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On the end of a hard battle, a hero fell. He had bled and fought with everything he had, his friends died around him as the demon continued fighting and with a final roar the hero aimed his bow, the energy of six od the seven vytrals joined together with the energy of his black bow and the power of the Goddess of Death to release a final strike that pierced the heart of the demon, the blast so strong that the hero and his friends all died together with him at the blast but the hero was happy nonetheless.

That still meant that he had ridden the world of a disaster that would have possibly annihilated mankind, a death to protect everything was worth it.

'But, do you really think this is the end?' The seductive voice he was familiar with echoed in his head as he floated in the vacuum, his soul opening its eyes in wonder as he saw in front of him. It was a beautiful woman with skin as white as paper but a dress, hair, and eyes pinch dark as ink.

He looked at it and despite having never seen her true form he could tell easily enough who it was.

"Tir Na Fal." He said to the goddess in front of him. Yes, she was undoubtedly the Goddess of Night, Darkness and Death, and also someone who had helped him during his last fight to protect the world.

"Oh, so you do remember me, boy. But, if you desire, you may also call me by some of my other names like The Stranger, The Crone, The Mother, Rhlor, or even The Many-Faced God. I go by those names too, even if most forget about them just as well. Regardless, I am not here to talk of the slights the world gives to me, I am here because I have a request to you." She said and I looked at her seriously. If a Goddess such as her wants something done she would do it herself, I know that for a fact, but to request my help... Is it possible that some other demon still remains?!

If so, then what of those still alive? What of Regin and the others back in Brune or Zchteid?

"I see by your expression that you are willing to listen. That is good, very good. My request is for you to again save the world, but not the one you lived until this point. Unfortunately, I cannot bring someone back from the dead, that would be for my brother-husband Perkunas and he is a muddleheaded idiot who would never do such a thing due to his pride. Regardless, you will be reborn in a whole new world, this world is in imminent as a threat no smaller than Koschei and the other demons. However, the world does not realize this as of now and the noble houses continue petty squabbles instead of focusing on the much bigger threat. I want you to help this world to go on living, to save that new world. By going there I will find you a noble enough house to be born into and there will be some allies of yours that I will also send, please save that world before it is too late." Tir Na Fal said.

I nodded my head, I was already dead and could honestly say I wouldn't mind just falling back to sleep, but if a whole world is about to face a threat of that level and there is no one to protect against it... yeah I cannot just stand by and do nothing.

"I accept." I said.

"Good, that is very good. Now, remember, the enemy is the Night King, and no I am not married to him. He is a monster called White Walker and they ARE coming in time, remember that. Now I will begin your reincarnation, please be aware that I will twinkle somethings with you, nothing negative I assure you but just some little things to ensure that you are better equipped to survive as you will not have the Black Bow to help you. Well, other things can be arranged anyway." She said and I blacked out, darkness covered my body as I closed my eyes, information of many things entered my head and many marvels of technology entered my mind. And thus, a new life started for me.

In the Red Keep, a woman's wails could clearly be heard. An old man with a white head and an anxious look paced up and down as he looked nervous at the door where the woman was wailing. It has been going on for many hours already and his wife has had two miscarriages already, he could not help but pray to the seven that they would let the kid live.

The sky was under a torrential storm with thunder and even snow despite not being the right time and winter had not arrived, it was at that moment that a tremor shocked the entirety of King's Landing, it was nothing gigantic but it still happened and it was at the end of the tremor that a child's wail rocketed the room. The old man could hear the sound and noticed that as soon as the baby was born the weather dispersed and the sky started shining again, the old man looked at the door intensely and wondered if he should use his sword to cut the door open or if he should call for one of his bannermen to break it.

That accursed door then opened just as the old man was about to barge in and a woman pocked her head out of the door.

"Congratulations, Lord Hand. You have a healthy son that is full of vitality." She said and John Arryn could no longer wait, barging into the room and looking around. He could see that his wife was still recovering and noticed the bundle of clothes in her hand, moving towards it he saw a cute little head with his eagle-like eyes and his nose and jaws but with the irises of his eyes and his hair being the same as his wife.

He was simply perfect, and he would make sure that nothing on this three times dammed wretched city could EVER get to him. EVER!

He'd kill whoever tried with the full might of the Vale if needs be.

"What should be his name?" His wife, Lisa Arryn (formerly Tully) asked, her voice containing more warmth in it than any other time they talked.

"I had the idea to call him Ronnald, but for some reason, upon seeing him I can only think one name. His name should be Tigrevurmd Arryn." He said and the baby seemed like he wanted to nod his head, but it was impossible due to his current body. Regardless, John Arryn could only think this adorable.

5 Years Later

Tigre's P.O.V.

It has been five years since I was born. I don't quite remember the first two or so years as I slept most of it but from when I was three forward I quickly started to understand my surroundings.

This world is somewhat similar to my own but with some great differences. First and chief amongst them is the fact that there are two supercontinents, one is Essos where all sorts of city-estates exist and with many wonders and cultures throughout the lands, the other is Westeros where I live. Westeros is divided in Seven Kingdoms, even if this definition is not quite accurate, and the land beyond the wall.

The 'Seven Kingdoms' (more like eight really) are divided by many lords and regions, the regions and the respective Paramount Houses are as follow:

- The North with the Starks;

- Dorne with the Martels;

- Riverland with the Tullys (my mother is one of them actually making me a potential heir, as hard as it would be for that to happen);

- Westerlands with the Laninisters;

- The Reach with the Tyrrels;

- Iron Island with the Greyjoys;

- Stormlands with the Baratheons;

And finally the Valle of Arryn with the Arryn family as the Paramount house. That is my house, in this new life I no longer am a lord of a small territory, instead, I am to command a territory that is comparable to the entirety of Brune in extension. The pressure is gigantic but I will do my utmost to be the best lord possible and also ensure that we are ready to whatever danger is close at hand.

"Young lord, it is time." A soldier in blue of house Arryn said, behind me two other guards nodded before standing around me as we moved along. My father, the current 'hand of the king' was extremely worried about my safety and always kept guards around me for protection. I think this is a bit much but it still beats mother's idea of keeping an entire group of 30 soldiers around me wherever I go. Mother and father don't have a good relationship but they still love me very much.

I was thinking so when we finally reached our desired destination, father was there with a gentle smile that made me think more of a grandfather than a father.

"Son, today is a very special day." He said. "Today we begin your martial training, you can go chose one of the weapons here for you to feel it."

As he said that I could see all sorts of blunted weapons on display, not wasting any time I took the bow and arrow since I miss this weapon way too much.

Father looked a bit dejected at that, but I just like the bow more anyway.

"Very well, about the form to shot it you must-" He was about to start but I ignored him as I aimed the bow and shot one time, the arrow only going about 50 meters. I launched a second arrow and it went further but completely missed the target.

Understanding the weapon I took a position once more, not waiting much I started releasing arrow after arrow at the target 150 meters away.

15 arrows, 15 bullseyes.

"He must be blessed by the Warrior. It is the only explanation." One of the guards mentioned and quickly the notion started to spread. And thus I started my new training as I need to grow stronger, I want to be able to go even further with the arrows than on my last life!

What I failed to notice at the time was that others were there watching me as I lost myself on shoting the targets.

3° Person P.O.V.

One such person was the king who started laughing excitedly seeing the young Tigre and hitting the kingsguard beside him on the shoulder.

"Now THAT is what I call a young lord! A innate warrior for sure, not like that pisspoor excuse I have for a son with that sister of yours, isn't that right?! Hahahahaha!" Robbert laughed in happiness for his friend who was as good as a father to him, he knew that if someone deserved a formidable heir was John Arryn and he had heard how the boy was already showing some geniality by that fool Pycelle who was teaching him, and now he was already proving on the tender age of five and without training to be one of the deadliest archers he has ever seen. Good, very good!

Meanwhile, the kingsguard was gritting his teeth. Not that he hated the boy, far from it as the boy was a good and intelligent lad and Jaime Lannister knew he was a good person, but because of the words of Robbert about Joffery.

'Laugh all you want, you whoremonger fool. You don't even have a child to begin with, the prince is MY child, not yours.' Jaime thought vindictively, his mind conjuring images of the night he had with his sister not long ago and that he would have tonight as well, his groin armor straining already.

On another balcony, there was the master of Coin, Peter Baelish, who was glaring at the boy. The boy was a problem for his plans but even when he tried to poison him ten times during his infancy. It was like he was immune to poison and sending assassins was impossible as he ALWAYS had a tight security around him.

'No matter, I can just wait for a better opportunity. There will be a chance when chaos really descends to make my move.'

Besides that, there was one more person. A boy of about ten years old, he had a birthmark over his nose and part of his face as well as the classical Baratheon's blue eyes and dark hair. The said boy was one that Tigre hasn't seen before but he still knew all the same from his previous life very well, the strongest knight he ever met, a man of honor and valor that were unmatchable.

One of the people that were reincarnated in this world with Tigre, Roland Baratheon, the oldest son of Stannis Baratheon.

"So you too are here. Good, that is very good, my friend."


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