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One year later

Clancy woke up and threw some bread in the toaster. The microwave read 10:38 so it was probably 10:02. He still hadn't reset it since the minor blackout 2 months ago. It was a Saturday so he didn't have anywhere to be. He sat down on a seat at his kitchen island, and waited for his toast to pop. He was broken out of his thought process by a knock at the door. He quickly checked his appearance for the first time in weeks and realised just how dishevelled he looked. He hadn't shaved in months, he hadn't showered in a while and his hair was just a mess. He was also still in his pajamas. The knocking persisted, so he ran a hand through his hair and opened the door. What he saw was a face he never thought he'd see again.

Hitch P.O.V

The door opened (finally) and I was greeted by a face I barely recognised. The life in his blue eyes was long gone, and his floppy blonde hair was barely controlled. He hadn't seen him so miserable since Ruby was thought dead in a sand timer way back when he was thirteen. He was 28 now, but looked much older than that with rough stubble along his chin in a not-quite-beard. Despite this, he was glad to see an old friend, though he wondered if Clancy was up to the task he was about to be offered. 'May I come in?' he asked, and Clancy waved him through silently.

Clancy P.O.V

Hitch walked through the door, and Clancy had so many questions. Why is he here? Does he want Clancy to do work at Spectrum? Why has he brought a baby? Where did that come from? What is so familiar about those eyes? How did he know where to find him? Why did he find him? Hitch seemed to anticipate the questions, and stated:'You might want to sit down. I'll answer those questions I'm sure you have, but you need to stay calm.'

'Here's what you need to know: Ruby had a mission to crack a code and send us the answers so we could track down the criminals. The usual. But you know enough about Ruby to know she could never do just that. She crack the code straight away, and pursued the criminal straight away. I got there just too late and we escaped, but barely. We went into witness protection, which is when you were sent her letter, while the trained professionals took down the criminals, but the other code-crackers were struggling with the new code, and the criminals were set on revenge.'

Clancy got up, started buttering his toast and pacing.

'I can't tell you who they were, or what they did, but they were coming for us. While we were in witness protection, Ruby realised she was pregnant. Now the community around us got suspicious, because she couldn't say who's it was, and she was already missing home so much, so our cover broke. We ran away, but we couldn't find another community to settle with. Eventually, she gave birth to a daughter, but a week later they found us. The two of them broke down our door, and told her to escape through the window. She said she couldn't because of her daughter, crying in her arms. She knew that her daughter wouldn't survive if she escaped, and she placed her down gently in her crib and put her hands up. As they came in I disarmed and shot the first criminal, who fell to the floor. I reached to kick and disarm the second criminal but his gun was on Ruby's head.'

Hitch let a single, salty drop of water, tumble down his face.

'She asked me to make sure that her daughter was safe, and that you would look after her. She wanted you to know so badly, but Spectrum could break her cover. I pointed my gun at the second criminal, who shot and then fled the scene. I checked on Ruby but it was to late. So I took the kid and-'

At this point Clancy had been flapping his arms so much he fell of his chair and passed out from shock.

'Sorry kiddo.' Hitch said helping him up, toast long forgotten.

Over the next few weeks, Hitch helped Clancy adapt a free bedroom into the perfect nursery. They picked out the perfect colour for the walls 'Ruby would hate something to girly' insisted Clancy. 'But we can't have blue, that doesn't feel right.' Hitch shot back. 'What about green, like her eyes.' suggested Clancy quietly. Hitch agreed. When the process was all done Clancy finally asked 'We've done ALL the prep now, what actually is her name?' 'Ashley' Hitch replied simply. 'Ashley. I like it. Ashley.' repeated Clancy. 'If you're gonna look after this child, you need to promise me that you will love and protect her.' commanded Hitch. 'Of course... may I?' said Clancy and Hitch left. Unbeknown to him, Hitch was watching quietly at the door of the nursery. 'Ashley, I love you so much. And as long as you live, you will be protected, loved and cared for by me. I promise that I will not let you down. You are so beautiful, and you will never be without love and guidance. I love you with all my heart.' He's ready thought Hitch.

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