepped out mesmerized and overwhelmed at what's around them. It was a big beautiful area with a lot of animals which made Percy even more excited. He couldn't wait to get set everything up to discover the curiosity behind lions.

"Oooh this is going to be super awesome!",squealed Percy with his hands up in the air in excitement.

Percy before ran off to hug Brenda. Brenda hugs him back. After hugging, he looks over at the area looking determined,

"Alright let's do this thing!",said Brenda determinedly was impressed.