Fire lit up the surroundings, and a beast with eight heads moved around the town, it looked for any prey to catch and occasionally found a creature to burrow its teeth in to. Creatures were in a hurry, they decided to run for their lives and not look back. The beast even charged through doors and caught prey as they hid inside. A white lycanthrope shivered in fear as the creature approached her, she drooped her tail and ran as fast she could. The heads charged after and crushed into the dirt road, which brought up clouds of dust that almost obscured the beast. If it weren't for its glowing yellow eyes on each of the eight reptilian heads. One of the heads charged a flame then let lose towards the white lycanthrope.

She noticed and drooped her tail before she got down on all fours and ran as fast her legs could carry. She didn't even glance back, she just ran as her eyes shed many tears. She just didn't want to die now, she couldn't afford it. Today was an important day for the white lycanthrope, and she had been in an excellent mood until now.

The fire caught up to her slowly, but surely, she could never outrun it. Then moments later, when the flames almost hugged her tail, she felt sharp claws burrow into her shoulders, and she was carried off the ground. She glanced up and saw a dragon of all things, light yellow underbelly and light yellow underside on its batlike wings. She saw a glimpse of blue scales as well, the fire danced on them beautifully reflected on its surface.

The hydra observed as they left, then it charged after them, it trampled buildings and creatures alike in its wake. Creatures jumped out of the way, and they helped each other survive. Despite their continuous efforts, one by one they died, as they were trampled to the ground. Then they observed as the hydra left town and headed for the forest.

Anton turned his head towards the white Lycan located in his grip while in mid-air, he flapped his wings and flew upwards to high altitude, "Hey you okay?" He asked then that shocked the white Lycan who just stared up at the blue reptilian head with a beak-shaped snout.

"No way..." was all The Lycan said as she realized who it was, she hadn't expected that. Moments later, the hydra behind charged another fire, which Anton noticed and dodged more smoothly this time. "Why did you save me? Shouldn't you fight that thing? Creatures are dying left and right."

Anton shook his head, "you're Julia, right?" Anton glanced around to find someplace to lure the creature to the forest, perhaps? He glanced back and noticed the hydra on his tail. It crashed with its massive body into a dozen buildings in its wake, it didn't seem to show any sign of stopping. Anton thought, what the hell was this thing? It's at least twice the size of a normal hydra, and it breathes fire, which is a very rare trait for its species.

The white Lycan nods her head as she wobbled back and forth in the dragon's claws, "You know me?" She asked then she observed as another flame came towards them, and they dodged just in time, her heart pounded violently at that time.

"Sure I know you alright, I won't let Liam's mother die, he's a classmate of mine and a good friend. He's lived in human society until now, but I'm sure you know that I promised him to find his mother." Anton said, then glanced back, Noticed the hydra far behind still charging after them. He landed in a glade in the forest, surrounding them was tall grand trees and the occasional mossy rock and grass, with neat looking flowers spread across the place.

When they got down Anton, let the Lycan go, shortly after her injuries just healed thanks to her native ability, "thanks so much! So you know Liam?" Anton just waved his tail meekly, then twitched his ear and turned towards the creature he knew was far behind the trees. The white Lycan sat down just a moment for a breather, "I wonder what that thing was, not a normal hydra."

Anton turned to the Lycan then smiled, "Looks a little bit like we lost him, so maybe you can answer a few questions?" Anton sat down beside Julia, a faint breeze hit his long scaly neck, then he droops his tail towards the moss underneath.

Julia turned to look at the dragon then moved her small paws a little before she began: "of course! I would answer any questions you have for me."

Anton smirked then blinked his yellow reptilian eyes, "sure...well, first of all, why did they live with Chris in his apartment?"

"Oh..." Julia droops her tail as she realized, she had known it was against the rules. She just shook her head, "It's all my fault, I'm selfish, I know that. They were born and raised at first in the wild with me and my boy...but..." Julia sobbed then observed the surprised reptilian face above. "He died, I wouldn't be strong enough to protect them, so I had a human believe they were his kids. My idea was if I ever were able to support kids, I would go and ask them to come with me. For so long, no one had noticed, so I thought if I went today now that I have finally managed to get an education and a job, I would ask them to come with me, and no one would have known."

Anton droops his tail then shook his head, "that's not good..." he laid down and put his front legs in a cross, "serious rule-breaking, you know that right? Execution is the norm for such offense."

Julia sobbed then nod her head, "then that's what will happen...but please let my kids live."

"Sure...they haven't done anything wrong, no harm will come to them, but the council might send them to the wild."

"No...not the wild," Julia sobbed then observed the dragon who sneered back at her she then glanced down at the moss and twigs under her, "I...I'm sorry, I'm so selfish, but can I at least meet them one last time?" Then she observed as the blue dragon nodded, which made her wave her tail. She turned towards the trees in front of her, then stood up, "then I will go talk to them, so where are they?"

"The construction site," Anton said, then got up as well and unfolded his wings and took off into the air. He headed off towards the creature, and Julia left in search of her lost children.

Anton approached the beast, he observed it from all sides while safely up in the air. It was quite big about twice the size of a hydra as he remembers it. He didn't have his phone with him, he left it in his bag. Unfortunately, he left it with the kids, Liam had it for safekeeping. Maybe it wasn't the best idea, perhaps he should tell Jake about this? He knew he should have, after thinking he landed, then roared at the beast. He observed as the beast towered above him, it was tremendous, and he was tiny, he almost felt insignificant in comparison.

The hydra turned to face him then hissed, and the eight heads charged after their prey. Anton dodged to the best his ability and tried to make it to behind the creature, then he got up on his hind legs and lunged at the hydra and punched it as hard he could, and it toppled over. He thought this was easy, nothing to worry about, no way he would fail. Then while the beast laid on the ground, it hissed then sent its eight heads towards its attacker.

Anton dodged, then charged a fire and let loose, he surrounded the beast in the fire, vegetation around him burnt, and he started a forest fire. The creature just stood up then sent a new barrage of attacks after the young dragon. Anton was taken off guard, and the heads plummeted him to the ground, he was just able to grab the fangs with his hands, this saved his skin from the beast's hungry belly.

He was pushed several meters, he tried to stand his ground, but the hydra was just too strong. Then he crashed into a significant rock formation just outside of town. As he plummeted into it, boulders came crashing down and buried him together with the hydra heads, luckily the rocks didn't hit him very hard, but the hydra screamed in agony and retracted its heads.

Anton tried to move but he couldn't he glanced back, behind him was a bunch of rocks and his tail was buried. They were too big for him to rub, he gulped as he observed the creature in front of him. It charged a flame, then let loose and completely engulfed the young dragon in the fire, his skin peeled off and turned to cinder, his flesh burnt from the immense heat. He screamed in agony than when the flames subsided he breathed heavily, the rocks behind him had melted, and he could get his tail loose. The first thing he did was take off into the sky and headed off, he could never take this thing down as he is now.

His body ached from all the pain, his body had resisted most of the heat but sustained some damage. The hydra's heads charged after its prey, repeatedly Anton dodged in the air. He leaned left then right, glanced back as a stream of fire came after him he flapped his wings and soared high up into the air. The fire burnt his tail as he didn't make it out completely he was mostly surrounded by cooler flames, but the closer to the core was extremely hot, he shed some tears as he felt the intense pain as his rear burnt.

He made it out of the inferno, and as his heart pounded violently, he observed the beast on the ground surrounded by an inferno of flames. It looked like a wasteland, most were burnt to the ground, and the once-grand forest was just a pile of cinder and glowed with a faint red glow. No vegetation for as far he could see. The fire spread quickly, and at least it wasn't his fault is what he thought.

He attempted to flee once again to think of a plan he really didn't want to die today, but his wings were burnt, and it hurt substantially. The pressure from the wind ripped them by the burnt areas, and he plummeted towards the ground. He cried in pain then looked towards the distance, the beast came closer and closer, and he couldn't move. He just laid in the middle of the cinder, he tried to move, but his body didn't respond.

Around the same time, Julia made it to the construction site. Creatures were in hard work, both restoring the town and building the new houses and buildings by the outskirts of town. She didn't pay too much attention to the workers, she had only one thing on her mind. She nosed around on all fours and waved her tail when she picked up some familiar scents then ran towards them.

Jessica and Liam sat on a pile of planks and talked to each other. All around them, creatures carried heavyweights, planks, rocks, and beams to put together the houses in the district. They turned around as they noticed the sounds when a four-legged animal ran, what they saw was a white wolf with gorgeous blue eyes.

"Wait, is that?" Jessica's eyes shone as she noticed the white Lycan approaching them.

Julia stopped a few meters away and breathed heavily, she then trotted towards the kids while she waved her tail. Just as she thought, it was her kids. "Jessie, Liam!" She exclaimed.

Liam and Jessica jumped down from the pile of planks then hugged the white Lycan; it knew who they were, so how could it be anything else? This was their mother. Julia hugged back while she waved her tail, then she let go and stood on her hind legs while she observed the kids with a smile on her face.

"You are our mother?" Jessica asked.

Julia sat down while she waved her tail meekly she observed the kids, "I'm...oh how you've grown! I'm so proud of you," Then she glanced around, she expected to see another kid here, "where's Tobias?"

"Tobias hid from the monster earlier, he's afraid," Jessica explained, that made Julia droop her tail.

"If you are our mother, then why did you leave us?" Liam asked.

Julia glanced at the ground then scratched the dirt road with her front paw before she answered: "I didn't want to leave you...Promise." She then looked up to look her kids into the eyes, "I had no choice, your father died shortly after you were born. I couldn't protect you from danger alone, and you might have ended up dead otherwise. You three were born in the wild with me, it's perilous out there."

Jessica sobbed then nod her head, she hugged the white Lycan a second time, "We understand..."

Julia shed a tear then hugged back, while she hugged she began: "I knew what I did was wrong, it was a high-level offense...I just hoped I'd get away with it. I just wanted my children to live, but I was found out today." Julia let go of her daughter while tears ran from her blue wolf eyes, she sat down and droops her tail, she observed the surprised kids' faces.

"No! What are you talking about?" Jessica asked she sobbed, she brushed away the tears with the palm of her hand, "High-level offense? What are you talking about? Why is it wrong, wanting your children to live?"

Liam thought a moment then nod smirked, "I get it, I read about the rules while in the magic school. We're not supposed to come in contact with humans, you violated the law by having this human take care of us."

Julia sobbed then nodded, "I'm awaiting execution, I just wanted to see you once more, I hope at least you will get to live."

"What?" Liam and Jessica exclaimed they hadn't realized how bad their situation was, Liam, put the hand under his cheek as he thought, "Anton said that?" Julia sobbed then nodded meekly, "Then I have someone to talk to, he promised just to find my mother..."

"Yea, he did..." Jessica assured then she hugged the white Lycan.

Julia hugged back then when they let go, "well, he's fighting off the hydra, you should let him do that for everyone's safety."

"Alone?" Liam asked worriedly, Julia nod her head, meekly, "what do we do?"

"Just let him do it; this is no place for us."

"Shouldn't Jake be with him?" Liam asked.

"you're right, wonder where he is, it was only him," Julia said, she sat down to think.

"Omg..." Liam exclaimed; he ran towards the pile of planks they sat on earlier, then beside it, he grabbed Anton's bag then headed back. He pulled out the dragon's phone, "this is his phone, he might be in trouble but cannot call..."


Liam called the number with the name Jake; then moments later, he answered: "Yo."

"Hey, it's Liam... okay, I call? Just thought I should let you know what your disciple is doing, he's fighting a hydra..."

"He's doing what? That's not cool yo, I will be there soon..." Jake said then turned off the call, and he was preparing some food for him and his sister, he turned off the stove then left through the door after he told his sister everything.

Liam sighed in relief, now he hoped he wasn't too late. The beast earlier was definitely scary looking even from far away. He looked towards the fire roaring in the distance, the once proud-looking forest outside town was in flames. He shed a tear, and it dripped over the fur on his face then he sobbed meekly, Julia and Jessica went to comfort him.

About half an hour later Jake arrived, he surveyed the sky in search for the hydra then he landed in the middle of the fire and nosed around. It was definitely the young dragon's scent. He immediately headed towards it, when he got near, he drooped his tail as he noticed the beast seemingly unscathed within the inferno. He saw something on the ground, the fire was reflected on the scales on the young dragon's body. The hydra hissed then lowered its heads towards its meal to gobble it up, The middle head lobbed it into its mouth, then swallowed and turned to Jake. It observed the red dragon with its sixteen reptilian eyes.

Jake prepared for the fight ahead, he thought he has to kill it quickly to get the dragon out of the gut before he's digested. He lunged at the creature, waited for the heads to strike, then dodged and grabbed the middle head by one of its horns. Then almost like a sumo trick, he threw the creature on the ground, In the middle of the cinder. He clenched his fangs, then jumped at the creature, held his fists together, then pounded the stomach as hard he could.

The beast on the ground screamed in agony as the ribs broke from the impact. It attempted to struggle and bite with its eight heads, but Jake smacked them as they came towards him, The hydra may be at least twice as big as him, but Jake was a trained dragon. Jake then used his fangs and bit off chunks of the hydra's flesh, made it to the stomach, then ripped it up and grabbed the blue dragon's claws.

Jake pulled the dragon out of the stomach, and the digestive juices that covered the body ran towards the ground. Then he put the dragon on his back and glanced at the unconscious body, then he took off into the air and headed towards the magical town.

He landed on the streets then looked around at the devastation, how terrible he thought. He walked around to find anyone then as he entered an area of town not burnt down a medic headed towards him, it was an elf, and it observed the blood on the body Jake carried. He then nodded and gestured for Jake to follow. They headed for a temporary medical camp, and Anton was laid down on to a blanket on the dirt; it was a camp with dozens of bodies currently taken care of by medics.

Creatures moaned in pain, some coughed blood as their injuries were terrible, and they were dying. Jake sat down with a duns beside the blue dragon and observed the injuries. The stomach was ripped open, and the innards hung lose and all over the body was bite marks from the hydra's fangs, the tail was bitten off, and the bones protruded from the stump that was left. Jake shed some tears, He doesn't usually cry, but this was just too sad for him.

A group of medics went to prioritize the blue dragon, they magically checked his condition. Then one of the medics just shook its head, "It's no use, he's dead..."

Jake just stared at the medic who said that in disbelief. Then at the dragon, who laid on the towel on the ground. "No way, he can't be...I was supposed to keep him safe; yo, why did he have to go out on his own?"

"It's sad but true, he's been dead a while, as far as we know magic cannot restore the dead."

"I can't believe it, yo, he was so young..."

"We will make sure to have a proper burial, you should tell his family about this..."

Jake sobbed then nod his head, meekly, "ya..." He said, drooped his tail, then took off into the air and headed off towards the horizon.

Late at night, the burial commenced, and many creatures attended, including Maria and Robert, the blue dragon's parents. They were accompanied by their remaining two children. Jake landed beside Maria, who observed the dead body on the altar, "it's sad yo, I'm sorry..." Jake shed some tears when he looked at the dragon whose mouth was open, and the tongue rolled out on to the stone altar he laid on.

Maria nodded meekly, then she smirked, Jake noticed that "hey don't be too hard on yourself, he knew not to go off on his own, yet he did."

"Ya sure?" Jake asked he had difficulties in understanding exactly why the blue dragon's mother just didn't shed any tears, but he shrugged it off, It wasn't his concern.

Haley headed for Jake, and cried big tears, she stopped and observed the dead body of her friend. Jake comforted his sister, and Haley sat down with a drooping tail, she wished her friend hadn't gone out alone. The torchlight from torch-stands around the body showered it with light and reflected on the blue scales of the dead body.

Haley ran towards the altar and hugged the dead body while she cried, with her tail and ears drooped. She couldn't believe it, her best friend was dead.

Johanna smiled then turned to her mother, "he would come back, wouldn't he?" Maria just nodded meekly while no one else was looking, that satisfied the pink dragon with light grey underbelly. She waved her tail, it was something monumental happening to her brother after all.

"Why are ya so happy, yo?" Jake asked the pink dragon, "your brother just died..."

Johanna waved her tail, "that just means he's weak, then maybe I get to take his job? I won't die so easily."

Jake drooped his tail then sighed, he observed the dead dragon on the altar. He just couldn't believe it, he was dead, yet his family didn't seem to care. Then he observed the dark blue dragon beside Johanna play on the phone. He thought, what's wrong with this family? He then turned to the body, which was shortly after buried in the cemetery surrounding them.

Liam, Jessica, Tobias, and Julia stood to the side, Liam and Julia, in their Lycanthrope forms. Liam shed some tears, and with a drooping tail, he wanted to go forward but decided against it. They observed as the burial began. A tombstone was placed after the dirt was pushed over the hole, and "Here rests Anton the first Swedish dragon." was etched in with magical tools. Creatures all around cried; some put flowers by the grave and prayed.

Chapter 6 completed.