In the northern parts of Sweden, creatures don't usually reside due to the biting cold; however, one family of dragons have made this place their home. It was free of hunters and the perfect place for them to chill, and have an as healthy life as possible. Today it was luckily not so cold; this made it the ideal day for the trip to the south. A kid named Anton and his mother had prepared for it the day before. Something that would change the kid's life forever, no more gaming all day in his dark old room behind his computer, no more drawing every time he felt the urge to, there was something more important that had to be done. Something he had prepared for his entire life, or his mother had prepared him for, he's innocent.

When the sun shone through the window and illuminated it with a warm glow, Anton laid in his bed, curled up like a dog, and tiny flames emerged from his nostrils. He hadn't slept much this night at all; all he could think about was everything that soon would happen. He was excited; however, he knew how important his job is and how vital his training was.

As Maria, his mother, walked into the bedroom she woke him up from his bed, unlike some dragons he prefers to be in his dragon form as often as possible. There was something very comforting not having to feel he has to be hidden at all times. His mother, a middle-aged woman with short brown hair and blue eyes, she wore some grey colored clothes, her T-shirt was the only splash of color, it's purple color fit almost entirely, Anton thought she was quite beautiful looking today.

"Do you remember what day it is today?" His mother asked curiously, she observed as her son played with a ball, he used his tail to lob the ball up and down repeatedly as he leaned towards the pillow placed against the wall behind him. She didn't question even where the ball came from, all she did was smile happily. She was so proud of her son, and this was a massive day, so naturally, she would be excited about his sake.

"Sure! Is Jake already there?"

Maria shook her head, "he had to come slightly later, but you should get going, do you want something to eat before you go?" Maria packed some things into his backpack that he might just forget otherwise and closed it with a zip. As her son stood up on the hind legs, she carefully clamped the bag to the back and strapped it around his waist.

Anton just stood there with his tail drooped, he awaited it all to finish before he responded." No, I think I'm ok...can you just pack some cinnamon buns into my bag?" Suddenly he realized how much he longed for one of his mother's baked treats, as he waved his tail his mouth watered from the thought of the creamy taste of the cinnamon bun, that was all he could think about at the moment. Drool dripped on to the floor underneath, dripped from between the sharp white fangs in his mouth.

"Cinnamon buns?" Maria chuckled, she checked the bag and adjusted it slightly, "that won't ease your hunger, you should think about eating more, It's a long flight ahead of you. And if you had put on some fat, it would be easier to keep your heat...we're lucky that it's taw outside."

Anton sighed, "I know mom...we are lucky for sure, but as I said before, if worst came to worst, I could take an airplane from Luleå."

Maria smirked, "Yes, I know!" After she finished, she observed with a keen eye then hugged her son tightly. Anton hugged back, placed his claws on the back, and patted her gently three times. They backed off, then Maria moved out of the way for her son to walk downstairs. Now that he had the time to explore the scents around him, he noticed the smell of something neat, he headed downstairs to find his father make Blood pancakes out of reindeer blood, it smelled great.

His father Robert noticed, he turned around to face his son, "you want some?" Robert poured some batter into the frying pan; it puffed and rattled, this was something he was pretty good at. Immediately the scent of fried blood pancakes filled the entire room, Anton loved the aroma, this was one of his favorite foods.

Anton glanced at the empty seats, he noticed his siblings weren't at home, they probably were attending school. "Sure..." Anton said then headed towards the table. When he received some pancakes, he shoved them inside without anything to fill them, the taste was terrific, but he was in a hurry. "Love those..." he said then when he had eaten almost a dozen he hastily turned human in a sparkling flame, hugged his father subsequently left through the outdoors. He almost didn't notice the efforts his mother had put into cleaning the hall after he and his siblings had come inside with muddy claws and feet. It was now spotless, and he didn't care anyway.

Outside it snowed gently, a lone snowflake hit his nose, and he could feel the slight cold this made him shrug. Someone walked past him, next to the entrance of the garage at the right side of the main interior in front of it a man wore some outside clothes of a black color, a hood and held a leash in his hand. Anton didn't pay much attention, but he vaguely noticed a black colored dog pee next to their garbage barrels close to the streets by the right side of their interior.

Anton pulled out his phone, shifted his feet slightly, then checked for some messages. "Nothing," he decided to message his friends from hälsingborg that he chose to come there. It didn't take long before he was showered with a bunch of messages.


"How long will you stay?"

"I'm free this weekend, will you be there?"

Anton, he smirked, he messaged and told them he would be there by tomorrow at the latest. He headed for the forests at the back of his house. The deep snow caused his boots to take in water, and it became frigid cold, he shivered, then transformed into his dragon form, before he took off he made sure not to leave the tracks for any prying eyes to witness. While in the air, he used his tail to destroy the neat looking tyrannosaurus looking trail before he took off into the sky.

For several hours he flew through the day. His friends had asked if he wanted them to meet him at the train station or airport; however, he didn't answer; he was too busy making sure he flew the right way. He checked a map on his phone tried to figure things out by the landmarks he could see through the clouds. This was easier said than done, he did struggle quite a bit. He shivered, mom was right, he thought, he needs some fat, but then cold was quite lethal for his species. When he flew at the speed he did, he sneezed and hoped he wasn't going to catch a cold. The previously somewhat warm air became biting cold because of the rate at which he traveled.

This whole ordeal was quite tiresome, especially considering how much he used to be gaming. He decided to take many small pauses. He had to tell his friends it would be a bit later than expected, so late at night around eight a clock in the evening he made it to the big city. He was tired after the long flight, and he had acquired a slight cold, he looked for somewhere close to the school to land. He cast a concealment spell then landed on the pavements next to the bus stop next to his old school.

Cars just as usual in a big city swished past his reptilian body, he glanced to the right, cars of all different colors he noticed. Then they suddenly stopped as the light turned green, and people crossed the street at designated places marked by white stripes. Not only that, there was no snow either, only a cold breeze and grey looking weather, after all, winter in Skåne isn't as he was used to. There was no snow most of the time, and if there was any snow, everyone panicked as the one or two centimeter thick snow caused the bus traffic to stop, and everyone missed school.

It was just as he remembered it, so many cars, and the air stench from all the impurities. For his sensitive nose, it was almost tough. He was quite used to this, it didn't bother him too much. The wind was harsh; it was all just as he remembered; however, the air didn't feel cold to him. He smirked then glanced around towards the left, noticed his friends by the school entrance. Three sat down on the stone stairs, one thin and scrawny, one middle round and the third, quite overweight, but Anton decided not to tell him. The fourth a girl stood up and glanced at her phone wearing a pink sweather, Anton noticed how gorgeous she looked as her hair was swiped to the left by the wind. She occasionally looked around the place as if she expected to already meet with him. The occasional unknown person walked past the entrance and left to areas unseen, so many people in the big cities he had almost forgotten how ridiculous and this was a small city.

Most people you meet in those big cities are impossible to know, the small town he was from is quite different, it's tough not to meet someone you know, and half the time if you can't tell they still remember you. This city still has it's charm, especially the friends he made while going to the school he just observed from a distance.

Anton focused his mind, turned human, then he released his concealment as he stood in the middle of a line of people walking out of the bus, just as he had done a lot before. It's usually hard to tell an extra person is coming out of the same bus door; it was something he had figured out during his time in the city. After he was done, he headed straight for his friends.

"Hey!" Anton exclaimed as he ran towards them with a smile on his face. As he closed in, his friend noticed how he ran towards them. They stood up, awaited their turn to give a hug. Kim played on his 3ds and looked up at his friend, then when the others had hugged him, he stood up, but before the embrace, he closed the 3ds' lid and put it into his jacket's pocket. They were delighted to finally meet another time.

After the hug, Kim began: "so, so you, y came?" a boy named Kim asked in his usual hard to tell way.

Anton shifted his feet, hands in his jumper's pockets, his long golden brown hair waved with the wind, "sure, I told you I would come."

Cecilia, the girl gave Anton a hug, Anton hugged back, after they let go of each other she asked: "How long will you stay?"

Anton leaned at the handrail next to the stone stairs, observed the old school doors. They were quite large, then as Cecilia asked, he thought a moment, he wasn't sure if it was the best idea but then how bad could it be? He answered: "I'm moving here," he said, all in haste. He observed his friends who obviously was very surprised tho it made them smile.

"Really?" Andre the second boy he was quite round but not quite as round as Kevin was, he stood there with arms in a cross and shifted his feet slightly This made the kid think he decided to mention: "It feels like it was just yesterday when we talked on skype and your headset was broken."

"'s still broken..." he stood with his hands in his pockets, he shifted his feet slightly as he turned the center of his weight on the other foot.

"Kno, knowing you, of course, you haven't f, fixed it yet." Kim stammered.

"So, will you get yourself an apartment?" Cecilia asked curiously, she turned off her phone and placed it inside her jacket' pocket. Anton observed as she stabilized the coat with her left hand and closed the pocket she used her right to close the pocket with a zip.

"Sure...or actually, I bought a house by the seashore...a modern styled house, why don't we go there, I want to show it to you."

"Oh, we would love to! Right everyone?" Cecilia turned to look at the other three, Andre nodded, Kevin smirked. Kim was already ready to leave, as soon as he heard the proposal, he jumped up from the stairs in excitement. This made Cecilia smile, "we're ready; it seems so lead the way."

They took the bus headed towards the town center, everyone was surprised to where they were. They had, of course, thought it would be outside of the city where it's a lot cheaper. They walked for about fifteen minutes until they made it to the modern style house. The interior was elevated slightly above the ground with a staircase going up to the glass doors, on the left a big checkered window, and to the right a lush green tree.

There was also a way down to the garage just under the windows.

"No way! you live here?" Cecilia exclaimed in amazement, "looks so expensive!"

Anton smirked, then headed for the door, pulled out his key chain, then used the key attached to it, to the old fashion style opens up the doors. They swung open, and everyone headed inside, "sure..." he said, then Inside the interior, everything was neatly arranged. Places to hang your clothes to the right of the glass interior door. A big carpet in the middle of the floor stretched far through the corridor only to stop where the room to the kitchen to the left was located. To the right was a toilet, never used, so it didn't smell at all, not that Anton really cared. There was also a spiral stair leading up to the second story, which was mostly reserved as sleeping rooms. You could see the second story from downstairs, all that separated it was the stone handrails. There was a living room up there as well with a fifty tums LCD tv, a black skin sofa, and a neat looking red carpet.

"Wow!" Kim exclaimed, tho he shivered, "it's cold inside." Kim's thin body wasn't good with the cold, he shivered from the slightest chill, just as Anton remembered. Anton smirked, headed for the heating system to the left looked around to see if he could figure out how things worked, with the help of a book that was neatly placed on a shelf inside the room to the left of the heating system. When he found out how he turned it on so that the house slowly became warmer over time.

"Here's where I will live..." Anton said as he made his way back to the others.

"That's neat..." Andre said calmly.

"Now we could meet much more often," Cecilia said, then she hung off her clothes in the hall on a pin just under the ledge above where she put her knit cap.

Anton, Andre, Kim, and Kevin did the same, they filled the pins with their jackets and the ledge with their respective caps. Andre walked off to observe the place more thoroughly, they took off their shoes before they ventured inside. Kim stopped his shivering, the newfound heat almost immediately warmed up his cold shivering body. After everyone had looked around the first story, Anton showed everyone to his room.

They walked up the spiral stairs, turned to the left, and entered the first door they came across.

The overall bright interior design was broken up by the slightly warmer colored bedroom, a double bed to the far right corner as they walked inside. The white-colored pillows and white blanket looked so neat and tidy. It was clear, no one had yet to live in this place, everything seemed so new and expensive. A glass window covered the wall, which was the first thing you noticed as you walked into the room. Black curtains and black metallic handrails kept you from leaning at the glass to mitigate the potential danger.

The far left corner was a space for gaming, four computer setups with three screens neatly arranged over the entire left wall. Anton's friends couldn't believe their eyes. The first thing they decided to check out was the row of computers, it almost looked unreal to them, their friend how wealthy he was.

"No way!" Andre exclaimed, "and yet you couldn't get a new headset..."

Anton chuckled, he headed for a pc, the far-right setup on the left wall then turned it on, it started almost immediately. This further implied how expensive those things were. Anton noticed the smell of new furniture with his sensitive nose, he sat down on the office chair, turned on a game, grabbed the mouse with the right hand and the keyboard he rested his left hand readied himself to begin. Anton turned to his friends, who some already sat down by a pc, "Feel free to use a computer as much as you want, I bought them for friends to use, after all." Anton started to play Runescape his friends did just that, tho they couldn't believe how precious their friend was. They turned on the PC's already installed with over a hundred games each, this was like the craziest LAN setup they had ever seen.

"What pcs are those?" Andre asked he observed it, the weird shape, somewhere to grab it just like a bag on the top, "it looks expensive." it was an odd-shaped chassis, the left side was see-through as it was mostly made out of see-through plastic material. You could see all the components inside, the fan blew vigorously as it attempted to cool down the motherboard.

"Predator Orion 9000..." Anton explained, he logged into the game and began preparation at the bank in Prifdinnas. He filled his familiar with the food, brought some prayer potions and a bone crusher, then used the grouping system to teleport to the shadow reefs elite dungeon.

"What, what's that pc?" Kim asked.

"A gaming pc..."

"That's cool!" Kevin said, he noticed the setups but the walls where there were four cupboards with all kinds of consoles inside to use, "just how rich are you?"

As Anton ran a couple of runs at the shadow reefs elite dungeon in-game, he answered his friend's question. "All this cost almost all my savings, I only have just enough to pay rent and live until next month..."

"Maybe you should have saved a little?" Cecilia suggested, she then turned on a PlayStation 4, she had found the Spyro trilogy in the cupboard earlier and brought it to her gaming setup. She inserted the game and started it after it installed at a record speed thanks to the insane pc, she began to play.

"How much did this house cost you?" Andre asked.

"Thirteen million...I think it was, mom purchased it for me."

"What?!" Kim exclaimed, he stared in disbelief at his friend.

"Kim's right...that's sooooo much money," Andre said.

Anton chuckled then nodded meekly, "Sure...but for mom, it's not so much."

"I think we have realized that..." was all Kevin responded with, the others they agreed.

Anton ran the shadow reefs repeatedly, he has come up with a neat way to train with his current stats in-game. By using the penance aura, he doesn't have to use many supplies, only the fish from Menaphos, which he has a ton of. The money was neat as well; if there were something he would miss with his chill life, then it would be having the time for gaming. He loved this so much. His life up til now was, in a sense, just two things: gaming and drawing. For a while, he has thought about being an artist, but now, considering what would happen shortly, he probably won't have much time and has to choose. Either drawing or gaming, that's a tough choice, but he knew he had to make.

Everyone played a game each on the computers, Cecilia played Spyro, Kevin played elder scrolls online, Andre and Kim just played on their 3ds's so there was a computer available that no one used. They did this for a couple of hours, then Kim headed for Anton, first, he observed his friend playing, Anton was currently trying to get a damn female Zygomite. It was easier said than done. For him, he had acquired seven male Zygomites, so he was about to lose hope to ever get one.

"Can, can you help with something?" Kim asked.

Anton nodded, "sure, it depends on what of course."

Kim took the chair from the empty computer setup, then rolled it over to his friend, sat down on it before he started: "I don't, d have all the ver, version exclusives...could yo, you help?"

"Wait a moment!" Anton paused the game, then headed off downstairs, grabbed his backpack downstairs, which hung by the interior and headed back up. It weighed more than he had anticipated, so he looked inside, found his treasure inside, then smiled, that's not the phone he thought. He checked the other pockets of the bag, then after about the second try, he found it. He started the gaming mode and turned it to a Nintendo 3ds for use magically thanks to the phone's enchanted function. Then headed back to his room in a hurry. He carried the bag inside and put it on his bed before he headed back to his computer, sat down on the office chair then started up the game.

"Why did you take the bag with you?" Andre asked then gestured at the bed with his hand.

"Sure...why don't you look inside? But don't touch anything, there's something precious to me in there, I don't want to leave it unattended." Anton said he then observed his friend walk up to the bag. Andre opened it, then he was shocked as to what he saw; it was full of treasure, all different types of golden trinkets socketed with precious stones. He shrugged then turned to Anton who just smiled in response he was without words, he glanced back at the treasure inside, his temptation to touch the treasure was real, but his friend had told him not to touch anything.

"What's so cool that you have that face?" Kevin asked he paused Skyrim then headed for the bag and looked inside, "wow..." as the bag tilted slightly to the side the golden coins moved together with it and caught the light. It shimmered beautifully, several gem socketed trinkets buried in the pile of gold was all they could see.

Anton paused his game, the time on the aura ticked as he headed towards Andre and Kevin. He had his hands in his pockets while he observed how their expressions turned to admiration and temptation. It was so much gold inside, they thought about taking one or two pieces when no one was looking, but now as their friend looked at them with his hawk-like eyes, they behaved.

"You like it?" Anton asked then both Kevin and Andre nodded, "It's my precious treasure," Anton grabbed a pile of gold which between his fingers dropped back down into the bag. With a smile on his face, he kept a single coin in his hand, then tossed it into the air and grabbed it as it descended.

"I don't get can you afford this stuff?" Andre asked.

"Well, the thing is, there's something I've kept hidden from all of you...there's much you don't know about me, but you can keep a secret?" Anton shifted the coin, so it occasionally caught the warm light from the window.

Cecilia and Kim paused their games then headed for the bag to check out whatever had everyone so riled up. Cecilia's eyes shone as she noticed all the gold she thought now they knew where the money for the house came from. Kim was speechless as well as if he tried to talk he stammered more then usual in his shocked state he almost dropped his 3ds to the floor.

"Depends on what kind of secret, you're not a thief or something?" Andre asked.

"No way! But umm..." Anton thought a moment, glanced at his curious friends' faces, took a deep breath, then began: "This here's a dragon's treasure, I've guarded it for a long time..."

"A dragon? You're a dragon?" Andre asked, then he chuckled. He facepalmed quite gently, rubbed his forehead with the palm of his right hand, "there's no way that could be true..."

Kevin was just as surprised tho he instead decided just to see what would happen. He didn't know if he could believe it either; it was too strange to be accurate, his friend dragon? No, he couldn't possibly believe, all he can do is stay quiet. He didn't want to hurt his friend's feelings, If he thought he was a dragon then good for him is what he thought.

"That's right...and I can show you if you promise to keep things secret."

"We's really true?" Cecilia asked.

"I remember how you told us earlier you wanted to be a dragon." Kevin decided to say.

"Sure...I remember that too, but the truth is I have always been a dragon, and I hatched from an egg."

"Whaat!?" his friends exclaimed in unison, they stared in disbelief, Andre just rolled his eyes, then he said, "no a dragon? No way."

Ignoring anything else, Anton backed off towards somewhere slightly more spacious, caught fire, that alone shocked everyone inside. Their eyes shone in amazement when they noticed the body, which took the shape of something slightly more reptilian. After the fire subsided, he got down on all fours, a blue dragon, light yellow underbelly, giant bat-like wings with a yellow underside. He has a slender and almost beak-shaped snout, two twisted horns at the back of his head in a golden brown color, Golden brown reptilian eyes, lizard-like nostrils, and ears. His fangs were sharp and almost sent shivers down the spines of his friends who observed him thoroughly, his back and tail girdled and the tail-tip a yellow color as well.

Anton jumped up on the bed, sat down like a dog would, then he grabbed some trinkets with his claws. "You see...I'm quite addicted to gold..." he felt so good being with his treasure that he instinctively hugged a piece of gold, the gold felt so good against his reptilian skin on the yellow underbelly that he could hardly stop. After about a minute, with his friends observing, he threw out the gold all over his bed then laid down in it. His friends they definitely noticed the addiction. Everyone was speechless, they just observed the dragon in disbelief. Cecilia sat down beside the dragon, she could hardly believe her eyes, but she knew all the time her friend was a special one.

"You could have told me any time, you know I love dragons, right?" Cecilia hugged the reptile tightly as he laid there on the pile of gold.

Anton waved his tail then hugged her back, which made Cecilia happy. She shed some tears that fell on to the blanket on the bed, she closed her eyes while she hugged her friend. This made her feel so good, learning the truth about her friend.

"No way! He really is a dragon?!" Kevin asked it took a while before any words came out he thoroughly observed the blue and yellow reptilian body, "I thought you were joking..."

"You and me and me both..." was all Andre said.

"I finally decided that my friends from here, I wanted them to know...I haven't told mom about it, I hope she's ok with me showing this. This is my real body...I'm a dragon. I really hope none of you are looking at me differently now, I hope we can all be friends just like we used to." Anton stood up, then stretched his slender body. Finally, his friends stopped staring at him; instead, they smiled, they didn't think he looked that bad, actually a little cute with his small reptilian body.

"This is r, really cool!" Kim exclaimed.

Anton laid down on his back, underbelly upwards with his front and hind-legs in the air while he held a trinket in his claws. It was a golden armband with a yellow sapphire socketed inside; he wrapped it on to his blue and scaly arm. He wagged his long tail back and forth meekly as he put on one after another of the gold trinkets, shortly after he looked almost like a king with a scaly face.

Anton tilts his scaly head, the gold crown almost dropped back on to the blanket as he did, "Well, now you guys know the truth about me, it makes me feel good not having to hide who I truly am from my friends. I'm quite excited showing you more if you would let me, the world I'm from, I mean."

"You're not from this world?" Cecilia asked after she had let go of the dragon's underbelly, she shifted her sitting position slightly. She let her legs down by the bed's edge, she wagged them back and forth slowly. "Yea! I'm sure we would all love to."

"Sure..." was all Anton's response was, he let the crown fall back down on to the blanket, joined the rest of the treasure spread out through the bed's surface. As he waved his tail, the coins and specific trinkets shifted their position, the tail just pushed them aside as it swiped over the blanket.

"S, so can you help with the pokemon?" Kim asked the blue dragon, completely off-topic.

Anton nodded, he focused his mind then the 3ds flew from over at his computer desk, next to the keyboard on the left side where he left it, it flew into his hands. Everyone stared at the magic they couldn't believe what they witnessed. Tho for Cecilia, it was nothing considering the fact her friend could even assume human form, which she had never thought to be possible, and many people were with her on that one. Anton didn't pay attention any longer, he turned on the game, pokemon moon. He helped Kim by catching the pokemon he needed. Anton used his claws to navigate and used the small control pad on the 3ds to move the tiny sprite character. Andre thought it looked kinda silly how the dragon played 3ds tho he didn't say anything.

When Anton was online, he asked, "which pokemon do you need?"

"Lu, Lunala, Oranguru, Drampa, pa and Alolan Sandshrew." Kim explained.

Anton smirked, he checked his box, pulled out each of them, "enough if we just trade Lunala back and forth?" Kim just nodded meekly, then they began.

Anton traded over each of the pokemon one by one, then Lunala was traded back and forth after this was done. Anton turned off the game, put it into his backpack, which now was completely empty. Kim thanked then headed back to the chair, sat down to continue playing, he didn't seem to mind much that his friend was a dragon, this made Anton very happy.

Chapter 1 completed.