Richie couldn't believe how stupid everyone was being about this whole "splitting up" idea. Instead of arguing, they all headed back towards town, and began to walk in different directions right before reaching the same streets they rode bikes on 27 years ago. Richie first saw Bev be the first to go on her own towards the direction of her old apartment she lived in with that crazy drunk bastard of a father she had. Next was Ben, headed West, up towards the schools, hands in his pockets, looking down as he walked away. Next was Bill, who seemed anxious, and muttered something he half stuttered before walking down another street. Mike spotted the library and smirked.

"I'll meet you guys tonight, good luck."

Richie watched him walk away, before he shoved his own hands into the pockets of his leather jacket. Glancing over, that same fluttering feeling overcame him as he stared at Eddie who looked like a complete nervous wreck. A thousand memories, feelings, and thoughts settled over him like a cold bucket of ice water. To him, Eddie was the same thirteen year old nervous boy who was the beginning of all of those feelings starting to come to surface.

"This is so fucking stupid...I gotta run to the pharmacy and pick something up, after that I'm headed back to the inn. This is insane."

Richie smirked, seeing him get so worked up.

"Ah the pharmacy, your home away from home. Yeah, I'm just gonna walk downtown and probably head back myself."

Eddie nodded, before reaching out and patting his arm.

"Be careful man."

Before Richie could say another word, Eddie turned and began walking down the sidewalk. Richie watched him, tempted to call after him, but in typical fashion lost his nerve. He sighed, shaking his head before walking down the street. That's when he happened upon the old theater...


"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

The judge said causing Richie to grin and turn towards Emma. She stood before him, heavily pregnant, wearing a short lace white dress, which showed her perfectly round full stomach beneath which actually looked down right adorable on such a small frame of Emma's thin body. She still had a few months to go, but she seemed weighed down, and carrying low. Just a month ago they officially learned that they were having a little boy. At first the actual reality of Emma being pregnant had been one of the biggest shockers to ever happen in Richie's life, which said a lot. Still, once both calmed down, Richie realized how scared Emma actually was, and decided to take a chance. The soul crushing loneliness wasn't as bad when Emma was around. She somehow kept his anxiety down, was encouraging, and really sweet. Richie in the end had convinced Emma that maybe this was a sign that they should take things to the next level. Now here he was, wearing a sports jacket beneath one of his button up Hawaii shirts, a loosened tie, standing with Emma pregnant with his child, at town hall with two of their mutual friends standing behind them as witnesses.

Richie Tozier was actually getting married and starting a family.

Looking at Emma's pretty face, he lightly chuckled, leaning in close to her.

"Too late to turn back now, you're all mine sweetheart."

He said in his 1940's news reporter voice. Emma staring up at him rolled her eyes, before shaking her head as she stood on her tiptoes as Richie laughed, taking hold gently of her face with both hands, and deeply kissing her. Instantly their friends went wild before the kiss broke, and Richie turned with Emma, his arm now snaked around her laughing, actually for once feeling happy, and having absolutely no idea that this happiness wouldn't last long.

Later that night...

Emma wore shorts and one of Richie's old baggy T-shirts, standing barefoot in the extra room in their shared apartment, looking in at the nursery. The two had been slowly working on it for the last two months and it was almost completely finished. A small tired smile was spread across her face as she leaned against the doorway, staring at the crib, and the mobil of wooden turtles hanging above it. Just then Richie came up behind her, holding two champagne glasses, one filled with champagne, the other with just plain orange juice. Standing behind her, looking in, he gently nuzzled the side of her head. Smiling, Emma turned as Richie handed her the orange juice.

"Thanks..." Richie smiled, kissing her ear before clinging his glass with hers.

"Here's to us Mrs. Tozier."

Emma laughed.

"Here's to us Mr. Tozier."

Both drank, when Richie smiled, using his free hand to slide across the curve of her stomach, as he laughed and waited. A few seconds passed, before Richie lifted an eyebrow and laughed shaking his head looking down at her. Emma glanced up over her shoulder.

"What's up?"

Richie smirked again, before he motioned with his head towards her glass.

"Drink the rest."

Emma made a face smiling.

"Trying to get me drunk off orange juice mister?"

Richie eyed her stomach for a second before smiling and nodding to her.

"Drink the rest."

Emma shrugged, before tipping back the rest of her drink. Richie's hand remained firm against the swell of her stomach as he waited. After a minute, Emma laughed before she looked back up over her shoulder.

"Everything okay?"

Richie stared down at her stomach, the smile suddenly fading as he nervously chuckled. Emma looked at him again.

"What's wrong?"

Richie's eyes still stayed on her stomach.

"Um...nothing, know whenever you drink something fast he always starts kicking like crazy..."

Emma turned, sliding one hand up behind Richie's ear, stroking his hair.

"He's sleeping...come on, let's enjoy our wedding night."

Smiling, she leaned up and kissed Richie's cheek, before walking past him into the direction of their bedroom. Richie stayed in the doorway to the nursery, still holding his drink, and staring in at the darkened room, including the crib. In the back of his mind, a voice whispered that something was wrong. Instead of listening, he stared in at his unborn son's room a second longer, before reaching and closing the door.