Hope and Landon are on Hope's bed in her dorm heatedly making out when Landon decides to strike up a conversation.

"So are you going to the dance?" Landon asks clearly confusing Hope before kissing her again.

"What dance?" Hope questions after the kiss breaks, still confused yet also annoyed that he interrupted their makeout session.

"Oh you know, the Miss Mystic thing that our school's hosting." Landon explains as she starts kissing his neck but she stops and sighs, very annoyed by the topic he chose.

"Right, I totally forgot about the dance." Hope says in a sarcastic manner that Landon picked up on, especially since she rolled her eyes when she said it.

"Translation: I was planning on ignoring the entire event until you brought it up, thanks Landon." Landon mimics Hope with her tone and actual voice causing Hope to playfully shove his chest before mimicking him.

"Oh, anytime Hope." Hope mimics in a deep voice that sounds nothing like Landon, which makes both of them laugh for a moment before Hope pulls him in, continuing to make out again.

Hope is on top of Landon when he clearly wants start another conversation but Hope stops him before he can.

"You want to ruin the moment, don't you?" Hope asks and although his face already has the answer, he verbally responds anyway.

"Kind of, maybe, uh, yeah." Landon sputters out awkwardly making Hope good-naturedly roll her eyes before continuing to kiss him.

"Yeah, well don't." Hope requests and the two continue to make out.

Landon is about to top Hope, to presumably have sex as he's shirtless while his hands are under Hope's shirt about to remove it, until there's a knock on her door causing them to stop, much to Hope's annoyance.

"Hey, I didn't ruin the moment." Landon whispers proudly bringing a small smile to Hope's face before she hears another knock and rolls her eyes then gets off the bed.

Hope sighs in annoyance as she fixes both her shirt and hair before answering the door.

"Can I help you?" Hope asks annoyed but her mood immediately changes when she sees who was knocking.

"Oh, hi Dr. Saltzman." Hope says surprised by the visit and alerting Landon, who picks up his shirt from the floor and hides somewhere in her dorm room.

"May I come in?" Alaric questions, shocking Hope by the request but she quickly recovers.

"Yes of course, come on in." Hope opens the door fully and steps aside so he can walk in.

Hope sighs in relief when she sees that Landon left while Alaric looks confused at her messy sheets which he causes him to glance back at her with a questioning look about.

"I'm a very intense sleeper, I move around a lot." Hope explains nervously once she realized what he was looking at.

"So, what's with the unexpected visit, Dr. Saltzman?" Hope asks, having him return to the reason as to why he's there so late at night.

"Since I'm sure you know about the school hosting the Miss Mystic Pageant, I was wondering if you wanted to participate in it." Alaric wonders aloud yet decides he should elaborate when he sees that Hope's confused.

"Hope, would you like to be a contestant in the pageant?" Alaric asks, leaving Hope both shocked and stunned by the headmaster's newest request of her.

"Um. Normally I would say yes because you're the headmaster and a friend, of sorts but this is cutting pretty close. Seeing as how the event is tomorrow, and the fact that I have plans that day." Hope admits after pointing out the timing that Alaric has, which causes him to nod in understanding.

"Do your plans involve locking yourself in this room, binge watching cutthroat kitchen?" Alaric wonders and Hope shakes her head in disagreement.

"No, they don't. I actually cleared my entire usually busy schedule to make time for myself tomorrow." Hope reveals and Alaric seems happy by this.

"Well, I just thought I'd ask. Seeing as how Lizzie and Josie wanted you to take part in it." Alaric claims, shocking Hope.

"Both Lizzie and Josie wanted me to be apart of the pageant?" Hope's tone says disbelief but Ric just nods his head in agreement.

"Well, I'll let you go back to what you were doing. Sorry for the interruption." Alaric apologizes for intruding on whatever Hope was doing and she escorts him out of her room.

Once the door is closed, Landon comes out of her bathroom with his shirt on, looking at her suspiciously.

"So, you have plans tomorrow that are intense enough to clear your usual schedule. I'm mildly concerned." Landon states as Hope turns around and walks closer to him.

"Care to tell me what those plans are?" Landon suggests as he puts his hands on her waist and her arms are already around his neck as she smiles at him.

"I could, but that would ruin the surprise of my plans." Hope looks at Landon's mouth as she speaks.

"Well, they're clearly important plans. Maybe you can tell me about them tomorrow?" Landon whispers as he looks at Hope's mouth while he speaks.

"I guess you can say, I plan on it." Hope gives a suggestive hint to her plans while making a play-on word/pun which makes them both smile before they kiss.

The kiss breaks then they kiss again, sharing kisses before Landon puts Hope's legs around his waist as they start to make out once he presses her against a wall.

"Mmm. We should probably get actual sleep. Who knows, someone might interrupt us again." Hope points out with a roll of her eyes, stopping the make out session causing Landon to pout but he puts her down as a way of agreeing with her point.

Then the two of them head to sleep, with Landon spooning Hope, which is probably going to be a mistake, seeing as how she has a habit of moving often.