The Greater Sooty perched on a branch outside the hollow he shares with his friend, a younger Masked Owl named Nyroc, in the glow of the sun in midday. He thinks about how sometimes the fact that the young owl's name is Nyroc bothers him... like at this time. He had been thinking of another Nyroc he knew, and it was keeping him from sleep. Perhaps going for a fly will help. With one glance back in the hollow to the Masked Owl, the sooty flew off.

He hadn't been flying for long when he suddenly flew into another owl, a young Barn Owl. Both of them fell to the ground. The Sooty gasps as he notices who the other owl is.

"I am so sorry, my king!" he apologizes quickly to the younger owl, the new Embered King of Ga'Hoole, Coryn.

"It's alright. And please, you don't have to call me that," Coryn smiles a bit. "You can just call me by name. Coryn." He stares slightly at the Sooty, the older owl not noticing.

"Of course, si- Coryn," the Sooty's feathers fluffed up the tiniest bit. "It was an amazing feat you did, retrieving the Ember. I am honored to have been there to see it."

"You were there?" The young owl asked, the sooty nodding. The king peered closer at the sooty. Yes, it seemed to be him… "Are you… Phillip..?" he asks uncertainly and disbelieving.

"You know my name?" The sooty said in surprise, then gets a disbelieving look in his eyes. It can't be, he thinks.

"Phillip! You're alive!" Coryn screeches happily, smiling.

"Nyroc!" Phillip smiles in happiness. The two fly around each other, then land again. Coryn presses against Phillip, smiling, eyes closed. The Sooty puts his wing around his friend.

"I'm glad we're together again," the young barn owl says.

"So I'm I," the greater sooty replies. An owl calls for Phillip from somewhere nearby. "Sounds like I have to go," his smile stops a bit. Coryn nods in understanding, and Phillip flies off to the other owl. Coryn stands there for a minute, a small smile to himself, then flies back to the Great Tree.